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AndyK1812   2006-11-11 18:28
I would like to know is there others running Flight Simulator X with more the two monitors. And are you having problems, like I am, getting it to work with your setup? I have been using multiple monitors in Flight Simulator for about a year and a half now. It is without a doubt the best flight simulation experience you can get, try it and you will never go back to a single monitor. I have a self built very high end computer and it runs great with FS9 but has problems in FSX.

This is my setup:
Cool-It Freezone CPU Cooling System
EXOS Water Cooling System w/Evercool NB Cooler Block, 2 VID-NV2-L06 Video Coolers, 2 Koolance Dual Memory Liquid Cooling Modules and 2 Dual Hard Drive Coolers
Thermaltake Armor VA8003SWA Aluminum Case
ASUS P5W64 WS Professional Motherboard
Core 2 Duo E6700 clocked at 3.50GHz.
4GB G-Skill DDR2-667 RAM (4 DIMMS)
GeForce FX 7900GTX PCIe Video Card 512MB
Samsung SyncMaster 191T+ 19" LCD (Center)
IIyama Vision Master Pro 17" CRT (Center Bottom)
GeForce FX 7900GT PCIe Video Card 256MB
Rosewill R912E 19" LCD (Outer Right)
WISE WING W902DB 19" LCD (Outer Left)
GeForce FX 7800GTX PCIe Video Card 256MB
ViewSonic VG920 19" LCD (Inner Right)
WISE WING W902DB 19" LCD (Inner Left)
3 Western Digital 74GB Raptor (RAID 0)
Maxtor MaxLine II 250GB Hard Drive
Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 160GB Hard Drive
Sony DRU-510A DVD RW Drive
1.44MB Floppy Drive
HOTAS Cougar
CH PRO Rudder Padels

This is my problems:
1. If I leave my monitors that are connected to the 7900GT card enabled, I always get this error. "Instruction at 0x208392A8 referenced memory at 0x00000004, Memory could not be read."
2. With the two monitors connected to the 7900GT disabled, displaying 3 Virtual cockpits and the main instrument panel on remaining four monitors. I get an out of memory error. I even tried this running under Windows XP 64bit and same result, out of memory error. The only way I had success was lowering all graphic settings to medium-low.
My resolution on all monitors is 1280x1024.

This six monitor setup works like a champ in FS9 which was very disappointing to me when I purchased FSX and it does work.

I appreciate any suggestions.
Brett   2006-12-08 08:04
Seems more of a resource issue I would think.
Brett   2006-12-08 10:45
I can't even figure out how to get dual monitors on during the game. Seems to just be black with no options during gameplay. If you could point me in that direction I do have more LCDs i could hook up to test for more than 2
MikeR   2006-12-12 00:13
Geeze,I have no idea how to fix it, but I'd love to see it! I saw a three mon setup once and have never looked at a single monitor since, if I can't fly multi mon, then you can forget MFS. Minimum three or die tryin. Good luck!!! PS, I'd love to see a snap of your set up.
Malcolm   2006-12-25 07:38
I have just loaded fsX and am running 3 monitors, what I found was to create a window, undock it, then drag to the next monitor.
Once you have done that you have to move the picture to face fwd right and fwd left.
Save what you have done and next time load what you saved then you don't have to repeat the above process all over again.
AndyK1812   2006-12-26 07:51
I found that FSX displays on Multi-monitor just like FS9 does. All need to do is open a new view then undock it and move it to the monitor you want to display on. The only thing FSX doesn't have is the view option like FS9 did, so it is a bit harder getting views adjusted to the right zoom and angles.
AndyK1812   2006-12-26 07:57
I don’t have a digital camera at the moment but I will borrow one from a friend and take some shots then post.
AndyK1812   2006-12-26 15:11
I did get some shots taken but cannot link to the message. Anyone know how to link pictures to the message.
AndyK1812   2006-12-26 15:38
I have added two entries into the gallery for my system, check the shots there.
Richard Ernst   2006-12-28 00:51

I have a similar setup (One ATI AGP and two ATI PCI) running Five Monitors. Ive been running this config for two years plus with FS9 and no problems and have been very happy with my performance.

However, I too am getting almost the same program errors that you describe above when trying to run FSX with a similar configuration. Im able to get FSX to run with undocked windows on three monitors (two outputs on my ATI AGP card and One output on one of my ATI PCI cards). When I try to extend a window over to the Third card, the FSX crashes with the same errors you are seeing). My video drivers are current as well as DX v9.c so I dont suspect problems there. Lets keep this thread going as Im also interested in getting FSX running in a similar config as I have with FS9. (performance tweeking is another discussion, I'd just like to get it running and stable at this point).


Richard Ernst   2006-12-28 01:19
I have added a photo of my system in the gallery


Vann N   2006-12-28 16:01
Andy and Richard,
I checked your displays in the Gallery. I am working on a similar setup for FSX. FSX is running fine and I am using a Triplehead2go for the main front 3 displays.

Since I have not used FS2004, I have no reference for multi-monitor with MSFS. The problem I have is when I go to windows mode and undock a side view, and move it to the side monitor. When I attempt to go back to the center display in windows mode to make that the active window, the hat switch still moves the side view and not the main view. So I have no control over the center display.

It appears that the side view is still active.

What am I doing wrong?

Vann N   2006-12-29 02:25
I have it working OK now. I see that you have to be in window mode to save the setup so you can load it with the windows next time you start FSX.

One question remains: When I placed the new view in a window on the 2nd display, it was small and I wanted to enlarge it to full screen on this 2nd monitor. I can enlarge it manually by dragging each of the 4 sides of the window to the edge of the monitor.

Is there any way to make the window pop to full screen without having to do it manually?

Richard Ernst   2006-12-29 09:53
Hi Vann,

Im still running FS9... When it comes to the undocked windows, I manually "stretch" them to the edge of the "Windows" background (select a color like red for setting window placements, so that it stands out nicely". I have found that my frame rates drop dramatically when I have an undocked window that spans more than one monitor. Once Im happy with all the undocked window placements, I then save the scenario so that I can recall it the next time I start up the sim.

