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Scott   2008-03-05 04:05
I'm getting a regular crash on my dual monitor setup;

Source file .\sysmenu.cpp
Line: 328
Return value: 0
Last error: 1456

The taskbar still stays spread across my 2 monitors but the app is gone from the system tray.
Christian Studer   2008-03-05 11:29
Does this happen as soon as you open the first application after starting the system, or only when you start a specific application?

Christian Studer -
Alaska Paul   2008-03-12 14:55
I also get a crashed UltraMon which I have figured out happens when I am using MS Word 2007 with Adobe Acrobat 8.0 plugin turning the on screen document into a .pdf document. Shortly thereafter Word hangs, and then parts of UltraMon start to go. By going to Task Manager, processes, I end both UltraMon entries, and then start it up again. It works fine until the next time with Word and Adobe.
Christian Studer   2008-03-13 10:54
Which version of Windows and UltraMon are you using?

So far I haven't been able to reproduce this issue, I tested with Word 2007, Acrobat 8 and UltraMon 3.0.2 on 64-bit Vista.

Christian Studer -
Scott   2008-04-02 02:39
It doesn't seem to correlate to any specific application on my PC, it just seems to crash on a regular basis. Lately I've been getting a general error message from Vista saying Ultramon has stopped working and Vista is searching for a solution...

As I said initially, the task bar still stays across both monitors, it's just the application has disappeared from the system tray.
denny   2008-04-02 08:03
me too...

on startup I will get a "Stoped working" error message.

if I then re-start all seems to work normal.

this is Vista Ultimate x86 on a sony Vaio VGN-FZ140E
4 gigs of ram installed (I know I only see 3, just simpler to buy 2 of the same sticks)

laptop screen is wide screen, ext screen is a samsung syncmaster 930b

also the extra buttons on the top of a form sometimes start at a strange location to the left ofthe form and on a re-size will float over to the right side... funny to watch it happen!
Christian Studer   2008-04-02 10:04
Please send me a crash dump. To do this, don't close the error message, open Task Manager, select the Processes tab, then right-click the application which crashed (for example UltraMon.exe or UltraMonTaskbar.exe) and select Create Dump File from the menu.

If the file is not too big, please e-mail it to Otherwise let me know and I'll send you a link to upload it to our server.

Christian Studer -
Tim Crews   2008-04-16 06:40
Using the 3.0.2_en_x32 version of the driver on Vista Business, I get an UltraMon crash every time the screen resolution or color depth is changed.
Christian Studer   2008-04-16 11:02
Please post the error message you get.

Christian Studer -
Tim Crews   2008-04-22 09:12
You requested the details of the crash that I alluded to above. Here they are.

I am running Windows Vista Business, Service Pack 1 (but the error was happening before SP1, too.)

NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS using NVIDIA forceware drivers, version 169.21.

The error is "UltraMon has stopped working", and the problem details are:

Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: UltraMon.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 478c0f43 Fault Module Name: UltraMon.exe Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 478c0f43 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 0001fb98 OS Version: 6.0.6001. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: ff1d Additional Information 2: 77bd8496d8f3a6632b1afffae4564210 Additional Information 3: c280 Additional Information 4: a607c2fbf9577169b871f17598d8ff9e
Christian Studer   2008-04-22 12:43
Tim, I'll need a crash dump to look into this further, see above for more on creating a crash dump.

Please contact me by e-mail at, I will then send you a link to upload the crash dump to our server.

Christian Studer -
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