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Christian Studer   2001-10-21 01:00
Windows XP will be released on October 25, if you plan on upgrading, take a look at the Windows XP Upgrade Guide to check for any potential issues related to multiple monitors.

I've been using Windows XP Pro as my main system for about a month now, so far I'm very happy with it. The new user interface is great, and lots of improvements have been made to Explorer, the Media Player, Regedit, etc. Also important: hibernate, shutdown and startup are much faster, which by itself almost justifies an upgrade.

The only major problem I encountered was CD burning. After problems with WinOnCD and Nero I decided to use XP's built-in CD burning feature for the time being. This works fine, but there are no advanced features (image burning, etc). Last I heard, the latest version of Nero is now fully XP-compatible, but I haven't tested it myself yet.

In short, XP is an improved version of Windows 2000, but don't expect any major new features when upgrading from Windows 2000. If you upgrade from Windows 98 or Me though, XP is a major step forward, especially when it comes to stability.

Christian Studer -
Christian Studer   2001-10-22 23:18
Multi-monitor support for Nvidia mobile chipsets (GeForce2 Go, Quadro2 Go) has now been confirmed.

Christian Studer -
jack brady   2001-10-24 15:16
Hi chris,

Any word as to wether the ATI Mobility Radeon chip is fully supported? I havn't been able to extend my desktop onto a seccond monitor... I'm probably going to install win98 because of the lack of that feature alone on XP. Any ideas of what else I might try?

Thanks for any help, Jack Brady.
Christian Studer   2001-10-24 22:26
Haven't heard anything regarding the Mobility Radeon. But I just checked for new drivers for my Dell laptop with the ATI Rage Mobility chipset, and the good news is that a future driver release should have multi-monitor support: Dell Support

Christian Studer -
Christian Studer   2001-10-26 00:09
ATI Mobility drivers with multi-monitor support are now available!

Downloading the drivers:
- go to the Windows Update site
- click Personalize Windows Update and enable Windows Update Catalog
- click Windows Update Catalog, find driver updates, Video

For my Dell with the Rage Mobility M1, I downloaded the Rage Mobility-M1 AGP2x driver.

Installing the drivers:
- extract the downloaded .cab file to a directory
- open Display Properties > Settings, click Advanced, on the Adapter tab click Properties, switch to Driver and select Update Driver
- choose the manual install option and install the driver from the directory where you extracted it (select the atiixpab.inf file)

After rebooting, just go to Display Properties and enable your second monitor.

So far the drivers seem to work fine, except for OpenGL, Quake3 looked pretty weird. I also tested video and DVD playback, no problems.

In case you were wondering if these drivers will also work on Windows 2000: they don't. They install fine on Win2000, but after rebooting I got a kernel error.

Christian Studer -
Christian Studer   2001-10-26 00:23
A Radeon 8500 user has let me know that the XP drivers version 6.13.3276.0000 have true multi-monitor support (independent resolutions, etc).

Christian Studer -
Ziyad Hosein   2001-10-31 04:20
It's amazing that ATI is still supporting the Rage Pro/Mobility chipsets. Anyone interested in gaining maximum performance/features from this chipset should visit my Site

It would be nice if they could release a Windows 2000 driver with multimonitor support.
And Windows 2000 users, XP specific display drivers are not compatible with Windows 2000, so try not to use them.

Windows Tweaks and Retro Drivers
Ross Bool   2001-11-10 07:58

I have a Dell Latitude c800 laptop with an ATI mobility M4 video card running XP. I have not had any luck making the extended monitor work with of the latest drivers on the Dell site or the windows xp update site. The extended monitor works fine under win98.

Has any luck with extended monitors, xp and the M4?

Remko   2001-12-05 21:02
I have found an alternative Windows XP driver for my ATI Rage LT Pro Video Apapter at the following location:

This driver DOES support the dualview (multiple monitors on one adapter) option for windows XP!!!
Bone   2002-01-04 05:41
I have spent 30 minutes on the phone to Compaq support regarding getting multimonitor support for my Presario 2700. They tell me this PC doesnt support multi monitors. It has the Mobility Radeon. It looks like it should support it though. When you check the settings in XP it says Radeon (multiple monitor). Any help would be appreciated, I realy do need an extended desk top.
Bob Roberts   2002-01-07 19:10
Hmmm - got a question here for you all - I'd like to run a GeForce 3 Ti200 together with a PCI MX 400 in XP; problem is - when I extend my desktop onto the second monitor, the system completely locks up. Using the latest Det. Drivers. Anyone able to help?