Heres a trick that I use to eliminate the pesky and unrealistic window border. Adjust the monitor size so that the window borders "disapeer". For my set up, I use a monitor refresh rate of 60hz when adjusting the undocked window size and placement. Then, once the scenario is saved, I up the monitor refresh to something like 70 or 75HZ. This causes my monitors to kick over into higher refresh mode. I then make the monitor adjustments (increase the view size) untill the undocked window borders move out of view (vertically and horizontally). I can now toggle between 70 and 60 hz and the undocked window borders will pop in and out of view if I need to make new adjustments. :-)

I hope this helps. Ive been eying the Matrox Triple head to go now for quite some time. How is the performance (stutters, framerates, etc?) using FSX for the outside views and using 2D views for the cockpit?


AndyK1812   2006-12-30 01:38
I agree with Richard, all you need to do to save the windows positions on monitors is save the situation. Then after starting fsx load the situation you saved and all windows should be in the same position.
AndyK1812   2006-12-30 01:56
I decided to fly only FS9 until the first patch comes out for FSX. Also I need a faster CPU with FSX (which doesn’t exist at present). As you add outside views frame rates drop significantly, with one monitor my system is more than fast enough, but with four monitors low altitude frame rates are around 7 – 13 fps. If I ever get the other two monitors working with it, this will get a lot worse.
Richard Ernst   2006-12-30 04:56
Andy, after experimenting a bit with FSX, Ive arrived at the same conclusion that you have (better stick to running FS9 for multi-monitor setups until the hardware/software platforms can catch up). There is another alternative though but Ive never taken the route --> Peter Dowson's FSUIPC for FSX coupled with Luciano Napolitano's WideView. This approach spreads the load across multiple PC's.

Vann, Im still interested in your experiences with the Matrox Triple-head to go and FSX. If you get a chance, please let us know how its going.


AndyK1812   2006-12-31 18:13
I have wideview and was using it for FS9 with 6 monitors before I got the motherboard that supported 4 PCIe video cards. It is not an alternative for me anymore; it has too many short comings. The biggest one for me was that it was impossible to synchronize traffic between the computers (I was running 3 computers). I also love the mytraffic add-on; I even brought mytraffic X with FSX. It adds so much to the realism to have AI traffic on the ground and in the air just like real airports.
Vann N   2007-01-02 03:18
Rifhard and Andy,
I was not happy with the Triplehead2go and have quit using it. From a non-pilot's standpoint it would probably be good. My 17 year old grandson loved it.

However, here is the shortfall, which as an experienced pilot, drove me crazy. I am using flat panel 21" CRTs for the main 3 displays. CRTs have much wider frames around the disploy compared to LCDs. With the Triplehead2go, the displays were crisp at 1280 X 1024 and 60 Hz refresh rate. That's the max it will work with Nvidia graphic cards. I was very impressed initially.

However, after flying I imediately realized that the lack of any compensation for the part of the view that should be blanked by the monitor frames in a real world view was a real issue for me. This became extremely annoying in banking views, etc. The base leg to final turn was particularly annoying. Seeing the runway in the left monitor, it looked very realistic and the bank was started to final only to see the runway come into view in the center monitor way off to the left and I had an extreme overshoot. Any banked view causes the view to be sawtoothed between the 3 monitors due to the wide frame around each display. This would still be present with the narrow framed LCDs but perhaps not so bad.

Well, that's my experience. Its now on the shelf. I had rather have another dual output Nvidia card. With regular multiple monitors, I can at least skew the secondary monitor view and allow for what should be the missing part of the view.

Vann N   2007-01-02 03:23

What motherboard are you using with 4 PCI-E slots? do you have them all populated and what graphics cards are you using?

Vann N   2007-01-02 03:28
Andy and Richard,

It appears from your Gallery views that you were able to zoom the instrument panmel view on the lower monitor. I can zoom a VC view with "'" and "-" keys. However, with the 2D panels, I can not see any way to zoom them. Is there a way to do this or did you have to have them the correct size when you undocked them from the primary display?

Vann N   2007-01-02 03:29
Sorry, I meant the "=" and "-" keys.

AndyK1812   2007-01-02 13:35
I am using the ASUS P5W64 WS Professional motherboard with three PCIe x16 NVidia cards. The only problem I see with the motherboard is all four PCIe x16 slots are side by side with no slots in between. This makes it impossible to fit double slot cards (which most high end cards are) next to each other. My setup works because I am watercooling the first two cards and the last card fits a single slot. Refer to my original post for the details of my setup. By the way, I would not use a setup that didn’t transition smoothly from monitor to monitor either.
The instrument panel views I use are not zoomed views, they are custom builds. If you look closely at the top center monitor, you can see at the bottom is the autopilot controller, hydraulic pressure gage, and some warning lights. That was the upper portion of the original instrument panel. I use “FS Panel Studio” to customize the 2D panels.
Vann N   2007-01-02 23:30
Thanks for your explanation. I an surprised that you got the memory errors you reported earlier in this thread with your high end system. I got similar errors with my system but I have a much less capable system than yours. Backing off some of the sliders, especially the autogen stuff. That cured the memory error. I did not really know if it meant graphics card memory or system memory.

My system:
ECS KA3MVP motherboard w/AMD 64X2 4200+ CPU
Swiftech Watercooling for CPU
2 XFX GeForce 7600 GT
2 Seagate 250 MB SATA 2 hard drives RAID 0

Nothing to brag about but much better than I had before. I am water cooling but only the CPU and have not started overclocking the CPU yet. I expect to get the CPU overclocked to near 3.0 Ghz. The PCIe slots are double spaced so I don't have the heat issue you have. I did not consider overclocking the GPUs so water cooling the graphics cards is not an issue now. I would rather just upgrade to the 7900 series if that is an issue.

After overclocking and I get the displays set, I will start increasing the sliders again to see where I can go. Probably not very high with this system but somehow budgets get in the way.

Vann N   2007-01-02 23:39

I am interested in your comments about wideview. I had been planning to run 4 displays with the system I described (2 main outside displays and 2 panel LCDs on the bottom). then I was going to use Wideview to support 3 more outside view monitors.

Other than the traffic issue you mentioned was it a stable piece of software? Were the displays as far as the outside views synced reliably?

I am surprised that you can run all your monitors on one PC. I thought I had read somewhere that FSX only supports 4 displays? Maybe that was 4 Graphics Accellerators?

AndyK1812   2007-01-04 16:47
Wideview is a very stable program from my experience. Synchronizing anything on outside views between computers is almost impossible. I also like having real world weather while flying and the clouds did not transition correctly between the monitors either. Running all monitor from a single computer solves all the annoyances I had with wideview. I am thinking about using it again just for the instrument panel display. I have plenty of computers to use for this; just don’t have enough video cards.
Vann N   2007-01-05 00:02
Thanks for your info on Wideview. I did not realize you could run your panels from the networked PC. Somewhere on the Wideview site I had read that the instrument panels should be run from the primary PC.

