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Brian J   2008-01-08 00:51
I just installed Beta 2 and the smartbar update however it has not resolved this issue. When the smartbar is on, if I lock down my computer and then unlock it, the smartbar will dissappear

Brian J   2008-01-08 00:52
Sorry - I am running Vista Business.

Christian Studer   2008-01-08 13:42
What are your taskbar settings, for example autohide, always on top, locked?

Christian Studer -
Brian J   2008-01-09 02:06
Hi Christian,
My settings are as follows:

Lock the taskbar
Keep Taskbar on top of other windows
Group Similar items together
Show Window previes.

Christian Studer   2008-01-09 10:14
I haven't been able to reproduce the issue, when I lock the system by pressing WIN+L and then log in again, the UltraMon taskbars are still visible.

Have you noticed anything which seems to cause the problem?

Does this also happen if you lock the system after startup without any applications running?

Christian Studer -
Brian J   2008-01-10 01:19
It's not a big issue. Maybe it is just my computer. I noticed that as soon as I unlock my my computer, the taskbar is there and then my monitors flicker for a moment and then the SmartBar is gone.

Brian J   2008-01-10 01:23
I just noticed something odd too. It looks like the smartbar is there but not visible. I have my Internet Explorer window maximized but there is a 'gap' where the smart bar sits. I tried to re-maximize my IE but it won't cover that small section. So it kinda looks like it is running but I just can't see it.

I also noticed that when my monitors flicker after logging in, my Vista sidebar briefly dissapears at the same time but that reappears.

Christian Studer   2008-01-10 09:10
Which visual style are you using, for example Aero, Vista Basic?

You can see which style is used under Control Panel > Personalization > Window Color and Appearance > Open classic appearance properties.

Christian Studer -
Brian J   2008-01-10 23:38
Hi Christian.
It is Aero

Brian J   2008-01-11 01:44
Hi Christian - I received a critical error with ultramon the morning. "Ultramon encountered a fatal error and will exit"

SourceFile: .\ButtonWnd.cpp
Return Value:0
Last Error:87

Christian Studer   2008-01-11 10:49
I'm not sure what would cause those issues, if you would like to do further troubleshooting I could send you a special test version of UltraMon, please contact me at if you would like to do this.

Christian Studer -
Joel B   2008-01-13 16:49
I'm seeing the same problem as Brian J. The easiest fix I've found is to enable the smart taskbar from the menu (even though it isn't disabled, just invisible).
Brian J   2008-01-13 23:43
Hi Joel,
I am really glad that I am not the only one! What did you mean when you said you 'just enabled the smartbar from the menu'? I enable it from right-clicking the taskbar item, going to 'options' and then going to the 'Smart Taskbar' tab and clicking on 'Use Smart Taskbar'.

Joel B   2008-01-15 15:06
I right clicked on the UltraMon icon, selected options, and under the customization tab I selected the checkbox for "disable/enable the Smart Taskbar". Then when the taskbar is missing I can then simply right click on the UltraMon icon, Smart Taskbar, Enable to have it reappear. I've just downloaded the updated beta so I'm hoping this problem is fixed.

AirtjE   2008-01-16 20:40
Ah finally, peole who have the same problems so I'm not the only one...

UltraMon is great, but when using it in Windows Vista Business 32-bit (not yet tested on other versions sorry), the Smart Taskbar disappears whenever you come back from sleep/hib/lock. I'm using it with AeroGlass turned on, though I don't think it really matters.

What happens is that the screen flickers. If you have some Windows maximized at that time, you first see the Smart Taskbar, then the screen flickers, you'll see an empty space where the Smart Taskbar would be. The screen flickers again, and then the maximized Windows will fill up the space. No Smart Taskbar anymore and the icons won't automatically return to the main taskbar.

Usual workaround is to go to the Settings of Ultramon and disable Smart Taskbar, then enable it again.

Tried the newest beta (3.0.2) today, but doesn't seem to fix the issue though :(
Christian Studer   2008-01-17 10:10
Are you using any shell enhancement software, WindowBlinds or something similar?

Christian Studer -
Brian J   2008-01-17 23:23
Hi Christian,
I am using an extra program called True Launch Bar that adds more functionality to the regular Quick Launch shortcuts.

