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Peter Ritchie   2008-09-02 07:10
UltraMon does not add it's buttons to the Google Chrome title bar so it can neither maximize to desktop (or restore from desktop) nor move to other monitor.

There are also no UltraMon menu items in Google Chrome's system/taskbar context menu
Christian Studer   2008-09-02 08:37
This is due to the custom window title bar, currently there is no fix for this.

Google Chrome also customizes the window menu, which seems to interfere with the commands added by UltraMon. I'll look into this, but am not sure if a fix is possible.

Christian Studer -
Chrome   2008-09-02 13:29
"UltraMon does not add it's buttons to the Google Chrome title bar so it can neither maximize to desktop (or restore from desktop) nor move to other monitor."

Excuse-me ?

I have it right under my nose and it looks and works like every other window...

I have the two extra buttons next to the usual three : extend to both screens/reduce to only one or switch monitor and they work just as expected....
Tim   2008-09-02 14:37
I have the same problem here (Win XP SP2, Ultramon 3.0.2).

I have two screens running 2 resolutions. If I move Chrome to the secondary monitor and maximise it, it seems to maximise larger than the screen resolution. It looks like it might be taking the resolution from my primary monitor.

Any ideas?
Tim   2008-09-02 19:40
To update that

I have the problem at work with Windows XP SP2 but not at home where I have Vista SP1. Both using Ultramon 3.0.2
Andrew Kerrison   2008-09-02 19:42
FYI, have just submitted a bug report to Google Chrome about this. I see no reason why they can't have an option somewhere to use a non-custom window for Google chrome, just like every other browser out there.
Anon   2008-09-03 06:29
It works fine for me. Vista SP1 and Google Chrome: I see, and can use, the maximize and switch desktop buttons.
Christian Studer   2008-09-03 09:45
You won't have this issue if you're using Vista with the Aero theme, in this case Chrome uses a regular window title bar and the UltraMon buttons will work fine.

Tim, this sounds like an issue with Chrome, UltraMon doesn't get involved when you maximize a window.

Christian Studer -
Andrew Kerrison   2008-09-03 21:12
I have heard several other reports of it working fine under Vista but not under XP, which ties in with what Christian said - if you're running Vista Aero theme, it'll use the default window title bar and therefore work fine, if you're using XP (or possibly a different Vista theme) then it will use a custom title bar and won't work.

Seems like Google are just trying a bit too hard to dictate what the browser looks like, and it is consequently less flexible & compatible. Not a good thing.
Chris   2008-09-04 01:14
I'm having the same issue as Tim. OS: XP SP2.

While Ultramon is running, Chrome's maximized size is fixed at the primary screen size. In my case at work I'm on a laptop with a smaller screen than an attached LCD monitor. If I move chrome to the external screen, it's smaller than it should be.

If I turn ultramon off. It behaves normally as expected.
Christian Studer   2008-09-04 07:21
Chris, seems to be a Chrome issue related to the Smart Taskbar, see this thread for details.

Christian Studer -
Greg Peden   2008-10-21 00:58
I second the issue where Google Chrome does not properly fit the secondary window. My primary window resolution is 1280x1024, my secondary is 1024x1280 (turned 90 degrees). The window maximizes out beyond the right edge of the screen (the outer boundary of my desktop). I cannot confirm how far out it goes but I get the same sense that it's taking the 1280 horizontal resolution from the primary display, OR it's not maximizing with consideration of how I have the monitor turned 90 degrees or something like that.

I emphasize that this problem occurs ONLY with Google Chrome and ONLY when running Ultramon. If I remove Ultramon, Chrome behaves fine. If I run DisplayFusion as an alternative, Chrome behaves fine.

I am running Windows XP.
Christian Studer   2008-10-21 10:11
According to another user this was fixed in a new release of Chrome, see this thread for details.

Christian Studer -
Mike G   2010-01-15 02:18
When running Google Chrome and having the smart taskbars turned on for each monitor the Google Chrome instances will sit atop the taskbar such that it will not show.

This behavior can only be avoided by minimizing the browser window. Is there a way around this or will it be fixed in a subsequent version?

Mike G.

PS I seem to see this happen with a few other apps (where when maximized the "cover" the taskbar).
Christian Studer   2010-01-15 03:09
This is an issue with Google Chrome, can't be fixed in UltraMon.

Christian Studer -
Beau   2010-02-02 20:40
The two UltraMon buttons will only appear on Google Chrome in Windows XP when the Chrome window is restored down. They vanish when the Chrome window is maximized.
john smith   2010-03-07 15:54
Chistian, Multimon from Mediachance does add it's buttons to the Google Chrome title bar in Windows 7 64bit so it is possible.

