Release Notes for UltraMon 2.6

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Setup will upgrade your existing installation and preserve your settings and registration information. You don't need to uninstall your current installation of UltraMon first.

If you are installing the 64-bit version of UltraMon: upgrading the 32-bit version or a beta 64-bit release is not supported, you'll need to uninstall the existing installation first.

New in this release

• Support for 64-bit Windows x64
UltraMon now has full support for Windows x64, the 64-bit version of Windows for AMD64 and Intel EM64T 64-bit systems. Please note that Intel Itanium systems are not supported.

• Support for deployment via group policy software installation
If your organization uses Active Directory, you can now deploy UltraMon company-wide via group policy software installation.

• Improved support for mirroring 3D applications
UltraMon can now mirror a broader range of 3D applications if 'disable video overlays and 3D acceleration' is checked under mirroring options. Please note that there are still 3D applications which can't be mirrored by UltraMon, and some applications won't work if 3D acceleration is disabled (especially games).

• Set custom height for UltraMon taskbars
You can now override the height of the UltraMon taskbars by setting a fixed height in the registry. This is useful if the default height of the taskbar doesn't match the height of the Windows taskbar.

To set the height override, run regedit.exe, go to the key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\Smart Taskbar', then set the HeightOverride value to the desired height of the taskbar in pixels. If the value doesn't exist, create a new DWORD value named HeightOverride. After restarting the Smart Taskbar, the new height will be used.

To use the default height again, set HeightOverride to zero.


• UltraMon taskbar no longer accessible if a fullscreen application is running on the monitor
In previous releases, the taskbar could be shown even if a fullscreen application was running, by moving the mouse to the screen edge with the taskbar. By default this is no longer possible, due to this feature causing problems with some fullscreen applications, for example games, remote control and virtual machine applications.

To use the old behavior, run regedit.exe, go to the key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\Smart Taskbar' and add a new DWORD value named LegacyFullScreenAppBehavior. This value needs to be set to 1 to use the old fullscreen behavior, to 0 to use the new default behavior.

• Startup delay
Delayed startup can now be configured in the registry, the /delay command-line argument is no longer supported.

To do this, run regedit.exe, go to the key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon', then set AutoStartDelay to the number of seconds by which startup should be delayed.

• Disabling automatic startup
To disable automatic startup, run regedit.exe, go to the key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon', then set AutoStart to 0.

Please note that UltraMon no longer creates a shortcut in Start Menu > Programs > Startup, automatic startup is now controlled through this registry setting.

• Mirroring a secondary monitor on the primary is no longer supported
If the primary monitor is configured to mirror a secondary monitor, you'll get an error message when starting mirroring. To fix this, you should either mirror the primary monitor on the secondary monitor instead, or change the primary monitor before starting mirroring.

Known issues

• Some hotkeys not preserved when doing an upgrade
When doing an upgrade install, hotkeys which launch a file, such as 'Run application or script', 'Launch UltraMon shortcut' and 'Apply display profile', don't get preserved. Workaround: before upgrading, run regedit.exe, right-click the key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\Hotkeys', select Export from the menu and save the key to a .reg file. Delete the Hotkeys registry key, then install the new version. After setup has finished, close UltraMon and run the .reg file to import your old hotkey settings.

Fixed issues

Release 7 of Adobe Acrobat and Reader crash when opening the window menu or right-clicking the taskbar button
A workaround has been implemented: the UltraMon menu commands are disabled by default for these applications

Emacs crashes when selecting an UltraMon menu command from the window menu
A workaround has been implemented: the UltraMon menu commands are disabled by default for this application

Cabri Geometry crashes during startup if UltraMon menu commands are enabled
A workaround has been implemented: the UltraMon menu commands are disabled by default for this application

• CorVu crashes when requesting a report if UltraMon menu commands are enabled
A workaround has been implemented: the UltraMon menu commands are disabled by default for this application

MinGW Developer Studio crashes when opening files if UltraMon menu commands are enabled
A workaround has been implemented: the UltraMon menu commands are disabled by default for this application

Total Recorder: nothing happens when right-clicking the taskbar button and selecting the Move to Monitor command

UltraMon shortcut for ACDSee doesn't work

Shortcut shell extension doesn't work with Windows Installer shortcuts
There is no fix for this, but UltraMon will no longer add the UltraMon - Window and UltraMon - Display tabs to the properties of Windows Installer shortcuts. To use custom position and display settings for an application which uses a Windows Installer shortcut, create a new shortcut for the application manually via the UltraMon menu

• Closing Yahoo Messenger may no longer work if custom window settings for the shortcut are set to Last Used Position

WinMX taskbar button always stays on primary monitor

Taskbar button for desktop-maximized applications not always on primary monitor

• Excel 2003, multiple maximized documents open: when activating a document, the taskbar buttons for other documents may get moved to a different taskbar

• If an UltraMon taskbar is on monitor 1 instead of the Windows taskbar, this taskbar will remain visible above the Windows taskbar during a remote session

Clicking the taskbar button for a PDF file opened in Adobe Reader 7 does nothing if multiple PDF files are open

Taskbar button for Total Recorder may not get placed on the correct taskbar

When launching a fullscreen Remote Desktop session on a secondary monitor, a taskbar button for the application may also be added to the Windows taskbar

• Wallpaper layout is wrong if IconX is running

• Running .scf files (for example Show Desktop.scf) via a hotkey or shortcut doesn't work

Moving maximized MSN Messenger (version 6 and 7) chat windows causes a gap between the menu and toolbar to appear

• Desktop icon labels aren't transparent when mirroring or monitor preview is running

• Some applications, for example Excel 2003, change the look of their user interface when mirroring or monitor preview is started

Desktop icons may not get restored to their original position when logging in locally again after a remote session

• UltraMon window buttons don't work correctly with Visual FoxPro

• When displaying a PDF file in Internet Explorer, UltraMon window buttons may vanish from the window title bar

• Screen saver: disabling secondary monitors doesn't work if screen saver password protection is enabled

• Screen saver: opening settings for Mephzara Particle Systems Screen Saver doesn't work

• Display settings: primary checkbox may be enabled even though monitor can't be set as primary

• Display settings: applying new settings while a monitor is detached disables the detached monitor

• Monitor Preview may crash when resizing a preview window

• When starting Monitor Preview, the desktop background may get changed to a gray-black pattern

• Previewing detached monitors doesn't work

• When previewing multiple monitors with different resolutions, previews of monitors with higher resolutions might not get fully redrawn when moving a window over the preview window

Mirroring may not work for limited user accounts

• Installation of the mirroring feature may fail

• After restarting UltraMon, a separator gets added to the window menu of applications for which UltraMon menu commands have been disabled

• Small memory leak in hooked processes after restarting UltraMon

• DLL load addresses modified to reduce need for DLL relocation