3.2.0: released Feb 1, 2010

  • added new compatibility option
  • fixed issue with WMV videos getting displayed upside down on Windows 7/Vista
  • more information: Release Notes

3.1 minor update: released October 26, 2002

  • added 3/4 screen video size

3.1: released April 17, 2002

  • added an option to use the old video renderer on Windows XP in case the new Video Mixing Renderer causes problems
  • added support for desktop mode on Windows XP
  • added support for .vob playback (DVD video files) on multi-monitor systems (on the primary monitor only)
  • added support for the native Windows XP look

3.0: released February 5, 2000

  • added support for easy deployment and management on company networks
  • added the VideoSaver Administration Kit
  • setup now uses the Windows Installer
  • full support for Windows 2000
  • bonus pack now integrated with VideoSaver. Also added a new utility to convert incompatible QuickTime movies, QTConv
  • changed the master volume control. You can now use completely different volume settings for VideoSaver and Windows
  • added a keyboard interface to the playlist editor
  • QuickTime movies can now be played from the playlist editor, even if the QuickTime movie player is the default player for QuickTime movies

2.1: released June 21, 1999

  • added automatic downloading of required system updates to setup
  • fixed setup to work correctly on all supported platforms

2.0: released April 10, 1999

  • added support for playlists
  • added the VideoSaver Bonus Pack
  • added support for power management
  • added bouncing
  • added a keyboard interface to move to the next/previous video or change the volume while VideoSaver is running
  • added several options: random order playback, ignore mouse movement, continue where stopped

1.1: released September 21, 1998

  • changed from InstallShield to custom installer/uninstaller for added functionality and reduced download size
  • fixed the 'File not found' error message

1.0: released August 16, 1998