Neil Saunders   2002-01-15 06:53
Hiya - I've been looking for multimonitor drivers for ATI Mobility M1 on XP for AGES now - And I've finally FOUND THEM!! Oh my god what a relief!!! Anyone wanting these can download them from
Tony   2002-01-15 08:49
Hey rob I've experienced myself anread quite often the 23.11 drivers are CRAP! I think it's the 21.83 that seem to be best for now.

-nobody rides for free-
Jeff   2002-01-21 13:14
why when i play games like quake on xp my game is dark how do i fix. Can someone plz tell me how to fix this problem?
Brian Armstrong   2002-01-25 04:05
Thanks Nell Saunders. That Site worked for my laptop as well.
Jeremy   2002-01-25 08:10
Jeff: I have this same problem... very prequliar(sp?)... if you figure it out, lemme know thanks.
mike   2002-01-26 06:14
on the windows xp ati driver update which one do i install.. like which video card.. beause when i start up counter strike it doesn't work and i can't see the mouse cursor... and also sometimes i can't see the mouse cursor
rob   2002-02-06 01:47
I NEED an XP driver for ATI Rage Mobility-P AGP 2x on my Dell laptop with extended desktop options. Would the driver for Mobility-M work?
If anyone has any idea please email me at

Scott   2002-02-23 04:34
Does anyone know if that will work? I have the same problem and have been trying unsuccessfully to be able to enable my TV as the primary so I can watch Movies on it. Please email me at THANKS!

<<I NEED an XP driver for ATI Rage Mobility-P AGP 2x on my Dell laptop with extended desktop options. Would the driver for Mobility-M work?>>
Johannes van den Bosch   2002-03-01 11:20
Expand Desktop didn't work out of the box either with my Compaq Evo N160 notebook running Windows XP pro.

A simple registry hack did the trick (should work for Win2000 too):

* Start Regedit.exe
* Search for the keys "DisableDualView"
* Change the value from 1 to 0
* Repeat until you changed all keys (about 5 of them)
* Reboot

And you now have the "Expand desktop" options in your display properties window...

Good luck!
Bone   2002-03-02 21:46
It works now! Thanks!
Harry   2002-03-12 03:42
I have a Dell notebook running XP and a Geforce 2 mobile chipset. The Multiple Monitor function works fine.

But what I want to do is exactly mirror the display from the laptop onto the monitor.

Running XP in safe mode does this. But I can't find a way to switch off multiple monitor and turn on the simple dualview mode. Is this a driver problem or am I missing something obvious?

I'm banging my head against the wall only this one -if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated -
Christian Studer   2002-03-12 10:01
Try disabling the secondary monitor in Display Properties, usually this turns on mirroring with dualhead cards.

Christian Studer -
harry   2002-03-12 20:39

Thanks for getting back so promptly.

I tried selcting "do not enable this device" but just get a blank screen.
Lucano   2002-03-16 01:43
I have some problems with mobility as well.I bought Sony Vaio with mobility-m1 later to find out that I can't run any of the 3d graphics programs.Anybody know some compatible drivers with opengl support?
Martin Renshaw   2002-04-17 23:07
is it possible to play quake 3 using the ati mob graphics chip and sega gt. any responses would be gratefull.

M renshaw
Kiley   2002-04-21 14:07
Alright, i also am having problems with the great ATI Mobility Card.. I am also trying to use my laptop and hook the video out up to the TV to watch videos. I'm running XP, and can't find any new drivers or anything...
Any and all help here would be much appreciated
Rick   2002-05-01 12:19
Hi, Im trying to use multi moniter feature with
a vaio and a neomagic 256 av, it worked fine in XP, but now it no longer allows me to extend my desktop, do i work around this? ive updated the drivers and still noda,

as for the persarios,.use the win 2000 armada or evo drivers, will come up with a "not digitally etcetc" error but click contnue anyways, and i postice you wont be disapointed

Luc   2002-05-01 21:28
Hi all,

I have a portable with Windows XP and Windows 2000 with an ATI Rage LT Pro AGP2X graphics controller, but I can't find any driver to make use of the multiple monitor support in 2000 and XP !!

Is there anyone who has them or can help me ?

Many thanks,

Alex   2002-05-08 08:20
I got some drivers that they say that are good fot TV for windoes XP but when i go to install the drivers it doesn't show any sofrware to choose from when i press HAVE DISK and select the location with the drivers...
Anyone have any ideea what to do?
Does anibody have any xp drivers that WORK and can be used FOR TV?
Please replay here or write me at
Thank You Really Much!