Your solution sounds like a good one. If the instrument panel and associated panels will truly run from the networked PC, then that would solve a lot of my problems. I think I will try that.

George   2007-01-28 10:05
Dear friends

I want to connect other 2 monitors (total 3) keeping FPS>25.

Processor: Intel Core2Duo E6300
Motherboard: Gigabyte 945PL-S3 with only one PCIe
Memory: 1x Kingston DDR2 1GB RAM
Graph.Card: PCIe Geforce 7300GS 512MB which has 1 DVI & 1 VGA outputs

what are my alternatives without buying another PC? maybe only by changing motherboard with 2 dual-head PCI express cards, can they work together giving me 4 different views (i will use the 3 though) in the FS9?

-what is exactly the Matrox TripleHead2Go? does it come with DVI inputs/outputs?
-from your experience what 3-head nvidia cards do the job?

do you have skype, msn or yahoo?

Please let me know

my email:

Thanking you in advance
Howard   2007-02-09 23:16
Where do I find where you guys have posted your pictures? I searched this Ultramon site but not found any gallery.

Howard   2007-02-09 23:33
Re the TH2Go resolution. - I am running it on 3 x 24" 16x9 LCD Dell monitors. The native resolution of these is 1920x1200. TH2Go says the max is 1280x1024 x 3 I.e 3840x1024 However I've managed to set it at 4800x1200 works perfectly & smooth at 30fps no probs. I'm using Nvida & there is an option to Add Custom resolution & frate rates" I just added this & presto! I did try to add 5760 which would have been my native display x3 but it wouldn't recognise that.

AndyK1812   2007-02-17 11:58
Did you find the picture gallery. If not, there is a link to the upper left of this web page below “Database”.
j12   2007-03-10 18:05
i am having the exact same error message as andy, and i am using one monitor. does anyone know how to solve this problem?
Svein Tore Ulset   2007-06-29 10:41
I have experienced similar problems with fsx both before and after sp1. Have mobo with three pcie slots, 2gb ram, e6400 cpu, three pcie nvidia cards.
Three monitors are fine.
Four monitors (one top with GPS (shift+3)) also OK.
But five or six monitors will crash or freeze fsx, without any error report.
If loading scenery, just a silent stop.
If I enable mon#5 and 6 after loading scenery, and then moving windows to them, fsx freezes. Taylor on Aces seems to be unaware of this problem, but maintains that multimon is important feature of fsx. What shall we do?

Svein Tore Ulset, Sand i Ryfylke, Norway.
AndyK1812   2007-06-29 12:43
I am now getting support on another problem with FSX running in Windows Vista 64 bit. It seem with 4 monitors when memory used is above 2GB, FSX gives out of memory error. This happens with 4GB of memory in the system. I have had the problem with memory used between 2.10GB - 2.28GB. This may be part of what is happening with 6 monitors.
Bruce   2007-08-13 03:15
Windows (non 64bit versions) have a maximumn memory size for any one application of 2G. There is a Boot.ini parm /3G which will allow you to go above that. Part of the 2G limit goes to the Windows kernel(almost 1G) and the rest to the application. So having 4G does not give anymore to the Flight Simulator application - just allows you to run more applications concurrently. The error message Instruction accessed memory at 0x0000004 is an access violation meaning it tried to access some instruction at location 4(kernal space) This is a classic case of someone trying to get more memory or load an address that had zero and then tried to execute some code at an offset from that location (0) which will give the error.
AndyK1812   2007-08-20 16:56
I know and understand the memory limits of 32 bit applications; that is not the problem in this case. What I meant when I said problem was happening with memory used being 2.10 - 2.28GB that was total memory used by all applications + OS. So FSX itself was occupying a little over half that amount, far less than 2GB. Also I run it in Windows Vista 64 bit, so memory space is handled a little bit different than 32 bit Windows. Since my original post I have upgrade my system with new memory (6GB DDR-800), video cards (GF8800GTX + 2 GF8800GTS 640) and cooling (TEC Water-Block).
Hal   2007-09-08 04:42
I am having trouble running 2 monitors in FSX but not in vista. Have tons of processing power, memory and video memory. The main screen goes black then video then black. I had no trouble doing this with less processing power and FS9. Maybe it is just vista and FSX? and I have to wait for drivers?

AndyK1812   2007-09-08 11:59
Have you installed the SP1 patch for FSX, it may help. Other than that I can't see why FSX doesn't work with only two monitors. Do you have your video setup for dual view or span?
nige   2007-09-16 02:18
hi all i have a triple head to go digital edition and am using it with fsx i have 2 n videa cards7900gt now i find some times power desk crashes to the task tray and if i turn of mu pc and re boot my monitors wont respond but all is ok if i take out the triple head to go and put a single monitor in i am useing 3 dell 22" monitors has any one other than me had this problem please help many kind thanks.
Tim   2007-10-11 04:33
To AndyK1812:

Try this:

Bernard   2007-11-20 07:43
I have been reading this thread with interest. I am about to start using more than a single monitor on FS9. Could anyone tell me how to go about this it a straight forward and simplistic manner. By way of return I can let you have a voice activated mock ATCC voice prohram, "taxi to holding point runway 28" and similar phrases taken directly from CAP 413.
AndyK1812   2007-11-24 16:15
I can give you instructions on setting up multimonitors in FS9. How many monitors will you be using and what views do you want to display? There are many way to setup monitors such as two monitor (Front + Bottom or Front Left + Front Right) options increase as number of monitors increase.
Bruce   2007-12-10 09:25
I can save new Views I create and move to a 2nd monitor, however, If I open one of the internal views (the OverheadPanel) that is launched via one of the buttons on the main panel, I can undock it, and move to the 2nd monitor, however after I save it, and reload the flight, it gets positioned at the upper Left of the 1st window
I can still move it over to the 2nd montitor since it is still recognized as undocked, but it doesn't remember the location on the 2nd monitor. Do I need to add a new View to the panel.cfg ?? or is there some other magic (same for radio stack, throttle, gps etc )
AndyK1812   2007-12-15 06:23
When you save situation you need to have the undocked window open in the position you want it. When you load the situation next time it will be open in that position also. This works in FS9 but not FSX.
Bernard   2007-12-19 02:06
Hi Bruce
Sorry for the delay in responding. I want to use 3 monitors at first (due only to cost in buying them)This will allow me to show main cockpit panel, then left and right views respectively. Then I wish to increase to a total of five monitors.