I am not promoting Multimon as it has significant troubles with windows 7 64.
Christian Studer   2010-03-08 08:36
Agreed, the problem is that UltraMon thinks the application has no title bar due to the non-standard implementation, and then doesn't add the buttons.

Christian Studer -
Brendon   2010-12-02 13:00
Latest version of Chrome 8 released today does not add buttons to title bar. Any further development on the cause for this.

Windows 7 x64
Chrome 8
Ultramon 3.0.10
Pedro   2010-12-21 14:45
I am also having same problem with Google Chrome

I would like to know if you will post a fix to this

Abhay   2011-01-04 08:19
I like the new version of ultramon a lot! A bit disappointed that Google Chrome is not supported. Would this feature exist in the next update? My old version of ultramon did show me the button

Christian Studer   2011-01-05 08:14
I don't know yet, 3.2.0 will be mainly about the Smart Taskbar.

Christian Studer -
Keith Fuller   2011-01-24 06:51
UltraMon support for Google Chrome would be nice to have if feasible. If not, UltraMon is awesome and I can live without one app not being supported.

Dave St John   2011-02-10 06:51
I can confirm with google chrome beta build 9.0.597.94

windows 7 x64 not running aero but classic theme
ultramon 3.1.0

No buttons present, or any features on chrome for that matter.

The only thing currently holding me back from using chrome as my primary browser, firefox 3.6 has become a bloated browser on windows, to slow when you compare its rendering time vs chrome and opera.

Other google chrome based browsers not working with ultramon
Flock v
and the all new Rockmelt currently beta invite only.
Rockmelt v (963f22d)

Dave StJ
Mark F   2011-02-26 10:03
I just installed Google Chrome 9.0.597.98 on Win 7 32-bit Aero and I'm really disappointed not to have UltraMon buttons on it. I have used those buttons all the time with IE.

The buttons work fine on IE 9 Release Candidate, but unfortunately this latest version of IE 9 has become overwhelmingly buggy (crashes, delays) for me in the last week or so.

I'd really appreciate a fix for Chrome.

Mark F.
Tim   2011-03-01 10:43
I, too, use Chrome as my primary browser and would love it if a solution could be found. I do enough in Chrome that I will probably hold off on a purchase until there is some kind of solution. Other than this, the program is incredible.


Creepy Gnome   2011-03-10 03:50
Hi there, I don't meant to contradict Christian and his statement blaming Google.

"This is an issue with Google Chrome, can't be fixed in UltraMon."

While yes Google is doing something innovative and not using standard ways to create a window on a Microsoft platform for Chrome; they are not preventing anyone form adding buttons to the Chrome 'title' bar. As I use UltraMon at work, but I use DisplayFusion at home and display fusion has no problem adding their custom buttons to the Chrome title bar on Windows 7 or Windows 2008 R2 32/64 environments. I would think that if that company can find a way to do that UltraMon can to.

I would say that this IS and issue with UltraMon and not Google or Chrome as their competition is able to do this.

I implore UltraMon/Christian to stop blaming Google and to resolve the obvious issue in their product. They need to stop saying it "can't be fixed" and change the statement to be we "won't fix it" or that they will fix and are looking into the solution and will let everyone know when they have figured it out when they can expect it.

-Creepy Gnome
Mark F.   2011-03-12 09:18
Two "workarounds":

1) Switch from Google Chrome to Mozilla FireFox which is compatible with UltraMon buttons. I greatly prefer the FireFox bookmark handling over Chrome at this time anyway.

2) The Win 7 keyboard shortcuts [Windows Start Key] + [Shift] + [Left Arrow or Right Arrow] quickly move windows between monitors. [Windows Start Key] + [any arrow key] re-sizes/moves windows within a single monitor.

Mark F.
Chaplino   2011-03-27 23:18
Thanks Mark!!
Maureen   2011-04-15 00:53
My buttons used to show up in Google Chrome, and now they don't for some reason. Why did it work before, and now it doesn't?
Christian Studer   2011-04-15 09:50
Not sure what would cause this, haven't seen this myself so far.

Christian Studer -
Ramy   2011-05-27 00:11
Here,use this and ultramon;

works for me.

john   2011-06-03 13:25
i found ir easier to just do a hot key profile
ctrl-alt-left arrow works sweet.
odbash   2011-09-01 07:34
Any update? We were considering purchasing this for all employees (around 80) but no support for chrome is a deal breaker.
p.s. the worst thing a developer can say is "can't"
Christian Studer   2011-09-01 09:46
Can't tell you anything new yet, but I'll look into this for a future release.