Alex   2002-05-08 08:21
By the way i forgot to tell you: The video card is ATI RAGE MOBILITY
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nik   2002-05-13 04:12
Hi, I read all comments, followed mostly all links but couldnt find a solution for my problem:
i have a notebook with a ATI 3D RAGE LT PRO AGP 2X (A2U2) ... there is a DUALVIEW software on cd, but i am running windows 2000 now. ... i cant find any support. can someone help me out ?

thanx in advance
Orion12   2002-05-13 04:25
I have a new DEll dimension 4400 w/ win XP and the 64mb geforce2MX...I really want to set up a secondary monitor to place my tool palletes (ie.Photoshop, illustrator etc) and use my main monitor for my design I need a different card?...or a secondary pci card?...will the ATI 8500VE allow me to plug in 2 VGA monitors and place my tools on the second monitor???...

any advice is appreciated...

WW   2002-06-08 20:00

Does anyone know a way (trick/driver/SW addon) to make the ATI Radeon (in a Dell notebook) with Windows 2000 to support multiply monitors (stretch desktop)? I can only see the same thing on both monitors. :-(

Martin Jonsson   2002-06-13 18:34
I'm using dualview with my 19" monitor (1280x1024, 85Hz) as primary screen and my laptop display (1400x1050, 60Hz) as secondary.

Is there any way to switch all relevant display settings when you want to bring your laptop with you? Right now when I switch primary screen to the laptop it changes resolution and frequency to that of the 19" (1280x1024).

I would like to be able to switch between two modes:

[mode 1]
Primary: 19" monitor, 1280x1024, 85Hz
Secondary: laptop, 1400x1050

[mode 2]
Primary: laptop, 1400x1050
Secondary: none

Is there ways to accomplish this?
Trueke   2002-06-20 16:37

I have a Dell 4400 with and AGP GeForce MX that came with it and I added a ATI 3D Rage PRO PCI. The driver loads but as soon as I hit the "extend my desktop onto this monitor" the system completly locks-up.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Matt   2002-07-25 01:27
I have a rage mobility-p agp 2x and I have just 8mb on my card. So if there's someone who know how to upgrade my video memory (for free if possible) please contact me!!!
Bone   2002-08-01 08:20
I opened up my Presario 2700 and took a look in side, it does seem to have swapable video memory, but I may be wrong. If it has its the first time Ive ever seen it. Usualy its not possible.
P. Pharris   2002-09-09 21:27
Can Someone help? We are having trouble Installing verto geforce2 mx200 on windows xp with rage pro agp 2x [gt-c2u2]. What do I need to complete this installation? When I install geforce2, I am unable to get to windows xp and the screen is faded. We had to take the card back out of the computer to view windows correctly and are still trying to figure out what we are doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, P. Pharris
Chuck Davis   2002-09-12 03:47
I need help for this "Issue":
A laptop with Win XP ( a Gateway Laptop and ATI video card)is plugged into a video projector. To help instructor to work, we want the display on both the laptop plasma screen and the projected screen. The problem is we cannot figure out how to change the display on the Primary and the Secondary (using the VGA out port.)
What we have is just a very small portion of the desktop shown on the projector, eventho we see the full desktop on the laptop. What do we need to do to sync the projector view with the laptop view? IE: we need to see the full desktop on the projector.
Thank you in advance.
Tam   2002-10-31 08:45
I've been trying to play Everquest recently, but have been having graphic problems. The windows and names above people are all distorted, but I can see the land ok. I have a Rage Mobility M1-AGP, which was working fine till recently. Does anyone know if Everquest has stoped supporting my card? I've updated the drives to the most recent update. Having Everquest withdrawls - Someone please help.
Tamazonias - Mage Teris-Thule- Fem - 26
Russ   2002-11-19 09:59
I have the multiple monitor thing working on my Compaq Presario 2700 laptop and a Sony 19 inch monitor, but the display settings will NOT let me choose my big sony monitor as the primary monitor. That selection is grayed out. Does anyone know how to make this happen?
Christian Studer   2002-11-19 10:40
That's normal behavior for laptops, the external monitor usually can't be set as primary.

Christian Studer -
Penguin   2002-11-30 09:19
a quick question, i have an IBM Thinkpad, wid Xp on it, 160Mb of RAM, and a Neomagic graphics card, not sure which version, but the latest drivers, is ti possible to run multiple monitors on this system when it's in a docking station? the laptop detects the second screen, and uses it, but only to display exactly the same thing as whats on the laptop screen, is it possible to use it as an extension instead of just a repeat?
Please e-mail me if you know a solution, my e-mail address is:
Rolando   2003-02-18 04:03
I have a pc with windows me and I want to know if I can use multiple monitors in my computer or I have to change to XP. Thanks
Dave Wood   2003-02-19 10:07
Has anyone tried using a ATI8500 (64) with a ATI All-in -Wonder Pro PCI? I can't afford a newer all-in-won card, and would like to use the old Pro for now. XP, o'clocked 850/100PIII, 768Mb SDRAM, CAT 3.1 driver & Cntl Pnl, HYDRAVIS. And if so......what video capture ware would I use, the 3.1 or the MMC for the PRO?

