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lunat!c#   2009-03-08 10:17
First of all, awesome application! Now my problem. I'm receiving weird errors whenever I enter games. Not entirely sure when it happens, but it seems to occur whenever Aero changes to non-Aero (you know, he color scheme has been changed to...)

The error msg I get is:

Is there a way to solve this? Because it keeps crashing Ultramon. Further information well hmm.. I run a custom visual style, with a custom shell32/browseui.dll.mui, so that could form a problem as well, but what do I know :)

Christian Studer   2009-03-08 11:02
This is most likely due to the custom visual style, please try if using regular Aero fixes the problem.

In order for a custom visual style to work with UltraMon, it needs to be identical internally to the regular Aero visual style (same resource identifiers, same bitmap dimensions and layout, etc). The error you get means that UltraMon failed to load the button bitmap for the non-Aero visual style.

Christian Studer -
lunat!c#   2009-03-08 19:01
Well I'm running custom visual styles for as long as I can remember on Vista, and never had an issue. The only thing that is different are those two files I patched.

So I presume that is causing it, and will see if I can test it later by swapping back the old ones.

But is it not possible to write a fix for that? So that whenever it occurs, it gets ignored?
lunat!c#   2009-03-09 01:38
It seems the visual style I'm using is rather limited, as in no basic style (only Aero). Using the default Vista skin (uurgghhh) it works as intented.

Oh well.
Christian Studer   2009-03-09 12:55
I'll look into this for a future release, UltraMon could use the default style instead if the current visual style isn't compatible with UltraMon.

Christian Studer -
lunat!c#   2009-03-09 18:43
Yar, that would be awesome!
Matthew   2009-03-30 02:24
Thats mainly down to using a crappy custom theme in vista, do not use custom themes in vista. And the reason for the theme change it the lack of systm memory as Vista Aero is very memory hungry!
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Ultramon error when launching games.

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