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Doug Porter   2015-10-29 10:20
I just upgraded to windows 10 and haven't been able to figure out how to create a toolbar (such as with True Launch Bar) on a secondary monitor. Under Windows 7 I was able to have them on all 3 monitors.

1) Is the a result of ultramon using native taskbars on secondary monitors?


2) Is this a result of me being braindead after a day of installing software? :-)

Any help would be much appreciated.
Christian Studer   2015-10-29 14:09
Unfortunately that's no longer supported due to the native taskbar getting used which doesn't support toolbars on secondary taskbars.

Christian Studer -
Doug Porter   2015-10-29 14:39
Thanks for the quick response. Are you aware of any products that can make that work? That is, true launch bar menus (or similar) on secondary monitors?

I really liked the setup I had I'd hate to lose it.
Christian Studer   2015-10-29 15:43
I haven't used something like that myself, but from the True Launch Bar website it looks like they support running the toolbar standalone independently from the taskbar, might be a solution.

Christian Studer -
Doug Porter   2015-11-01 17:44
In case anyone else is having trouble doing this, I got it working using the standalone true launch bar.

- Turn off "Taskbar Mode"
- Turn on "Always on Top"
- Turn on "To the Edge"
Doug Porter   2015-11-01 18:46
I was wrong. Works fine if I'm only clicking buttons that are on taskbar, but if I click on the taskbar itself, it brings the taskbar to the top and the True Launch Bar gets hidden underneath.

Doug Porter   2015-11-01 18:53
Ok, I think I have it actually working now.

I installed "7+ Taskbar Tweaker"

Right click the 7TT icon on the taskbar

Choose "Advanced options"
Right Click disable_topmost, choose "Modify"
Set value to 2

After this, my standalone True Launch Bars stay on top of the taskbar.

Remember that for 7 Taskbar Tweaker to work, it has to run at windows startup.
Doug Porter   2015-11-01 19:11
I heartily apologize for all these posts...

... but it seems setting disable_topmost to 2 allows newly started programs to draw themselves over the top of the taskbar. That is, it seems to report available space including the taskbar area.

I changed disable_topmost to 1 and now it seems to work as I want. That is, my True Launch Bar still draws itself over the taskbar, but when I start programs and maximize them, it does not draw them over the taskbar.
Mark B   2015-12-03 11:13
I have just installed the beta version of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker, and after I set disable_topmost to 1, my start menu no longer works.

I am using the latest update to Windows 10 1511 (the 7tt forums say to use the beta version after this W10 update.)

Mark B in Vermont
Mark B   2016-03-01 09:00
Has anyone found a way to get Toolbars on secondary monitors? I sure do miss this. With only a few monitors, it's no big deal, but I have seven, and I want a toolbar on each monitor.

As I said before, I tried 7tt, but that didn't help.

Mark B in Vermont
Chuck   2016-03-24 06:43
I would like this fixed as well.
TooTechnical   2018-01-17 05:04
After relentless searching, I found this post and installed 7TT

After installation, open program. AT bottom right corner click on Settings. Click "Hide tray icon". BAM! Works, so far anyway. If any changes cause this not to work, I shall update. Why MS makes us jump through hoops to get back something we have grown to love and need is always a mystery. Thanks to post suggesting this program.

SeismicGuy   2018-02-28 15:47
Hey TooTechnical--your post could be just what I am looking for. When I was running Win 7 and Ultramon I was able to have the TLB toolbar show on the second taskbar. When I upgraded that computer to Win 10 it still worked (the author of TLB said it couldn't be done and wondered why it still worked). But when I bought a new computer with Win 10 I tried everything and could not get the taskbar on the second monitor to show any toolbars, let alone TLB. I will try your solution.

SeismicGuy   2018-03-05 10:54
Spoke too soon--still no joy on being able to get any option for adding toolbars to the taskbar on the second monitor.

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