Christian Studer -
Cal   2011-09-07 02:49
Christian, I have backed you since the beginning and I know you will come through with this issue as well.

Is there any way you can let us know what priority level this issue holds and what progress if any you have made?
Christian Studer   2011-09-07 08:51
Can't tell you anything new yet as I haven't looked into this yet, but it won't be a bug fix as this would require a new feature (support for forcing UltraMon buttons to get added to specific windows, independent of whether the window has a regular title bar or not).

Christian Studer -
Sam   2011-09-07 09:18
Regardless of whether you call it a bug fix or a new feature, it's really important as Chrome is so much more popular now and many other apps are following suit to not use standard window titles and borders. This is long overdue.
Ramy   2011-09-12 01:46
Use to use IE all the time. But IE9 really sucks...
Tried chrome and love it know.All though the monitorswitch work around works. It is a bit buggy. Hope you add Chrome support soon.

Chris   2011-09-14 19:09
Here's another vote for a Chrome fix. I use Chrome for approx 80% of my work, and am constantly shuffling windows between monitors.

Chris B.
Maxx Bass   2011-09-19 04:25
I use Chrome, updated to the latest version within the last week, with UltraMon 3.1.0 and do not have the typical UM buttons on the Chrome title bar. However I am able to invoke a monitor move with a Hotkey. In fact I find I am able to make a monitor move FASTER with the Hotkey combination than by guiding the cursor to the required button.
Mikey2   2011-11-01 15:35
I reached this thread because Firefox 7 is now over 3-4 times (or more!) slower than Chrome (or even IE9!) So after a decade of Firefox use, I find I need to make the switch.

I hope a fix for buttons can be found. I gather the problem is similar to iTunes in that they are not really using "standard" windows? If so, it is almost more a "shame on them" for not following Windows standards than on Ultramon. (I'm a software engineer myself - I dislike anything going against convention unless absolutely necessary.)

Thus to the people being so harsh to Ultramon, I find it unwarranted. And as a "deal-breaker" remember, one can still correctly use a hotkey (which I prefer anyway.)

Short instructions:

1) Open Ultramon Options
2) Select "Hotkeys" tab
3) The very first option is "Move window to next monitor" ...keep that selected and push "Add Hotkey..."
4) I use it so much that for me I set it to "Alt + Right" (right being the right-arrow key.) Although obviously it can be set to anything...
5) Hit "OK" ...and that's it!

Overall I found that with a little knowledge, setting up hotkeys in Ultramon may even be my favorite and most-used feature in the app. (There is almost no limit to hotkey usage in Ultramon...I use it for application hotkeys, scripts that I have written, in conjunction with Intellitype to map the fancy extra keys on Microsoft Keyboards etc...)

Still, while I am more upset with Firefox for its pathetic performance degredation and at Chrome for not following convention for their window, and while I love hotkeys, I still agree that if possible, having some sort of "unconventional window" option to add buttons to apps such as chrome/iTunes would be most welcome. (I do not even mind and understand if the buttons may be "ugly" and/or slightly buggy.)

susan williams   2011-11-02 19:45
MikeY - fantastic simple fix to the problem. Thank you!
Rich   2011-11-28 01:54
I'm another potential repeat customer who has used licensed versions of Ultramon in the past but won't be purchasing it (or recommending it to the businesses I work with) until a Chrome fix is implemented.

Without doubt, Ultramon is one of *the* most useful applications I've found in recent years and undoubtedly M$ will try to work it into a future release of Windows too. But without a Chrome fix it's a case of "Ultramon used to be great but I'm not buying it because it doesn't work with todays software" vote from me instead of "Ultramon is great and I'll buy it again because it works with the software everyone is currently using" vote.

I appreciate, as I'm sure do most people who post here, that developing software like this isn't easy - especially when the likes of Google come along and move the goalposts. But so many people have paid for, use, and love Ultramon - so I don't understand why you're not making it a priority to develop the next release. Not having a go, just doesn't make sense to me...

