Calculating the number of required licenses: a license is required for each computer on which the software is used, or for each person who uses the software, whichever requires less licenses. If the software is purchased for personal use, you can install the software on all computers in your household. For details see the licensing agreement.

• Single license   US$39.95 
• 2-4 licenses   US$36.95each
• 5-10 licenses   US$32.95each
• 11-25 licenses   US$29.95each
• 26-49 licenses   US$25.95each
• 50-99 licenses   US$22.95each
• 100+ licenses   US$19.95each
Large volume pricing

When purchasing additional licenses, make sure to enter your existing account e-mail address for the end user (or buyer if you're the end user), otherwise you won't get reduced pricing based on previously purchased licenses. The unit price for additional licenses is based on the number of licenses already purchased, and the number of licenses which get added.

Customers from the European Union will be charged VAT at the local rate.

Please note that there are no additional discounts for educational institutions, students, or non-profit organizations.

If you have any questions about purchasing or licensing, please contact


You'll get a version 3 license if you purchase now. Licenses are valid for all minor upgrades (.x releases), all previous versions, and all beta releases of the next version's initial release. If the next version gets released within a year of your purchase you'll get a free upgrade.

Paid upgrades will be available at a 50% discount.


Support is provided free of charge via e-mail and the website forum, phone support is not available. Support for a specific release ends when the release is replaced by a newer version, or when the product is no longer being sold.

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UltraMon version 3
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