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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lost registration information
Entering the registration information
Setup: Installation package could not be opened / is corrupted or missing / internal error
Setup: UltraMon setup ended prematurely because of an error
Configuration: advanced registry settings
Troubleshooting: disabling background applications
Troubleshooting: disabling UltraMon

Lost registration information
Click here to access your registration information.

If you have lost your account password and no longer have access to the account e-mail address, contact Support via e-mail and include the full name, address and e-mail address used when purchasing the software.

Entering the registration information
To enter your registration information, right-click the UltraMon icon in the system tray (the area of the taskbar with the clock), select About from the menu, then click on Enter Registration Code.

If the trial period has already expired, click No when asked if you want to purchase the software, you will then get directly to the About UltraMon screen where you can click on Enter Registration Code to enter your registration information.

If you get an error message when entering the registration information, or if the software is still running in trial mode after entering the registration information: make sure you have entered the name in the first field (Registered to), and the registration code in the second field (Registration code). The name needs to be entered exactly as shown in your registration information.

Setup: Installation package could not be opened / is corrupted or missing / internal error
This happens due to a corrupted download, for example because a proxy server on your company or internet service provider's network has cached a partially downloaded copy of the setup file. To fix this, try downloading via HTTPS.

To verify if the software was downloaded successfully:

  1. right-click the downloaded .msi file and select Properties from the menu
  2. select the Digital Signatures tab and double-click on the signature. If the Digital Signatures tab doesn't exist, the file is corrupted
  3. verify that the digital signature is valid: on the General tab under Digital Signature Information it should say 'This digital signature is OK'

Click here for a screenshot of the digital signature dialog.

If the digital signature isn't valid or is missing, the file has been corrupted during downloading or has only been partially downloaded.

Setup: UltraMon setup ended prematurely because of an error
This can have several reasons. First, make sure that the file hasn't been corrupted during download, as described above.

If the .msi file is okay, try copying it to the root directory of your system drive, usually C:\, then run setup from there. The main part of setup runs under the SYSTEM account, so that account also needs read access to the setup file.

If this doesn't fix the problem, please do a logged install and send the log file to

  1. open a command prompt
  2. use the cd command to change to the directory where you placed the .msi file
  3. run the following command:

    msiexec /i <filename>.msi /l*v UltraMon.log

  4. after setup has finished, you'll have a file called UltraMon.log in the same directory as the .msi file

Configuration: advanced registry settings
The following settings can only be configured by editing the registry directly using regedit.exe. For the change to take effect, UltraMon needs to be restarted after changing a setting.

• Change the shell shortcuts folder
When a Windows shortcut is customized by changing settings on the custom UltraMon tabs, UltraMon creates a special UltraMon shortcut in the shell shortcuts folder. To change the location of this folder, edit the Shell Shortcut Directory value under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\Shortcuts. This folder should be accessible to all users of the system.

• Delaying or disabling automatic startup
Both options are under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\<version>. To delay automatic startup, set the AutoStartDelay value to the number of seconds by which startup should be delayed. To disable automatic startup, set the AutoStart value to zero.

• Don't autostart UltraMon if only a single monitor is installed or enabled
To enable this option, create a new DWORD value named SingleMonNoAutoStart under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Realtime Soft\UltraMon and set it to 1 to disable autostart if only a single monitor is installed, or to 2 to disable autostart if only a single monitor is enabled. This option is available in version 3.1.0 and later.

• Don't show welcome message when UltraMon runs for the first time after installation/upgrade
By default UltraMon shows a welcome message in the system tray when it runs for the first time after installation or after an upgrade. To prevent this, create a new DWORD value named NoWelcomeMsg under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Realtime Soft\UltraMon and set it to 1. This option is available in version 3.1.0 and later.

• Hide the system tray icon for non-admin users
To hide the UltraMon system tray icon for users who aren't system administrators, set the Hide Systray Icon for Non-Admins DWORD value under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Realtime Soft\UltraMon to 1. Please note that users can still make configuration changes directly in the registry, to prevent this, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon and subkeys need to be made read-only.

• Show Desktop delay when dragging an item to an empty area of the Smart Taskbar
When dragging an item to an empty area of the taskbar, the desktop will be shown after the mouse has hovered over the same area for a short time. The default is half a second for Windows XP and later, and 2 seconds for earlier systems. To change the delay, edit the Show Desktop Hover Time value under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\<version>\Smart Taskbar. The value is in milliseconds, 1 second = 1000 milliseconds.

• Use operating system language instead of user-specified language
By default, UltraMon will use the language specified by the user under Options > General. To always use the current operating system language instead (if a language pack is installed for all available languages), clear the Language value under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\<version>.

Troubleshooting: disabling background applications
Do the following to temporarily disable background applications that aren't part of the system:

Windows 8 and later: open Task Manager, then disable applications on the Startup tab.

Windows 7/Vista/XP: start msconfig.exe, select the Startup tab and disable all applications that aren't part of the system except UltraMon. Optionally also select the Services tab, check 'Hide All Microsoft Services', then disable all remaining services.

You will need to restart your system for the changes to take effect.

Troubleshooting: disabling UltraMon
To disable automatic startup of UltraMon, run msconfig.exe, then disable UltraMon on the Startup tab. You can also do this in safe mode (press F8 during system startup, then select Safe Mode from the menu).