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aba   2009-06-28 19:08
As I can experiment now on my laptop (Vista) with an external monitor, when I mirror an application, every application launched after is also mirrored.

Is it the normal behaviour ?

I have managed not to display new windows by using VirtuaWin, but when I switch to another desktop, my application is no longer mirrored. I think it is normal, as VW forces windows to minimize.

I'd like to use UM to do presentations :

1) launch my application
2) start mirroring this application
3) launch and use other applications, while the first application remains displayed on the external monitor.

Is it possible ?
aba   2009-06-28 19:12
If that matters, I'm using 3.0.5 Beta.
Christian Studer   2009-06-29 09:30
Are you using the 'a single application' mirroring option (UltraMon menu > Mirroring > Settings)?

This works fine for me, if I mirror Notepad only the Notepad window gets mirrored, even if other windows are on top of it.

Christian Studer -
aba   2009-06-29 22:43
Yes I use Settings->'a single application'.

My application is Firefox. Before answering your post, I tested with Notepad, and yes, the same behaviour.

Another problem with Notepad (and not FF), is the lost of menu bar (File/View/...). The drop-down menus are visible though.

I suppose this is due to the display "enhancements" of Vista, I didn't investigate because FF has not this problem.

Finally, after some tests, I think I will be able to take advantage of the mirroring behaviour for my demos. I will superpose FF and Powerpoint and switch with Alt-Tab.

When I need to use another application, I'll switch to another desktop, leaving an empty desktop on the external display. I can even change the desktop background to an image related to the product I demonstrate.

Thank you for your answer.
Christian Studer   2009-06-30 09:45
I've now been able to reproduce the issue, happens if you're not using the Aero theme. I'll look into this for the next release.

You can change themes under Control Panel > Personalization > Window Color and Appearance > classic appearance properties.

Christian Studer -
aba   2009-06-30 18:29
Tested with Aero, no more windows superposition.

But, correct me if I'm wrong, only one window can be mirrored at time, so not possible to switch back and forth two mirrored apps.

So finally, for my (very specific ??) needs, I prefer the non-Aero behaviour.

And I'll buy your product only if you promise me not to change it, or leave it as an option ;-)
Christian Studer   2009-07-01 09:19
This behavior will be changed if possible, but you could always mirror the whole monitor or part of the desktop to get the current behavior.

Christian Studer -
aba   2009-07-01 09:34
Ah yes, part of desktop, it is in fact what I have now. To be tested.
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