JBB   2003-02-20 13:17
I have an IBM T30 Thinkpad with an ATI Mobility Radeon 7500. Can it be upgraded by sodering in a new chip? Will the driver autocheck and use the extra VRAM? We used to do this with Palm Vs. Thanks in advance?
RF   2003-03-17 20:37
Can someone on this forum tell me if I can get dual-monitor with my Compaq Evo N400c?

It has a ATI Rage Mobility P/M AGP2X A21/2 video card with 8MB.

If I can can someone please post a link to a driver which will work or else tell me how to do it.

Thanks in advance

alysisu   2003-06-03 01:18
please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mi chip is ATI Rage Mobility P/M AGP2X A21/2 . I have installed fifa 2003 but it dont goes!!!! what do i need to download? send me a e-mail to HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dsullinger   2003-06-23 10:25
I have a Compaq Evo N600c with a ATI Mobility Radeon and Windows 2000 SP3. I would like to use my Laptop as my primary display and a external monitor as a secondary display and expand my desktop over the two. I also have Hydravision by ATI so I can have multiple desktops on different monitors. I can get the monitor to work, but it's the same desktop as my Laptop. I've downloaded the newest drivers and set the settings in the Display as Laptop primary and external monitor as secondary, but it's still all the same display and Hydravision doesn't see my external monitor.

Any ideas?

Stefan   2003-06-30 05:16
i'm using a compaq evo N800v with a ATI mobility Radeon 7500 Videocard under Win 2000 SP4. I have problems to show a presentation (eg. in MS powerpoint, version XP) on a secondary screen, without to see the same presentation on my notebook screen.
--> I can't set a sceondary screen as a second master sreen, just as slave screen.

any solutions?


yukon   2003-07-18 01:29
This advice is for those who want dual view on their ATI Mobility P/M AGP 2x ( A21/2 ).

The notebook I have is a Dell Latitude CPx. The video card is a 8mb.

For dual view on Windows XP, you have to install drivers that are not available at Dell( as far as I know).
To download the relevant drivers, go to- Packard-Bell.
Download the drivers from that page. It is ~9mb.

Once you download them, go to My Computer->Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager-> double click on display drivers -> right click the driver that comes up and click on properties.
In the driver properties, click on the driver tab.

click on rollback driver.
Once thats done, restart the notebook. Go back to the device manager and this time install the driver you downloaded. Do a manual installation. "Install from a list or specified location(Advanced)". Next window "Don't search, I will choose the driver to install".

Next window- click on "have disk". the driver is most probably located on c:/pnp/atdriver/ ... Once you choose that dir, you will get 4-5 inf files to choose from. Choose "atiixpab.inf ". Install the drivers and reboot the comp.
Once rebooted, go to the display and you will have a choice of multiple output.
It worked for me.
Phil   2003-08-08 17:36
I have the exact same problem as Harry.
See post 2002-03-12 09:42

Basically, the multiple monitor function for my Dell notebook works fine, but I can't change it back to the original setting so the projector mirrors the laptop screen.

The suggested solution of disabling the secondary monitor in Display Properties does not work. Because when I want to use the projector, toggling the LCD/CRT function button automatically puts the computer back into the multiple monitor mode. (The "enable the secondary monitor" box will be automatically checked just by the toggle.) Please help!
Stefan J.   2003-09-18 03:10
I have an Acer Aspire 1300 and a LCD monitor which I plugged in at the video out of my laptop! at the windows xp home settings i can check the box on both monitors (lcd and laptop monitor) so i see the same desktop on both! Is there any software which allows me to extend the desktop on both! (graphic card is a s3 twisterK)

Tanks for help
Kevin Boer   2003-10-05 14:21
I am also trying to get the dual monitor option to work on my Windows 2000 laptop. It's a Compaq Armada M700, with an ATI Rage Mobility-P AGP 8MB video card.

I have tried the suggested registry hack, but was not able to find a key entitled, "DisableDualView". Has anybody out there successfully done this on a W2K system, or is that key only present on XP or ME systems?

K Boer
Eric   2003-11-20 04:25
i have a ATI RAGE Mobility P/M AGP 2X A21/2 and i have windows xp profesional. I would like to know if the driver for opengl is compatible with my video card and where i can install such drivers.

