Release Notes for UltraMon 2.7.0

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Setup will upgrade your existing installation and preserve your settings and registration information. You don't need to uninstall your current installation of UltraMon first.


For system administrators:

• transforms used to set the registration information will need to be updated, existing transforms will fail when trying to set the registration information

• for administrative installs, the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the software can now be installed to the same folder

Fixed issues

• Selecting Run from the Start menu causes autohidden Windows taskbar to get shown if mirroring is enabled

• The Start menu may get closed immediately after opening when mirroring is enabled

After using the Start menu with mirroring enabled, a small shadow line may remain on the screen

Can't select item from Alias SketchBook Pro menu if mirroring is enabled

Maximized Remote Desktop windows can't be moved freely

Maximize to Desktop doesn't work correctly if monitors are arranged vertically

Window buttons don't work with Office 2007
Please note that the UltraMon window buttons won't match the Office 2007 look

• Dragging maximized Office 2007 windows with the mouse doesn't work

• Maximize to Desktop window button may not work with multiple Word documents open

Window buttons may not work correctly with Word if more than one document is open

Moving a maximized application run via Xstart with a hotkey or otherwise may cause it to vanish

• The Move Window button only works once for maximized Netscape 8.1 browser windows

Changing to a specific display resolution via UltraMon may fail

• When shutting down the system, UltraMonDesktop.exe may fail with 'DLL initialization failed'

• 2.0 crashes if UltraMon menu commands are enabled for the application
UltraMon menu commands are now disabled for the application by default

Maximized TCL wish84 window can't be moved with the mouse

Automatic startup of UltraMon may fail with 'Failed to set systray icon' error message

• When assigning a screen saver to the secondary monitor, occasionally the monitor will remain blank instead of showing the screen saver

Resources don't get freed correctly when a dialog gets closed (Windows XP and later only)

Warning in event log that an UltraMon component doesn't exist

• Run registry entry used for automatic startup of UltraMon gets recreated if you delete it

• When using custom position settings for a PowerPoint slideshow, the context menu gets positioned as well when using the Last Used Position option

• No UltraMon tabs added to shortcut properties on Windows 98

Taskbar button text is black instead of white when using the Aero theme on Windows Vista

Task button for Winamp is always on top monitor's taskbar if monitors are arranged vertically

• Showing the desktop hides the UltraMon taskbar if it isn't configured to be always on top

No task button added for new MSN Messenger message if the message was received while a different user session was active

• With 2 or more UltraMon taskbars, the taskbars may no longer be always on top after 2 or more fullscreen applications were running

Task button for Google Talk is always on the leftmost monitor's taskbar

Moving FlashFXP's confirm file replace dialog to a different monitor causes the application's task button to get moved as well

Restoring a minimized Delphi application by clicking its task button only works the first few times

• Applications which have a modal dialog open can be minimized by clicking the application's task button

Configuring the desktop wallpaper fails with error message 'Creating ActiveDesktop object failed with 0x80040154'