My system has a dual core AMD processor and at present a single (dual output PNY Nvidia 8500GT graphics card. I will be adding another one of these cards later. This will allow me four DVI/VGA outputs.

As soon as it arrives I will also be installing FSX.

Malky   2008-02-14 16:51
I am setting up a multi touchscreen monitor system for work using FSX. We initially were using a computer with 7 PCI video cards and using FS9. All good. We want to use 6 of these systems using fsx (for the comms side of things). It all worked fine using 2 8800GTS to give 4 outputs. Today I put in a 3rd 8800GTS and when I place a panel on the 5th monitor FSX CTD. I am using one of those new MSI 4 x PCIe motherboards, 4 gig RAM and AMD2 64 bit 5600+ processor. I initially tried XP64 but there weren't enough drivers, then Vista 64 and it was unstable, then the LONGHORN demo (which was good but that was using an NVS 400 and 8800GTS)and am now using XP32. Our touchscreens aren't supported under Vista.

AndyK1812   2008-02-19 14:16
I don’t know how you had trouble with Windows XP 64 Bit Edition, I used it with six monitors and three GeForce 8800 cards with no issues. As you can see from this thread you will have problems using FSX with more then four monitors. For more of 2007 my system has been updated to be as fiollows:
Lian Li Modular Box
Koolance EXOS2 Water Cooling System, Koolance HX-360 Heat Exchanger,
Koolance VID-282(GTX) & VID-280(GTS) Video Coolers,
2 Dual Hard Drive Coolers
Swiftech MCW6500-T (TEC Water-Block), Dual 120mm Fan Radiator,
Koolance PMP-400 Pump, XSPC Dual Bay Reservoir,
Koolance Flow Sensor & Koolance TMS-100K Interface
Corsair HX Series 620W P/S
Meanwell S-320-12 Thermoelectric Power Supply (320W)
ASUS Maximus Extreme Motherboard (New)
Core 2 Duo E8400 clocked at 4.28GHz. (New)
2 x 2GB Patriot Viper DDR3-1444 DIMMS 10-10-10-25 (New)
Corsair Dominator Memory Airflow Fans
eVGA GeForce 8800GTX PCIe Video Card 768MB
Samsung SyncMaster 204BW 20" Widescreen LCD
ViewSonic VG920 19" LCD
eVGA GeForce 8800GTS PCIe Video Card 640MB
Samsung SyncMaster 204BW 20" Widescreen LCD
Samsung SyncMaster 191T+ 19" LCD
eVGA GeForce 8800GTS PCIe Video Card 640MB
Samsung SyncMaster 204BW 20" Widescreen LCD
Rosewill R912E 19" LCD
4 x Western Digital 74GB Raptor Configured for RAID 0
Western Digital Raptor X 150GB
Philips SPD2513P SATA DVD RW Drive
1.44MB Floppy Drive

I still can not run FSX with more than 4 monitors without errors. But FS9 runs flawlessly with 6 monitors and all graphics settings high. I suggest you save your time and hassles if using more than 4 monitors and stick with FS9.

Malky   2008-02-21 05:59
Andy, thats quite a high spec machine you have. I am using FSX because of the comms feature, in combination with Level D 767 for avionics training. Our current problem is the touchscreen thing. Now we are using 4 touchscreens with 2 external views, the touch screens aren't working. They worked fine on our gigabyte motherboard but the MSI one isn't happy for some reason.
I have configured FSX in this manner:
GFX card 1: dual view
GFX card 2: horizontal Span
GFX card 3: Clone.

So, pilot and co pilot have their own view, there is an overhead panel and an FMS panel (on span but stil la different image on each screen) and the external view is the same on both sides. I could make the 3rd card span as well but the frame rate dropped to 10fps from 21 fps. This may be due to the complexity of the aircraft.
Many people have suggested triple head 2 go, which we tried but it does not support 3 touchscreens.
We are trying to do a few things that aren't so normal in that we want 4 touchscreens and 6 monitors working at the same time with FSX. Each task on its own is bigish but together it is quite a challenge.
I am happy with our method of getting FSX to work this way but the touchscreens aren't (they are older keytec ones with magic touch technology).
Vista didn't like these touchscreens as we couldn't calibrate them in multimonitor support.

Malky   2008-02-25 19:49
I did get FSX working with 6 screens by cloning the outside view (out of the cockpit), horizontally spanning the overhead and the fms screens and having the pilot and F/O as independent screens. FSX thinks it sees 4 monitors but it is actually 6.

Still sorting out touch monitors to work this way.

AndyK1812   2008-02-26 10:12
I see why that works but cloning a screen defeats the purpose of having the extra screens. If you outside views show the same image why use more than one. My whole reason for using six monitors is to get realistic outside view of about 140 degrees with five monitors and instrument panel on sixth.

Malky Hamilton   2008-02-26 16:43
I agree but I have it set up with a pilot on one side, co-pilot on the other with throttles, FMS and radio in the middle console. The overhead panel is in between the 2 people as well. One person will be looking at the monitor in front of them while the other looks at their own. All screens will be 22" wide screens. Currently we are using 4 touch 20 4:3 and 2 22" wides. The frame rate is 20-30 fps using this method but if I use individual views for each person it goes don to 9 fps.
Another option is to have one big monitor in the middle, lets say a 42" LCD but that gets in the way of the overhead panel. Did you look at the photos on line at level d sim, general?

AndyK1812   2008-02-27 09:46
Yes, I looked at the photos. They only showed four monitors.

Malky   2008-02-27 14:02
Yeah, I was trying to get the touch screen side of things going before I added the other 2.
Today we rotated the centre monitor for the FMS, got pilot, copilot, overhead and 2 external views sorted so its now 4 touch, 2 non touch. the fps is around 11 but I'll look into other methods to fix that.
The video set up is:
card 1: pilot and fms (dual view)
card 2: co pilot and LH view (vertical span)
card 3: Overhead and RH view (vertical span)

will post photos later

Bill Meier   2008-03-14 00:01
I have an Asus P5E with two 8800gt PCIe video cards. With one monitor hooked up to each video card, FSX with SP1 runs great, locked at 24fps, full screen mode. If I hook up a third monitor to either video card, my frame rates drop to 1.0 in full screen mode. Frame rates are much better at about 17fps in windowed mode. How do I get three monitors to work in full screen mode<

AndyK1812   2008-03-14 07:17
I never run any more than one monitor in full screen mode and I don't know why you would want to. Windowed mode allows more flexibility of outside views. Explain what you are trying to display in each screen.