Drew Hawkins   2004-01-08 00:18
Compaq M700:
Pentium 3 650
256mb ram
12 gig hd
8mb ATI rage mobility
Windoze 2K Pro, SP2

I have installed the ATI drivers from a regular ATI rage 128 drivers cd and it seems to work fine, I get the Composite out for TV and the CRT port works too.

My problem is NO openGL!
Most, if not all, of my games are based off openGL can Someone help me find any help?!?!

Kevin   2004-01-31 07:13

thank you all for your information on this update. I have been searching for a solution to this problem for days! This new driver worked perfectly on my Sceptre laptop with xp. ATI rage mobility P/m AGP 2x [A21/2]

I now have Dual view!

Thanks to all

Tom Carter   2004-02-19 02:10
I have a Compaq 700z Laptop with the S3 Twister-K factory installed, running Windows XP...

I wanted to use mulitple monitors on the laptop, but when I plug an external monitor into the Laptop all it does is replicate the LCD view, I can't get the options to allow me to extend my desktop onto the external...

Some have told me it's not possible, others have told me I just need an up-to-date driver, although I've been through a couple of those already and still had no luck...

Can anyone help me out? Am I out of luck completely, or is it possible? And if it's possible what software/drivers are needed?

Thanks in advance...
Jim Gasperini   2004-03-28 07:29
Thanks for the various advice here. I also have a Dell Latitude CPx J. I followed as closely as I could the steps suggested above by Yukon, downloading an HP driver, rolling back the existing driver, and installing the new one (the only difference in sequence is that Yukon said "install the driver you downloaded" but the only option I could see was to "upgrade" the adapter listed there, the same one I had previously "rolled back.")

Alas I still cannot get Display to recognize my second monitor.

Following the Hardware Troubleshooting series of questions, I came to a point where it seemed to think I should have two Display Adapters, one for each monitor. I followed its instructions for adding a new display adapter, once again saying "have disk" and pointing to atiixpab.inf from the HP files. However when I finish that step, the "wizard" (I hate wizards) asks me to choose the make and model of the display adapter from a list--which is blank. "Next" is greyed until I get past this step.

I've tried using Add Hardware to look for new hardware, unplugging & plugging in the monitor, etc. Any clues would be appreciated.

Jim Gasperini
Jim Gasperini   2004-04-01 13:54
I have now tried installing three different alternative drivers:

--the HP driver recommended by Yukon
--the driver on the MS site recommended by Christian Studer
--an "alternative" driver recommended somewhere here with a pointer to

With all of them I still see only one monitor when I go to Displays/Settings, and see no multiple monitor options. In the course of the various reboots and rollbacks, which monitor is black switched: I now am now looking at my secondary monitor, while the CPx laptop screen is black. Many reboots ago, it was the other way around.

I dearly hope to hear from one of the assembled experts here, I am at my wit's end.

Jim Gasperini
Scott   2004-05-05 10:08
I have a Gateway Solo 9300 with ATI RAGE Mobility P/M AGP 2x (A21/2)
I have an external monitor hooked up and I want to be able to extend my desktop. All documentation I have read states that I should be able to select an option called "extend my windows desktop" in the display settings, but that option is not there. Also, only one monitor shows on the display tab. Is there a driver fix for this issue?
Danny   2004-06-03 11:15
Hey Tom,
Did you ever find out something new about dualview for your Compaq Presario 700x? I have the same kind fo computer, and can't seem to do it either. Compaq tech guy says I should be able to do it, but, then again, not sure how much I trust them... :-)
Any help's more than welcome!
Jeremy   2004-06-10 13:46
Finally a solution re Dell Inspiron 3800 and Windows XP upgrade resulting in loss of multiple monitor support - the answer is here !!!

Scroll down the page and see response by timothyfryer
Date: 04/04/2004 06:35PM PDT

bosko   2004-08-23 04:05
i have DELL inspirion 8000 & nvidia Geforce2 GO(dell mobile) but i dont have drivers for that graphic card and my TV dont vork when i captured into lap top
bosko   2004-08-23 04:07
i have DELL inspirion 8000 & nvidia Geforce2 GO(dell mobile) but i dont have drivers for that graphic card and my TV dont vork when i captured into lap top please tel me where i must take drivr for my notebook
John Knight   2004-09-10 21:22
I have something for all of you, whatever you need, (well most of it), i can help or give hints. if anyone needs anything or hints or a latest driver, just email me on make sure you put in your OS.

