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David   2009-02-06 23:13
Hi all, I am trying to use a series of JPGs as images but it never seems to move pass the first image. What am I doing wrong?
Christian Studer   2009-02-07 09:35
Image files aren't supported, I would recommend using a slideshow screen saver for this.

Christian Studer -
David   2009-02-07 19:08
Thanks Christian,

I will, Whats interesting is that you can add jpgs to the play list and it does open the first one.

Cheers, David
David   2009-02-07 19:59
Also, What I was trying to do is have a series of large photos that span the three screens I have.

If I use a slideshow screen saver I can't have it span the 3 monitors as video screen saver does.

does anyone have a solution?
Christian Studer   2009-02-08 02:53
gPhotoShow has multi-monitor support, I'm not sure though if stretching an image across all monitors is supported.

VideoSaver uses DirectShow for video playback, which also supports image files, but in order for this to work correctly VideoSaver itself would need additional support for image files.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> VideoSaver -> Using image files (JPG) as screen savers

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