Malky   2008-03-20 16:55
Using 4 monitors and 2 monitors per card, we have around 20 FPS. When we add more it drops to around 8. In full screen mode it is quicker. I know in windowed mode you get better flexibility but for us it is good for frame rates.

We are trialling some ELO 22" touch screens and their drivers allow click mode instead of mouse emulation. this makes it easier to stop panels from sliding if you move your finger when touching.

We had to drop the screen resolution to allow the touchscreens to work.

Malky   2008-03-20 17:02
The other thing is, if any of the views overlap onto another screen then your frame rate will be poor.
We are all waiting for a patch to come out to allow more than 4 screens per PC. Plus, we are operating with Xp, if drivers from ELO come out for Vista then we may switch as that may allow greater frame rates and make most of quad core processor

Jaime Marin   2008-03-23 23:43
Hi Guys
English is not my natve lenguage so forgive written mistakes.
I use quad core 2.67 Asus mother Board with two Gforce 764mb
4 monitors Viewsonic 24" 1920 x 1200 pdi.
It works real nice at Med resoulution and full detailed clouds up to 80 miles. (Lot of clouds are pin in the ass to overload the PC).
My trick is just to leave the 4 monitors to 180 degrees outder view and do not display any panels at these screens and eliminate 3D panels from display config, I use widefs instead to place panels on other PCs and monitors. I am using project Magenta for paneling. You can download a picture of my console at

This is not an actual picture but can give you and idea how to work with it. That guy at the picture it is not me, is a friend enjoying the fligt as you can see at his face.
clifford   2008-07-29 02:43
hi i have a quad core 6600pc with 2 9600 graph cards and when i run fsx on one screen its ok ,then when i open another window of fsx to drag to the other moniter it all stalls and the computer crashes .any advive as i use both my screens for running muti programs no probs with 2 gb of mem never had any worrys till i tryed fsx
george   2008-12-08 19:25
hi samer probelm with me, high spec machine with 2 x graphics cards (radeon 4850's). when i move a window from one graphics card to another i get blue screen. really frustrating as if i can sort this probelm out ill go for a fourth screen attached to the second graphics card. any help on this probelm would be much appreciated
george   2008-12-09 00:36
ok - just solved this problem with fsx and two graphics cards (radeon 4850). switch off directx 10 and its works perfectly across three monitors running off two graphics cards. phew!
mike   2009-01-08 14:25
Trying to get (3) 9800GTX+ cards to work in FSX (6 independent monitors), using Windows XP SP3 on a QX9770 processor... Asus Striker II extreme MB.

1 external view
1 pilot panel (split to two monitors)
1 overhead
1 center panel
2 8" touch screens (usb)

Problem: FSX (in windowed mode of course) only works well with (4) monitors. Can't seem to get the (6) to work. When I drag an instrument window (i.e., radio stack) to one display # 5 I get a black screen in the window and if I drag to display #6 the FSX program crashes...

Any thoughts?

Also, should I change to an i7-965 processor with these (3) cards and X58 mainboard and hopefully get better results...
AndyK1812   2009-01-09 04:35
I've had the same problem you have with FSX. I tried for a while to resolve it but could not find a answer. So I stopped using FSX and use only FS9 which works flawlessly with six monitors. I am sure the problem is internal to FSX, we are among the very few that use more than four monitors in FSX. If you ever get a fix for the this problem please post it here so I may try it also. I hope Microsoft corrects this problem in the next flight simulator release, none of the service packs for FSX helps.
AndyK1812   2009-01-09 04:41
By the way, I now have a Core i7-940 with 6GB memory and FSX still does not work.
Mike   2009-01-09 05:34
Hi Andy,

Thanks so much for the reply.... And I will definitely report back on this site, as I continue to try to debug this and research this issue.

I plan to call EVGA on this. I don't hold much hope in getting Microsoft to fix this, based upon just a few of us...

Maybe a set of EVGA cards and EVGA motherboard (instead of the ASUS?) might help. Maybe going to the i7-965 EE with X58 EVGA Motherboard and my (3) 9800GTX+'s may help? Is it worth a try?

On the QX9770 vs. i7-9XX chips, since FSX and FS9 are so CPU intensive, I was hoping that if I did migrate to the i7-965 EE, I would do equal to or better than FPS performanc than with the QX9770. Do you agree?

Lately, I saw something about a system memory issue in the 2.1 - 2.8GB range (assuming > 2GB is physically installed). Based on this, I think if I do change the computer, I will only order 2 GB total and hopefully avoid this problem.

Do you think that an X58 motherboard supporting 16x, 8x, 8x PCI-e bus speeds will show any performance difference vs. the 16x,16x,16x for the systems I describe above?

You seem very knowledgeable and any other comments you can provide would be very helpful-

Thanks Very Much -
Mike   2009-01-09 05:36

PS - The ONLY (2) reasons why I want to use FSX (over FS9) are:

1. New MEGASCENERYEARTH scenery is INCREDIBLE and the VERY BEST I've experienced (and only works with FSX).

2. Moving Cars on highways is a GREAT effect and really increases the realism of VFR flying in urban areas..

Otherwise I would exclusively stay with FS9.