Joel B   2008-01-18 02:48
I do not have any extra shell enhancement software on mine.
AirtjE   2008-01-21 17:17
No I'm not using any shell enhancers. Its plain Windows Vistaâ„¢ Business 32bit, using Windows Vista Basic color scheme, Aeroglass turned on (or off, doesn't really matter), a desktop photo on both desktops as background with option "Fit to screen, keep aspect ratio" turned on.
AirtjE   2008-01-21 17:21
Forgot to mention that the newest version makes it a little worse. Where 3.0.1 works fine and shows problems occasionaly but not always, 3.0.2 always causes the Smart Taskbar to disappear after returning from Lock or Sleep/Hybernation.

Besides that, Ultramon crashes most of the times when Windows Vista starts up:

- System - Provider [ Name] Application Error - EventID 1000 [ Qualifiers] 0 Level 2 Task 100 Keywords 0x80000000000000 - TimeCreated [ SystemTime] 2008-01-22T07:13:57.000Z EventRecordID 12008 Channel Application Computer Security - EventData UltraMon.exe 478c0f43 UltraMon.exe 478c0f43 c0000005 0001fb98 b28 01c85cc654fea318
Christian Studer   2008-01-22 10:38
AirtjE, please send me a crash dump to

To do this, don't close the crash error message, then go to Task Manager, select the Processes tab, right-click UltraMon.exe and select Create Dump File from the menu.

Christian Studer -
AirtjE   2008-01-23 18:54
I'll try to do that the next time it does crash.
But of course the strange thing is: it hasn't crashed for a couple of days now lol *sigh* ;-)
Simon Funnell   2008-01-23 22:06
Ahh thank goodness. I thought I was losing it. My smartbar disappears 'nearly' every time I screen lock and then come back to it.

I'm running Vista Ultimate / Aero on a Dell D630 with the latest graphics drivers.

Let me know if I can be of any help.

AirtjE   2008-01-27 17:50
Had a crash today on early morning. I've send the Dumpfile to the e-mail address mentioned above.

Doug   2008-04-04 11:15
Any news on this? I have this issue when coming back from sleep too.
Vista Ultimate 64bit, Ultramon 3 for Vista.
Christian Studer   2008-04-05 08:32
Doug, do you get a crash or the problem with the UltraMon taskbar disappearing?

Christian Studer -
Don   2008-04-06 07:15
I'm seeing crashes too, on Vista 32 Ultimate. Thought I'd check and see if there was an update, my trial runs out in 15 days. Will probably purchase anyhow, I'm a developer myself and know how difficult bugs can be to track down.

I rarely sleep or hibernate, seems to happen at random when clicking on a button in the secondary task bar. I'll try to grab a crash dump next time it happens, it happens pretty frequently.

Doug   2008-04-13 07:32
I got a crash after coming out of Vista sleep, and then the smart task bar disappeared. So, "both".
But it does not happen all the time, it's been fine the last few days.
Christian Studer   2008-04-13 10:10
Doug, if this happens again, please post the text of the error message you get.

Christian Studer -
Ken H   2008-05-29 02:29
I also have the disappearing Smart Taskbar on the 2nd monitor, gap and all as described by Brian J. Quick fix by disable then enable Smart Taskbar.

I have had some crashes on start-up as described by AirtjE.

Lenovo X60 tablet
Windows Vista Business 32-bit
Intel 945GM - Driver
Ultramon 3.0 Beta 2.1

I would be glad to test potential fixes or provide additional information.

Ken H
Christian Studer   2008-05-29 08:27
Ken, another user who had the same problem with the taskbar disappearing told me that disabling TMM, a multi-monitor service included with Vista, fixed the problem for him.

To do this, go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler > (left pane) > Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows > MobilePC, then right-click TMM and select Disable from the menu. You'll need to restart your system after making the change.

Christian Studer -
Jason   2008-06-02 14:22
I'm having the same problem and I'm using Windows XP. The taskbar is only showing up on one of the monitors. When I click on "enable" in the smart taskbar options, nothing happens

Jason B
Christian Studer   2008-06-03 12:22
Jason, if you're using version 2 of UltraMon, try resetting the Smart Taskbar configuration.