Fingers crossed (",)
Mel   2011-12-18 04:27
I'm a longtime user who has just switched to chrome. Firefox is now way too bloated and slow. Yes, it's disappointing that there is no Ultramon support, however, the hotkey option is an easy workaround. In my case it's actually easier to use. Let's give it some time and see what happens.
Timothy Lavelle   2012-01-09 07:58
I just switched to Chrome as well with the release of Fx 9.0, getting tired of a new version every month. But as many have posted, UM does not work with Chrome... The hotkey fix is a good solution, as stated above, a faster solution! (though would still like the buttons as im a mouse ninja and sometimes dont want to release mouse to switch screens)
DJ SiFT   2012-01-17 00:04
thanks for the HOTKEY tip. I love it!

Pezman   2012-03-26 09:13
I really want the Switch window and Maximize across two monitors added to Chrome. It is really annoying. At this point something custom coded would even be nice.

Thanks in advance.
Adrian Nicolaiev   2012-03-28 05:11
It seems that it is possible to fix UltraMon, instead of Chrome (and iTunes, etc), using something like Actual Tools's solution.
Tested with Chrome and iTunes, using UltraMon and Actual Title Buttons at the same time.

Adrian Nicolaiev
Jonathan   2012-05-12 05:18
I too would like to see Chrome support added. As a long time UltraMon user, it's a bit disappointing that I have to use shortcut keys for the program I use almost more than any other.
Sebastian   2012-05-22 08:18
I'm waiting for this feature since years. Please make it a priority ONE.
Tim   2012-06-09 06:55
Google Chrome is now being standardized in Business Web-Apps. Most of our Clients use it to and every time I recommend your product in spirit of full disclosure I must tell them that it works most things excep to Google Chrome and a few others.

Please get this fixed ASAP.

Thanks, Tim
AnitaB   2012-09-21 00:42
Still no Chrome with UltraMon??? I love it except for that!!!! Please try to fix it soon!!!!
AnitaB   2012-09-21 00:46
Mike....I just added your Hot key solution...perfect, thank you!
Aaron Wallentine   2012-10-06 18:20
Yeah, the lack of support for Chrome is a bit disappointing, after it's been a known issue for so long. :(

I've been a registered user of Actual Multiple Monitors for a couple years, and that piece of software does put the switch monitor buttons on Chrome, even though they don't look visually "perfect" -- but they still work. Unfortunately have been discovering that AMM seems to be causing some system instability issues, causing explorer.exe to crash (XP SP3 32-bit), and since it's annoying to have it crash, and almost as annoying not to have my 2nd taskbar, I'm trying UltraMon again.

I'll be happy if it gives me the 2nd taskbar without the instability I've been experiencing with AMM (I think due to some weird conflict with another program I'm using).

And UltraMon doesn't provide ability to move taskbar buttons around; though I understand that's a separate feature.

For now I'm trying UltraMon for the 2nd taskbar, MonitorSwitch for the buttons, and TaskBarShuffle for the rearranging of taskbar buttons (all of which AMM does, but unfortunately, like I said, is causing instability for me. :( )

Anyhow, sorry if this sounds so complainey. Thanks UltraMon guys for the work that you do, and providing this software; but please really consider figuring out a way to support Chrome! I know it's possible because other similar softwares do it.

If it works for me without causing other issues I'll probably buy the full version; Once you get used to multi-monitor taskbars it's hard to go back. (Luckily Linux supports this out-of-the-box, but unfortunately can't live in Linux-land all the time)>


Jay   2012-12-29 04:12
I have used UltraMon for a few years now - but the lack of Chrome support has stopped me from purchasing additional licenses for the other machines that we use.
Until there is support for the most popular browser, I will keep my wallet firmly in my pocket.
(Nov 2012 Browser stats: IE 15%, Firefox 31%, Chrome 46%)
Slightly concerned that this product is being left behind and no longer being developed. I hope I am wrong, as this is one of the most useful apps I have alongside Dropbox & Roboform.
There's a huge Chrome market waiting to be tapped into!
NoEcho   2013-06-14 10:27
I too can mention that our company looked into purchasing licenses for 100+ developers but when chrome was not supported our IT staff recommmended against it as a solution.

I hope you add it in future releases!
Christian Studer   2013-06-14 15:05
This should now work fine, when I tested with Chrome version 26.0.1410.64m the buttons were added. Looks like the implementation of the Chrome titlebar was changed.

Christian Studer -
Phil Hershey   2013-07-01 10:29
The buttons are there on Chrome now (Version 27.0.1453.116) but they don't line up properly. The UM button to throw to the other monitor overlays most of the Chrome window's minimize button. At this point ALT-SPACE,N works better for me.
Christian Studer   2013-07-01 18:00
Phil, are you using a custom theme for Chrome? I just tested this, and noticed that this will cause the buttons to overlap. Reverting to the default theme will fix the problem.