Mike   2009-01-09 07:24

Lastly, by the way, weird things happening with my GOFLIGHT usb modules when I tried having (6) monitors attached to FSX. Even though I could only use (4) monitors to drag instrument windows over to (I avoided the ones that either caused a crash or black window) - when I did drag an instrument over to one, my GOFLIGHT hardware reset (weird USB interrupt thing? or something?) and eventually they did not work for that session of FSX. Once I re-started FSX, they initially worked again, until I dragged an instrument to a window. If I only attached (4) displays, this did not happen -
AndyK1812   2009-01-09 08:04
I really doubt that changing you hardware is going to resolve the problem with FSX. It is problem in the programming. If you order a new computer with Core i7 your performance will be better with 3GB vs 2GB of memory. FSX works fine with more than 3GB of memory on 4 or less monitors. I doubt you will see any difference between your 9800GTX+s in FSX running PCIe 16x,16x,16x vs 16x,8x,8x. All will be PCIe v2.0 with X58 giving 8x more than enough bandwidth for your video cards. I also have a full set (11) of GoFlight modules and have not seen problems with them.
Saeed Esmaili   2009-02-02 07:32
Hello Dears
I have an asus motherboard with just one pci-e slot,and a geforce 9500 GT video card
how can i play FSX by 3 monitors?
how can i connect 3 monitors to this system?
Saeed   2009-02-04 06:15
Hi Dear Andi
if you can,let me know
how can i undock the window?
how can i go to window mode?
AndyK1812   2009-02-04 14:00
All you need to do to switch to windowed mode is uncheck "Fullscreen" in view menu.
Andy Rick   2009-02-10 15:13

My question much easier than yours. I am looking for a new monitor, a 24", and found that some (like Dell) have delay problems. What would you recommend?


Andy Rick
AndyK1812   2009-02-12 19:27
As you can see by my posts, I like the Samsung monitors. I don't know what kind of delay the Dell monitor has, could you explain more. There are many monitors for sale with good quality just stay away real cheap monitors like Wise Wang.
TX RedMan   2009-03-10 13:08

In your 15MAR08 gallery post, what views are you using for your 5 outside scenery shots to line them up like that? ....and is that FS2K4?

I'm only looking to use 3 monitors max in FSX and looking for the best way to display the outside scenery. Lots of problems spanning windows across of which is the max stretchable size if the window seems to be the width of the largest monitor (even while using UltraMon).

AndyK1812   2009-03-11 13:38
All outside views are cockpit views (left, forward_left, forward, forward_right, and right). I had to setup the correct angles and magnification in the panel file's "[VIEW]" section. Here is the view section from one of my aircraft panel files.


VIEW_LEFT_DIR=1.700, -1.500, -86.000

VIEW_FORWARD_LEFT_DIR=0.375, 0.000, -45.500

VIEW_FORWARD_DIR=-0.450, 0.500, 0.000

VIEW_FORWARD_RIGHT_DIR=-0.750, 0.000, 45.875

VIEW_RIGHT_DIR=-0.000, 1.000, 87.500

The numbers following the DIR= are vertical, tilt, view angle. As you can see as view angle increases you must also increase zoom. The gallery posts I made were all FS2004, I tried but could not get the same results with FSX.
This does not work correctly in FSX because the view option menu entry was not included for some reason. FSX is by no means multi-monitor friendly.
TX RedMan   2009-03-12 04:14
Thanks Andy! I have FS versions all the way back to FS 5 but I'm resolved to make FSX work "SOMEhow" since I invested in updated hardware and Vista64 thinking I'd treat myself to all new "stuff" and up-to-date performance for a change.

It sounds like I'm by no means alone...the first shocker (okay just poor research on my part!) was that Vista doesn't support gameport and I'd have to get rid of my trusty CH pro pedals and a wonderful generic-brand analog yoke I've been using for years.

To add injury to insult, the word on the street is that, in the souring economy, Microsoft has shed the FS development team altogether and doesn't plan for any new releases....? just a rumor??....hopefully that's just an X-plane junkie's dream.

This forum thread reminds me that the Internet is such an empowering force for humans everywhere and that the FS community is alive and well and will survive anything that big business or globalization throw at us....and there's the fact that I've found UltraMon to be a solid product in itself and I'll be paying for it shortly.

Kudos and much humble Gratitude to ALL here! I'll share any success I stumble upon in my quest.

(San Antonio)
Major Bong   2009-05-03 20:32
IMO the best aspect of FSX is you can get it to work in glorious Stereo 3D...with triple monitors! It is more difficult than with FS9, but so far it works with XP, nVidia 180-series drivers, a pair of 8800GTX cards, and 3x 22" CRT monitors.

For stereo 3-D, you need LCD shutter glasses(eDimensional or similar), and all monitors must run together at 100hz or 120hz, hence the CRTs. 2 monitors are run in horizontal span(2048x768). #3 monitor runs 1024x768, FSX window, adjusted as side/45 degree view. The main drawback is #3 cannot 'track' with 1 and 2 if you change/rotate views, but otherwise the effect is truly awesome panoramic depth vision.

so the 2 obvious beefs are:

Microsoft is Retarded: they robbed the multimon/span modes in Vista. Retarded, because it's a great excuse to flip off Bill Gates and SH*T can Vista- the biggest POS Fraud OS since Win(ME). XP makes Vista look like a Chrysler SUV: bankrupt, bloated, and obsolete the day it was made.

nVidia is Retarded: There's no excuse for no triple-span monitor support.They also F'd up bigtime and fumbled the ball in 3D when they tried to pull the old 'Proprietary' scam i.e., new 3D drivers that only work with junk like vista and certain crappy overpriced LCDs. Consequently, many of their formerly loyal customers haven't bought anything new since the 8800 came out with no 3D support...that adds up to many millions in lost sales. It just forces said customers to hack their drivers and keep using the old 7900-8800 cards...
Jeff Bigger   2009-05-06 09:29
I use Matrox tripleHead2Go these days, but back before they were availible I made this site on 3 monitor gaming like 5-10 years ago:

Maybe someone could get some use out of it

jpbaaij   2009-07-02 09:03
Hello people,
I'm a starter on running fx on multiple monitors i have 3 using and i have 3 computers to use. So what are my options, and how can i get fsx to run on those 'monitors+computers'? Could anybody give me some detailed information to get me started
thank you very much
Bryan Hall   2010-04-09 22:47
I run a $60,000 set up for flight sim x that acts as a training sim. Dont worry the bigger part of this cost was the full controls and full gauges but the setup is simple.
We have 2 computers that do the job of flight sim one runs the simulation while the other just watches we have 3 monitors hooked into both, with the multi monitor function on

to do this
Multiple monitor setup information is also available within the Learning Center in Flight Simulator X. To open the Learning Center, follow these steps:

1. Start Flight Simulator X.
2. Click Learning Center.
3. Click the Index tab, and then click the letter D to go to the Display section.
4. Under Display, click Using Multiple Monitors.

We are having a few problems on start up, we cant get the views to be the same each time, that is a work in progress. Any one who wants more information can email me direct

bryan hall
Greg   2010-05-10 06:47
check out for Flight Simulator on Multi-Monitor

Greg -
babyzone2   2010-06-03 04:47
I m having very similar problem like some guys here have.