John Knight...
Tim   2004-11-08 14:02
The key seems to have been not JUST the registry hack or the new driver, but the new driver (the ATIIXPAB.ini) AND THEN the registry hack. I would have probably figured this out on my own, but this was confirmed by:

I had installed the Packard-Bell driver, but it didn't work. Then I tried the registry hack, but didn't find any DisableDualView keys. Then I installed the ATIIXPAB.ini driver (didn't bother with Rollback or System Save Points - still worked fine). But still no Extended Desktop!

Finally, I went back to Google, and tried the next result, which happened to be the above link. Thankfully I had already installed a capable driver, then I just needed to reenable the Extended Destop (DualView) in the Registry.

After all of this, thanks to this thread and the page above, it eventually worked for me with a Dell Latitude CPx after only about 1 hour of work.

Thank God!
chimera   2004-12-18 11:35
The registry fix mentioned earlier worked great for me with my dell cp-x also, I've been searching for a fix for this problem for a couple days and just lucked out and finally found this page from google. I suggest everyone with the same problem try that first before you dl anything, nothing else seems to be needed! Thanks a bunch!
chimera   2004-12-18 11:38
Just another note based on that last post I read, it can take a minute or two for the search to find the keys, on my dell cp-x it took about 5 minutes before it finally tracked down the first key, so that might be what he reffered to, they were definately there though.
xone   2005-02-16 12:55
I am trying to change my primary monitor. I have a compaq Presario 1500 laptop and I am running Windows XP professional. I am trying to change my primary monitor to monitor 2 - which is a new monitor I just bought few days ago. No matter what I try to do, I cannot get the "set as primary monitor" option to highlight/become available. I have a Mobility Radeon 7200 card and I can only view stuff on my 2nd monitor in the EXTENDED mode. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Dan W   2005-03-05 18:26
Teacher Needs Help, I have a Compaq Persario R3030 Laptop with a ATI Mobility Radeon 9000IGP video card. When I hook up my external projector it shrinks the display on my laptop. Also when I show a video file to the class it will display only on the porjector screen but not on my laptop screen.

J   2005-03-07 11:00
hi ive been trying to run car tycoon which i have all the specified requirement to run it but it runs slow i think its because i havent update my ATI RAGE MOBILITY P/M the driver version it has now is 5.1.2001.0 if any one knows about any more updates for this driver can you plz let me know if you can post it on the site it would be great....

undelfino   2005-03-17 00:01
Hi nik, I'm with the same problem U have... Did U reach to find a solution?
I'm looking for but not found anythink sure...
If U have some news can U help me too?
Tom   2005-05-03 09:46

This was the deal. I have a Evo N600C with ATI Mobility Radeon. The extend option wouldn't show up. I went to the email above suggested in the FAQ - followed directions and now I have a dual monitor system.

Life is great when things work.
mike tran   2005-06-02 03:53
i have a dell latitude cpx, an old one 90 something. i dropit and the lcd sreen is broken. how much would it cust me & where can i get it. it's a 14inch or 15inch.
Rob   2005-06-11 01:35
I have 4ish year old Compaq Presario 2800T that as far as I know has a Mobility Radeon 7500. I run XP if that matters.

My problem is that it wants to have Multiple Monitors but doesn't. I haven't been able to figure out why but it belives I have 1 Plug and Play then 3 default monitors. I've uninstalled them, uninstalled the video card. I got drivers from a compaq rep I talked to. Nothing will fix it.

Any ideas?
Clark   2005-06-21 05:05
Can you help me please?

I have a Toshiba Satelite 1730 notebock with a ATI Rage Mobility P/M AGP 2X (A21/2) video card and Win XP SP2.

Can you tell me if exist a opengl driver for my ATI video card?

I am from Cuba...

amd   2005-06-24 02:00

I recently upgraded my machine to an athlon 64 and Windows XP Home Edition.
The problem is I have an ati radeon 7200 and a ati rage II graphics card. When I was using windows 2000, I could get the two monitors working. Now with XP the rage II driver doesn't start when I have both cards on the system. Used separately they both run fine. Is this a problem with windows XP? Any ideas?


