Pricing for 1,000+ UltraMon licenses:

• 1,000-1,999 licenses   US$17.95each
• 2,000-4,999 licenses   US$15.95each
• 5,000-9,999 licenses   US$13.95each
• 10,000-19,999 licenses   US$11.95each
• 20,000+ licenses   US$9.95each
Site licenses

Regular licenses work similar to a site license, the software will get registered to the company, and you'll get a single registration code which can be used for all installations. But you'll need to keep track of the number of installations, and purchase additional licenses if necessary.

Site licenses with no upper limit on the number of installations are also available, pricing is based on the number of computers (both single- and multi-monitor systems) at the site, minus a 15% discount. There is a minimum of 500 computers.