Christian Studer -
Pol   2008-09-18 20:37
I think the taskbar just moves.

I have 2 screens; one 1680 x 1050, the other 1280 x 800. When the smallest one is the primary screen, the taskbar on the second screen disappears. When the 1680 x 1050 is the primary screen, and the 2 screens are aligned at the bottom, the taskbar on the smallest screen moves about 10 centimeter higher.
After unlocking my notebook my screens flash a few times and than after that, the taskbar on the second screen moves away.

When i reenable the smart taskbar from the icon on the systemtray, the problem is fixed until the next CTRL+ALT+DELETE + unlock.

Christian Studer   2008-09-19 09:06
Pol, which version of UltraMon and Windows are you using?

Christian Studer -
Pol   2008-09-21 22:25
Ultramon 3.0 Beta 2.1

Windows Vista Business
Christian Studer   2008-09-22 09:58
I'm not sure what might cause this, so far I haven't been able to reproduce this issue, I tested on 32-bit Vista SP1 with UltraMon 3.0.2 and two monitors, one at 1280x1024, the other at 800x600.

I would recommend giving the next release a try when available, there are a couple of bug fixes which might affect the issue you're seeing.

Christian Studer -
Pol   2008-09-25 18:12
I don't have the problem when my notebookscreen (smallest) is the primary screen and my monitor (the biggest) is the secondary screen.
steve   2008-09-30 14:06
I have the simlar problem of my taskbars disappearing from two of my three monitors after I use remote desktop to connect to my Windows Server 2008 machine. When I log back in at the physical console Ultramon is still running but no taskbars on the non-main displays. Any ideas?
Christian Studer   2008-10-01 00:48
Steve, which version of UltraMon are you using?

Christian Studer -
Steve   2008-10-03 02:52
I've had this problem in the last few versions but I am currently on 3.0 Beta 2.1. Here is the system info from your about dialog:
4 monitors, 1 disabled
Current desktop: 4240x1050 (-1280,0 - 2960,1050)

Monitor 1 - Generic PnP Monitor (primary):
Settings: 1680x1050, 32-bit color, 60 Hz refresh rate
Coordinates: 0,0 - 1680,1050. Workspace: 0,0 - 1680,990
Video card: ATI FireGL V3100
Device: \\.\DISPLAY1\Monitor0

Monitor 2 - Generic Non-PnP Monitor:
Settings: 1280x1024, 32-bit color, 60 Hz refresh rate
Coordinates: -1280,0 - 0,1024. Workspace: -1280,0 - 0,1024
Video card: ATI FireGL V3100
Device: \\.\DISPLAY2\Monitor0

Monitor 3 - Generic PnP Monitor:
Settings: 1280x1024, 32-bit color, 75 Hz refresh rate
Coordinates: 1680,0 - 2960,1024. Workspace: 1680,0 - 2960,1024
Video card: Radeon X1300/X1550 Series
Device: \\.\DISPLAY3\Monitor0

Monitor 4 - Default Monitor (disabled):
Settings: 640x480, 8-bit color, default refresh rate
Coordinates: 0,0 - 640,480
Video card: Radeon X1300/X1550 Series
Device: \\.\DISPLAY4
Christian Studer   2008-10-03 09:42
Do the taskbars reappear if you restart UltraMon after logging in locally again?

Christian Studer -
Malwinder   2010-04-25 18:22
I also have same problem with my taskbar. It disappears whenever I lock and then unlock my notebook. I am using Windows XP professional service pack 3 on Lenovo R400 notebook. This problem has started 2 months back and I am not able to find any solution so far. Also when I try to change Taskbar and Start Menu Properties e.g. Hide/Show quick launch, the system doesn't respond for around 2 mins. It looks like it hangs. Thanks in advance helping me fix this.

Malwinder   2010-04-25 18:34
This is kinda weird but I tried unchecking lock the taskbar in taskbar properties and then again lock & unlock windows. This time the taskbar quickly came up. Then again I checked the "lock the taskbar" option and tried lock/unlock windows, it is all fine now.

Christian Studer   2010-04-26 07:34
Malwinder, let me know if you get this again. Not sure what might have caused this, so far I haven't seen this myself.

Christian Studer -
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