Release Notes for VideoSaver 3.2.0

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This release has a new setup, a new compatibility option and bug fixes.


Setup will upgrade your existing version 3 installation, you only need to uninstall VideoSaver first if you're using version 2 or earlier. Please note that your settings won't be preserved, except for your playlists and registration information. To configure VideoSaver after the upgrade, go to Control Panel > Personalization (Control Panel > Display on Windows XP and earlier), select screen saver settings, select VideoSaver from the list, click on Settings, then click on Open to select your playlist. You can configure additional settings on the Options tab.

VideoSaver 3.2.0 requires Windows 2000/XP or later, Windows 95/98/Me and NT4 are no longer supported.

New in this release

New compatibility option added: if you experience problems when playing desktop style videos on Windows XP and earlier, go to Options and check the 'use single renderer for desktop style' option.


• New more flexible license agreement: VideoSaver is now licensed either per user or per computer, previously it was always licensed per computer. Licensing terms are now the same as for UltraMon.

• QTConv and SaverControl have been discontinued, and are no longer included with VideoSaver. If you are using UltraMon you can get the SaverControl functionality via UltraMon menu > Screen Saver. Several tools and online converters are available for converting QuickTime files to WMV or other file formats. The Admin Kit is also no longer available, but VideoSaver still uses a Windows Installer setup which is compatible with software deployment tools.

• Existing customers: if the name the software is registered to contains special characters, you'll need a new registration code for use with version 3.2.0. Click here to access your updated registration code. This change was made to enable support for all character sets (Unicode) in the Registered To name.

• Several changes have been made to the setup to make it simpler and more compatible with multi-user systems or systems where separate user and administrator accounts are used: VideoSaver now always gets installed for all users, previously the software was only installed for the current user. The installation folder can no longer be changed, VideoSaver always gets installed under Program Files (the actual screen saver gets installed in the Windows folder). After installation, VideoSaver doesn't get set as the active screen saver automatically.

Fixed issues

• Windows 7/Vista: when playing WMV videos in desktop style, the video on the left-most monitor of a multi-monitor system is displayed upside down

• Generic unknown error message shown when playing incompatible videos on Windows 7

• VideoSaver crashes when playing .vob file on Windows 7 multi-monitor system in desktop style