John A   2005-06-29 08:05
I have a Dell Latitude CPxJ (with ATI RAGE Mobility P/M AGP 2X (A21/2)adaptor). To get dual view, i just created restore point, installed the fresh driver ( from the Dell website, then, as suggested above:

* Start Regedit.exe
* Search for the keys "DisableDualView" in CurrentControlSet
* Change the value from 1 to 0
* Repeat until you changed all keys
* Reboot

and then Display properties> settings >advanced allows you to configure multiple screens. Then you can extend the desktop to a second screen. It is not necessary to use drivers from other hardware vendors sites.
Ray Z   2005-07-23 16:43
John A. Could not find driver v. on the Dell site, is that the right version number? Point me in the right direction I have the same laptop, same card, and W2K OS. Thanks Ray.
Ray Z   2005-07-23 16:45
John A. My e-mail is Thanks again Ray.
Behram Bashir   2005-07-24 04:04
hi guy, i am have problems with my ATI RAGE P/M Mobility AGP 2x (A21/2). It wont run any game that uses opengl. I need a drive for my video card that can run on xp pro.
Tuan-T1   2005-09-22 11:29
Hi All,
I got a Armada M700 with 8MB video ram. I am trying to run a simple game like that requires 16mb of video ram. Is there any freaking way I can upgrade it? The hardware or software, so that I can run this game? I UPgraded my memory to over 500mb already. But that just doesn't seem to help a bit. Is there any Video graphics upgrade for my laptop? I've been searching for days, with no hope. So decided to go for forums to see if there's any bright people out there who's willing to help. Thanks a lot.
Tantalus   2005-09-22 12:23
nope, no video upgrade path for that.
snoop'   2005-10-08 09:00
I have drivers compaq ATI rage mobility
John A   2005-10-20 08:07
Ray Z, it is on the site in package R35485. The driver number is not shown on the web page but appears when you run setup.exe. I searched for 'ati mobility M1' on the UK web site. John
m41k   2005-12-19 19:11
Yo Jack,

the solution is very simple!

1: Deinstall the hole graphics driver in your Evo N600c(mobile radeon).
2: Download the "radeon 7500 mobile" driver from the Evo N610c model(
3: Install the "radeon 7500 mobile" driver you downloaded, even if windows blaims this driver is not the right one for this graphics card.
4: reboot
5: Now you have those 2 displays, displaying on the "Display propertys-->Setings" panel.
You are now able to klick on "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor"

dfcf   2005-12-29 12:22
RE:yukon 2003-07-18 07:29

Followed those steps on my omnibook 4150B [ATI Mobility P/M AGP 2x ( A21/2 )]and at last I am able to use an extended monitor

Thanks Yukon!
Ian Croft   2006-01-13 22:25
I had the same problem as many here ... Dell Latitude CPxH that I had upgraded from Win98se to XP pro. The dual monitor feature worked fine under 98 but would not work in XP - even though both screens were available in the Displays/Settings/advanced. After updating drivers etc, I tried the suggestion of using Regedit to change the value set for "DisableDualview" .... and it worked! I can now use dual monitors just as in Win 98 .... many thanks!

Mwauz   2006-02-03 18:19
I have a Dell Latitude CPx intel inside pentium III. It has a problem the machine starts and the keyboard lights(all 3) flash 9 times and the machine switches off.
Pliz Help.

kevin   2006-02-14 03:25
I have a t30 with a ati radeon 7500 chipset. I tried installing windows 2000. But it came up and said it did not recognize the card. As well as nhl 2005. But nhl 2005 supports windows 2000. What can I do to fix this?

1.9 intel
256 mg ram
20 gig hard drive
Dan   2006-04-12 13:39
I Have a dell latitude c600 with a ati mobilty graphics card. I need to get updated drivers for something i am trying to run, i have read through this forum and tried many different links but none of them seem to work still.

Any help would be greatly apreciated!
bear   2006-06-19 13:06
My EVO N600C cannot recognize the lcd now. If I don't install the graphic driver, everything goes all right, once I install it, the computer will shut up the lcd and output signal to the external monitor port even I don't connect it to any other display.
The FN+F4 doesn't work too.
The lcd with this laptop is samsung, some days age, the series and ID can be detected by software, but now the test result is UNKOWN.

Please give me some suggestion about this problem!~ Thank you!!!

n3twork   2006-06-19 18:52
Sounds like the driver you are installing is only seeing one of the outputs (IE the external VGA port) And the fn + f4 thing is software based you would need to find the xp software for your laptop. One thing you could try is and try to find another driver for your graphics adapter.. chances are someone prolly wokr the bugs out of the default ones by now.
bear   2006-06-22 15:15
thank you, I've tried to rebuild the system and change different drivers,but it doesn't. I called the HP SUPPORT, they say maybe it's the hardware problem of the graphic card, they may reinstall the card chip or change the motherboard for me,oh god, it means a lot of money~~~
Paula   2006-06-23 14:56
Now you've got me worried...My IBM Lenovo 3000 N100 is arriving soon, with XP Pro, with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950. I don't know what the chipset is. I bought an external monitor, would even like more of them if I can get the one mouse to work multiple programs...Anyone know about my model and if I'll have problems?
Thanks! :-)

Paula   2006-06-28 06:48
My worry was needless! Second monitor hooked up fine, although I have to figure out how to keep different programs open on different screens with the new XP Pro. Ideas?'