Christian Studer -
Phil Hershey   2013-07-02 05:11
Christian, the theme is custom only in that UM is setting the different wallpapers on my 2 monitors. Otherwise, I beleive it's based off a stock theme. Probably was the landscape theme before I chose my own wallpapers.
Christian Studer   2013-07-02 14:17
Phil, I meant the theme for Chrome, you can change this under Settings > Appearance. Click on 'Reset to default theme' to use the default.

Christian Studer -
Buzzmeister   2014-01-26 06:03
It is possible to use with Chrome at least in windows 8 64 bit and I assume other versions too.

Just add a theme to chrome from get new extensions and voila the buttons show up. I chose the free aero theme.

enjoy this app its very usefull.
Mike   2014-02-14 06:56
I'm using windows 7 64 bit, changed themes, and the options aren't there in Chrome. Even went so far as to move them in the options just in case, and still no go. Chrome Version 32.0.1700.107.

Christian Studer   2014-02-14 12:55
Mike, you'll need to change back to the default theme as mentioned above, otherwise the UltraMon buttons won't work with Chrome.

Christian Studer -
Mike   2014-02-17 05:17
That didn't work either.......
Christian Studer   2014-02-17 14:23
I just did some testing on Windows 7 and noticed that the buttons don't get added if you're using the Basic or Classic themes instead of the Aero theme (for Windows, not Chrome), is that the case on your system?

Currently there's no fix for this, but the next release of UltraMon will allow you to force the window buttons for specific applications via compatibility options, which will fix the issue.

Christian Studer -
Mike   2014-02-18 12:58
Yep. Was using Classic....
Earl   2014-07-03 18:32
The same problem exists with SRWare Iron that is based on Chromium source.
Dan   2014-12-04 11:34
Sadly I just seem unable to get the buttons to work in Chrome on my laptop that runs Windows 7.I have reset Chrome to the default theme and Windows to the aero theme and they still don't appear :-(
Christian Studer   2014-12-04 13:56
Dan, which version of Chrome are you using?

Christian Studer -
Ed_G   2015-07-01 14:14
I have this issue.
No move window or extend to full 2 screens buttons
Using Chrome Version 43.0.2357.130m
Windows 7 Enterprise OS
Buttons appear on all other windows (For example, Internet Explorer)

Ed_G   2015-07-01 14:33
- Nevermind my previous post today.
- This has worked this machine with various versions of Chrome for 2 years now up to this point.
- I was thinking of course....what changed?
Then I noticed that for some reason Windows 7 OS inexplicably changed my theme from a custom theme - I created (solid mid-bluish color, no pics, no frills, making it easy to read desktop icon text, ie, a productivity enhancement) from the default Windows 7 theme.
- Voila! Buttons came back.
- Happiness abounds!

Ed_G   2015-07-01 14:36
Addendum to previous post.

Of course, I changed back to my previous custom theme under "My Themes" in the Personalization control get to control panel easiest way...right click on your desktop and select Personalization from the popup menu.

Audrey   2015-07-21 08:43
In Chrome on Windows 7, I can see MENUs for "Move to Monitor" or "Minimize to Desktop", but when I select them, they don't work. Are the Chrome proprietary menus? If so, do they not work with UltraMon?
Christian Studer   2015-07-21 13:43
Audrey, I'm seeing that as well, but currently don't see a fix for this.

Christian Studer -
Susan   2015-11-26 08:07
UltraMon stopped working with Chrome, Both worked great then BAM just stopped a couple days ago. What is the fix?

Christian Studer   2015-11-26 12:23
Which version of Windows are you using? For me the window buttons work fine with Chrome, I tested on Windows 10 with UltraMon 3.3.0 and Chrome 46.0.

Christian Studer -
Ricky   2015-12-08 09:02
I noticed that with Chrome v47 and Win7, it stopped working, too.

However, this was with a custom theme applied to Chrome. If I remove the theme, it works fine.

I tried with themes created across a number of sites, as well as a few from the Chrome Web Store. It looks like the themes all replace the main menu bar with something custom.

So you can either have ugly Chrome and wonderful Ultramon, or beautiful Chrome and use the Ultramon hotkey.
Christian Studer   2015-12-08 13:13
With UltraMon 3.3.0 you can set the 'force window buttons' compatibility option for Chrome, this way the window buttons will also work if you're using a custom theme.

To do this, go to UltraMon Options > Compatibility, then configure settings for Chrome. You'll probably also need to set the custom button spacing option.

Christian Studer -
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