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Ben Stahl   2008-12-30 08:31
I can't seem to use a QT created by Flash CS3/4. I tried using the QTconv.exe utility that came with the package to convert this .MOV into a compatible .MOV but I can't find the magical settings... I'd like to use a .MOV instead of .AVI or whatever because the compression is better. Advice?
Christian Studer   2008-12-30 09:12
Unfortunately VideoSaver can only play old QuickTime files due to the codecs used by newer files.

Christian Studer -
LittleScooby   2009-08-31 00:14
I have run into this issue as well.

I was wondering what is the very best codec we can use with VideoSaver?

I have several newer Quicktime movies that I would like to convert to be able to be used with VideoSaver and want to pick the most optimal codec to use for VideoSaver.

Was VideoSaver designed with certain codecs that allow it to perform better than others?
Christian Studer   2009-08-31 07:26
VideoSaver uses the same video renderer as Windows Media Player, if it works with WMP it should also work with VideoSaver.

I would use a Windows Media codec to encode the video, that's guaranteed to work. I'm not sure what other codecs WMP supports.

Christian Studer -
LittleScooby   2009-09-09 17:26
Just curious as to what is involved in terms of programming in order to get regular (new quicktime) movies to work with VideoSaver?

Is it quite the laborious process to add Quicktime movies, or is it something that is currently impossible with Quicktime movies due to the codec that Quicktime movies use or something? Would be kinda cool if you could just d/l Quicktime movies and play them without converting and I was just wondering about it.
Christian Studer   2009-09-10 07:43
That should be possible, but I'm not that familiar with QuickTime. VideoSaver is no longer being actively developed though.

Christian Studer -
LittleScooby   2009-09-10 16:18
thanks. just curious. What causes software to cease being actively developed?

Is it based on the number of d/ls of one product versus another? I know Ultramon is preferred by many users but it seems like not as many know about or seem to use VideoSaver as UltraMon so I can see Mon becoming the most actively developed for that reason.

VideoSaver seems like a fantastic piece of software and just curious why it doesn't get the same or similar frquency of updates as Ultramon.
Christian Studer   2009-09-11 13:26
Mainly a lack of time, I've been wanting to do an update for some time, for example to eliminate the need for the Vista patch, but just didn't get around to it yet.

Christian Studer -
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