This is the machine we built for a customer,here is my setting;

i7 920
Ausu P7P55D pro with 3 PCI-Es (Biso updated!)
ATI HD5830, 2 HD 5770

Another set of Nivida Cards:

Geforece GTX 260+, 9800GTX, 9500 GT

8G DDr3

windows 7 64Bit and windows 7 32 bit on two hard drives,

FSX with SP2

I have no problem when
3 video cards enabled,with qual or less than 4 monitors connect to first two video cards.

works on both 32 bit and 64 bit, on both ATi and Nvidia video cards with lastet driver

problem happenes when more than 4 monitors are connected and enabled to system.
the game can not even start, it jump back on to the desktop, or freezes up the game with no error report.

I basicly stuck now.

any advice?
Malky   2011-02-08 13:03
FSX will not work on more than 4 monitors uless you split screens or use MAtrox. USe fs2004
gezza   2011-02-27 21:10
I have 5 monitors running on winXP 64 and FSX. I am using 2 x GTX260 and 1 X Gtx 460. What I did to get them running was span the two left monitors,1680x1080 to 1 X (3360 X 1080) and the right Monitors, 1680x1080,the same.My middle screen is a 24" 1980 X 1024. The systems sees these as 3 monitors leaving me room for 1 more.
dselmo   2011-06-01 02:00

I have a pc i7 860 @ 2.80ghz with 14gb memory
i have a nvidia quadro fx 580 dual video in one i have triplehead2go with three 24" dell monitors and a 19" monitor. i also have a pc running window xp 32 bit amd 3gb of memory which i would like to run panel instruments on it. eventually i will replace the video card with at least 2gb and install another triplehead2go so i will have 6 monitor. now with the other video card i am going to install it in the xp pc and have two monitor for panel. so it will be something like this 5 monitor for outside view and the other three for panel one from the main pc and the other two from the xp pc. i want to use widefs and xpand for panel etc. i have never use widefs.

one love
dselmo   2011-06-01 02:03
I would like suggestions on which way to go, i am trying not to expend to much money. xpand vs magneta project is cheaper and what is the different between wideview and widefs.


one love
Melissa   2011-08-03 07:55
So, reading this forum was both encouraging and discouraging at the same time because I have encountered the same problems as everyone else with trying to use more than four monitors.

I just built the desktop that I'm trying to run six monitors with. It features a Gigabyte X58A-UD5 motherboard with 3 EVGA GTX580 cards and an i7 CPU. Has anyone yet figured out how to operate FSX on more than 4 monitors? I have the Deluxe version with the Acceleration expansion pack and I tried it both on Windows 7 64bit and XP 64bit. I need the views to be independent, not stretched across more than one monitor.

Can anyone at least point me in the right direction towards a potential solution? I'm at wit's end....

- Melissa
SUDARSHAN   2011-11-24 00:02

I have seen all the Messages here, and I am really awestruck seeing the things. Can anyone here suggest me the configuration that I need so that I can have 3 monitors for views and one for Instrument console, can you tell me all the necessary things required and to be frank.

I want to do in a single system, Can you suggest to me according to my requirement.

Dave   2011-11-29 09:24

I currently run three 23" inch monitors for FSX using just one ATI 5830 graphics card. I've posted by other system specifications below, where you will notice that I have many high-end addons. These addons transform FSX into an entirely different simulator - totally different look, incredibly realistic (based on real world flight experience).

I have all the FSX display settings set to maximum, which adds to the display realism.

As you may know, FSX primarily uses the computers microprocessor to crunch the numbers and is directly tied to your frame rates. ATI settings will of course directly affect the QUALITY of what you see, so the higher the settings for your graphics card the less frame rates you will get. The trick (beyond the tested and accepted FSX configuration file tweaks - and be careful as there are quite a few out there that are well intentioned but misguided) it's a balancing act between your FSX and ATI settings, therefore only you will determine what will work best for your system. I suggest starting off mid-range and working your way up.

Regarding your actual question (sorry about that), in the coming months I will be adding four 27" or 28" televisions or monitors (which ever turns out to be less expensive) in order to simulate the flight deck windows, and two 23" or 24" touch screen monitors for the MCP and front panel displays (covering all displays, indicators and switches/buttons from the pilots side through the center displays). I gave serious consideration to going with hardware, but that would result in my being limited to flying one aircraft, and I run high-end addon aircraft for the MD-82/88, 737, 767, and very soon the Dash-8/400 and 777. Currently, three software developers have 777 in development and it now looks as if Phoenix Simulators (PSS) is coming back online and I'd bet they will begin work on either a 777, 787 (one can only hope one of our finer developers will produce a high end 787) and MAYBE we'll see a decent Airbus A380 by the end of next year. Additionally, there is a rumor that someone will shortly begin work on a realistic Electronic Flight Bag such as is depicted in the PMDG 737NGX flight manuals.

The point of the information above is that there are several high-end, realistic addon aircraft for FSX, with several more to come in the coming months, and as nice as a hardware cockpit would be, I don't want to limit myself to flying only one aircraft. The solution? Glass cockpit, which by your profession I'm sure you know that Glass cockpits have been with us for many years and companies like Airbust (lol), Boeing, business jet and general aviation manufacturers, and customers will continue to taking advantage of glass cockpits. Just as a glass cockpit will save the home cockpit/simulator builder money, they offer even greater savings to real world manufacturers and customers, both in the initial build and more importantly, maintenance costs.

So, how to set this up? Frankly, I'm still researching and learning, but at present it seems clear that you'll need to run WideFS and WideTraffic across several networked personal computers (I'm told that you can't achieve the custom graphics settings needed for the window angles and undocked cockpit displays without running WideFS/Traffic, and those software gems aren't written to run on just one PC so you'll need at least three PCs, maybe four, to drive your displays - ESPECIALLY if your additional displays (beyond the three used for the windows) are different sizes and MOST ESPECIALLY if any of them have different resolutions.

My goal is also to use an 8", 9" or 10" display for my CDU (some refer to it as an FMC). A few months ago I purchased a 7 inch USB touch screen monitor to use as a CDU, and learned the hard way that one needs a VGA connection instead of USB AND you must ensure the small display is capable of the same resolution of any monitor that is sharing the same graphics card - otherwise it was a mess and I couldn't read the CDU display or use the touchscreen to enter data.