I now have four screens: have my OLD Gateway with keyboard and mouse at my left, hopefuly can connect my OLD Thinkpad next to it if only with parallel cord; New Lenovo laptop is too hot to keep on my lap, so it gets put on the side, next to the new monitor. How to use the ONE keyboard somehow? Looks great. Now I hope my productivity increases 4x!! Ha!

Maurice Cahm   2006-07-02 06:43
For some time now I've been trying to get dualview restored on a Toshiba laptop that has an ATI Mobility Rage card (it was OK under 98). Toshiba referred me to ATI and ATI said they don't handle queries re laptops.

There is a 2001 entry here (Christian Studer 2001-10-26 06:23) that says the ATI Mobility drivers with multi-monitor support are now available and to get the driver from the Windows Update site but I can't find it there.

The Tosh reports the card as a Rage Mobility P/M AGP 2X(A21/2).

Anybody know where rhe driver is or knows any source?
Christian Studer   2006-07-02 07:40
Ziyad Hosein has them on his site, look for the link near the top of the thread.

Christian Studer -
Maurice Cahm   2006-07-02 23:01
Hi Christian,

All working fine now. Thanks to you and Ziyad.

xtian   2006-10-30 02:33
I need a VGA DRIVERS for my compaq presario 1500 laptop.Plz I need this urgently,I can be reached via this email(

Mudassir   2006-11-08 20:49
i've a ATI 3D Rage Pro PCI 8 MB Graphic Card with a Built in TV Tuner .
Can any body tell me which Software i should use to Watch TV on my Monitor ????

i Hope u guyz have solution to this Problem , if ya guyz have it den send me ur suggestions and advices to

sibtain   2006-11-22 22:23
Hello i also need this software .. I have same configurations card
i've a ATI 3D Rage Pro PCI 8 MB Graphic Card with a Built in TV Tuner .
Can any body tell me which Software i should use to Watch TV on my Monitor ????

i Hope u guyz have solution to this Problem , if ya guyz have it den send me ur suggestions and advices to

Alice   2006-12-01 04:32
Gateway 600YGR laptop
Just added an external LCD
Acc to Device Manager I have ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 v 8/9/05
And mulit-monitor support?
suggestions? tweaks?


Ben   2007-01-02 02:06
Dual View for Windows XP

Several other posts have mentioned this article in TechRepublic, "Take advantage of WinXP's DualView feature on your laptop" (August 18, 2003),, but I wanted to draw attention to it really because it really is an excellent resource. The author gives a very accessible overview of the dual view feature of the role of the video adapter and driver and solutions to common problems with them.

The author specifically addresses the problems that people are having using Dual View on the Dell Inspiron 3800 with ATI Rage Mobility M1 video adapter. I've been wrestling with this problem on and off since reinstalling XP on my old Inspiron 3800. It turns out that DualView support was taken out of the updated driver by ATI, but that the user can re-enable DualView by editing the registry. (Search the registry for "DisableDualView", and change each instance from 1 to 0.) This worked marvelously on my machine.
santiago   2007-02-15 13:18
I need help.

i Have an IBM THINKPAD T30 laptop. i tried to upgrade the ram from 512 to 1 gig. but the machine onle shows 512 when i reboot.

according to the specifications it can be upgrade to 1 gig.

if there is something i have to do after the installation please let me know.

thank you
Sentayehu   2007-04-11 16:31
I have DELL dimension 4400 pc ,I couldnot findout the vga driver.
Please ,if any body know's where specificaly located I would give u 3 stars.


CWHIZZLE   2007-07-14 09:30
i have an armada m700, and i have upgraded it to windows xp, i liked 98 with the multiple monitor feature and am wondering how to get it back.
it says that is has an ATI RAGE MOBILITY (COMPAQ), what am i doing wrong?
LEE   2009-05-15 21:03
hi i hav a hp compaq laptop and a 42inc lcd tv i connected the laptop to the tv and it worked fine no porbs and then something came up about mirrors exp.. do i want to seen it on both screen i canged it on this option thinking that it would just come up on the tv when the wire is connescted but i didnt and for some reason now when i plug the wire in both the screen go blank and i cant see a thing can some1 please help me out
emily laurence   2011-12-30 20:15
In case if anyone want to upgrade their Windows XP, then can prefer to Drivers, that is a software that is a suite and provides applicable driver according to your need and requirement and thus provides opportunities to get download of printer, graphic or a notebook driver from. You also get free driver download option with this software.
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