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Remiel   2009-01-17 19:45
When I use widht-taskbar buttons for the task, it only affect the primary monitor ( where the real taskbar is set ).

On the Smarttaskbar the Taksbuttons are cut to the normal width.

for example:

My taskbar-button widht is 60px
Smart taskbar-button widht is 40px and the icon which is centered hangs in the air.

screenshot of the problem.

After I reboot the buttons should also work for a few minutes but then - it looks cutted =)

Thx for help and for the great program !
Christian Studer   2009-01-18 08:09
Where did you configure this? I'm not familiar with this setting.

Christian Studer -
Remiel   2009-01-18 13:50
Its called "Iconized" Taskbar

The Buttons width is set here:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics]

"MinWidth"="56" [ REG_SZ ]


Christian Studer   2009-01-19 08:42
This works fine for me, I just tested with a custom minimum width recently. Are you using WindowBlinds, or a custom visual style?

Christian Studer -
Remiel   2009-01-19 23:57
I only use a custom style:

Its called "windows 7 pdc style"

in the guide for the style the minwidth must be set to 56 for the big taskbuttons.


Remiel   2009-01-19 23:58
and as I said: for a few minutes it also works for the smart taskbar, after I work something the taskbuttons get being ugly =)
Christian Studer   2009-01-20 10:30
I'll look into this for the next release.

Christian Studer -
Remiel   2009-01-21 06:37

thank you very much.
Remiel   2009-04-24 01:20
Hello again,

still are any work arounds available ?


Christian Studer   2009-04-24 09:00
I'm not aware of a workaround for this, also haven't looked into the issue yet.

Christian Studer -
Chuck   2009-04-26 17:25
I'm having the EXACT same issue and it's driving me crazy. I am using a different visual style, but it's also based on 7, and I set my MinWidth to 54. The first icon appears fine, but the minute a second window opens on the monitor using UltraMon, the width of the taskbar icon narrows... Hope a workaround for this is found soon.
Christian Studer   2009-04-27 14:01
I've now looked into this, as a workaround set MinWidth to -840 instead of 56, this will fix the problem.

Christian Studer -
Remiel   2009-05-04 13:32
Thanks man - it works now! It's a little bit larger as the original buttons but it looks much more better then before

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