Bottom line is that I'm still researching and learning before I make the leap as I don't have unlimited funds.

I would be happy to collaborate with you guys on our projects. My group has a private Ventrilo server (voice server, similar to TeamSpeak but has some additional features that we use for Shared Cockpit flights that Teamspeak just doesn't have). Please feel free to log on so we can speak more about this. The Ventrilo client software is free and easy to download, install and setup. The info is in my signature below. If not, then I wish you both well!

Intel i7-975 (Turbo), 9GB Ram, ATI 8350 x2, Acer 23" Monitors x3, TrackIR
Windows 7 (64 Bit)
FSX SP2. Tweaks: FSL Texture Fixes, Affinity Mask, Disable Pre-Load
UTX, ASE, REX2 Overdrive, FScene, Captain Sim Weather Radar
PMDG 747-400, PMDG 737NGX, Level-D 767, Captain Sim 767, Maddog MD-80
Saitek Yoke, Throttles, Rudder Pedals, Pro-Flight Radio Panel, Pro-Flight Trim Wheel
FSINN/FSCopilot, Ventrilo
Partridge in a pear tree.

Visit our FSX/VATSIM Flight Group
Ventrilo Voice Server
Port: 3838
Free Ventrilo Client Download:
zigi   2011-12-14 03:04
hi all...
i am facing a problem with my flight simulator.. its having a two monitor display from the same GT graphic card... whenever i start the windows everything is normal on both the screens... when i run the exe file of my simulator, the display of cockpit instrument appears and after one second the screen goes black...
can anybody help me out plz...
Vince   2011-12-23 07:36
I have an i860, ATi5770 gpu, 2x ViewSonic 2025's and want to run the two flats with FSX. I've got FSX tuned, and never had issues.

When I start FSX is on panel one ok, but when dragging the view to the second it's at a lower resolution.

Plus, how do I "sync" for one view. I've tried the default 737, and really want to run the PMDG 747-400 on two flats!

Any help is appreciated!
Jason   2011-12-28 17:38
Im so tired... I have been working on my set up for 5 days with little sleep between. and sad to say my dreams are even still working on this. Here are my pc specs:
motherboard:Gigabyte z68ma-d2h-b3
2x graphics cards:Asus ENGT220 1g vga/dvi/hdmi
Memory:ripsaw 8gb ram
Processor:Intel Pentium Processor
Im running two screens per graphics card. Three on top and one right above my yoke. I cannot seem to get flight simulator to span across the screens at all. I started with windows xp I got crazy and installed windows 7 as a desperate attempt. Windows has my desktop on the lower one screen. the three above are just extensions. flight simulator will only run on one screen at a time... PLEASE HELP ME BEFORE I LOSE MY SANITY!
john V.   2012-01-18 13:09
Press alt, go to New View, pick virtual, and then drag and drop to your other screens.
christian   2012-02-20 14:14
i just upgraded to 6 screens. im somewhat familiar with undocking screens. i have read on this post that people have been successful running fs9 with 6 screens. with 4 screens im at 30fps, but when i dock to all 6 screens my fps goes to 4. what can i do?
shade   2012-03-09 14:59
Dear Richard, Andy, and Vann,

i had just gotten my computer rebulit and installed the fsx, service packs 1 and 2, the add-on planes i want(still not finished im having issues with money and can only use freeware add-ons), and as a result the simulator likes to be a total F%$#@* S%$# head by being an a@# to me by freezing up on me during push back, taxi, take off, and landing at the busiest airports along with the not so busy airports. i have the lastest drivers for everything on my computer. is it possibily the video card or the directx files?
i have a NVIDIA 6200 video card with 128.0 GB of memory and like 5 or 6 GB of ram, it is a single slot card.

Another problem i encountered was that one of the planes in the Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Simobjects/Airplanes/MD-83 file is there but when i try to select the plane but its not in the list of aircraft when the file was read/picked up by the simulator during the proccess of the application opening, yet it shows up in the simulator like you can select it. is the simulator being a total a%@ to me or the computer?

And do you guys have any freeware add-on planes for both fs9 and fsx?(if you guys go into the fsx simulator folder and scroll down a little you should see 3 DLL or DII files 1,fs9.exe, 2, fs2000.exe, and 3,fs2002.exe)

And one more question/can you try to can you try to register the DLL/DII files?
Because when i try to i cant get this message saying,"C:Documents and settings/Administrator/Desktop/Microsoft Flight Simulator X/(the DII or DLL file selected)was loaded, but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found." and below it it says," this file can not be registered." Do you guys know what this means? and if so do i have to download it and buy it? please help i have the one memory stick i had in my old computer before i bulit my new one, and hoping to get another monitor and the largest amount of memory in a memory stick that i can afford and i know how to install. and where and how much did it cost you guys to bulid your computers? (3 computer towers,5 PCIs networked together, 1-6 computer monitors!?! Are you guys insane!?! well don't even asnwer that because i don't wanna know.)

P.S. i have a Samsung Syncmaster 2343 i believe LCD computer screen, but when i plug in the DVI cable from my migit computer tower compared to your guys computer or computers, when i turn it one it pops up a box that says Analog then switches to Dialog and my desktop shows up but like 1-2 seconds later the screen gose dark, when if move myself in to another position i can see that the screen is still there but just barely visable to the eye. Did you have this problem? and how did you fix it? oh and dont ask where i got it because idk where my parents got it. contact me to talk more understandable non-computer geek/nerd language. my computer trys to to tell me something in computer language and i can't read it or know what the heck its talking about, but i spotted the 'FSX' then numbers and letters and symbols etc. if it pops up again i will write down what the message said and post it for you guys.
K SJohn   2012-10-28 10:48
I have been searching and reading about installing 3 monitors for FSX.
So far, I can't figure out something that is probably obvious to all.
How can you get 3 monitors to work on a computer system if the video card only has 2 SVGA ports? The obvious answer is, I must use the the original SVGA port that's built into the computer (HP).
Is this the solution?

Ken St.John
Christian Studer   2012-10-29 12:23
Some systems disable the onboard video if you have a video card installed, I would first check if that's the case on your system by connecting one of your monitors to the onboard video output and checking if you can enable the monitor via Display Properties.

If this doesn't work, you'll need an additional video card for the 3rd monitor, also see the multi-monitor guide for more on this.

Christian Studer -
Prince   2013-05-25 02:47
Matrix external video cards work for me and I run six monitors with no problem

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