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Alex   2009-09-01 05:44

a question concerning the Monitor IDs

It is possible to get a monitor id by using the this code.

Set sys = CreateObject("UltraMon.System")
Set mon = sys.Monitors("1")

My question is: Is possible that the monitor IDs change. E.G. The system starts with just one monitor because the other one is not connected. Then restarting the system with both...Do the monitors have the same ids or can it change.

I'm looking for a unique attribute of a monitor that's why it is important for me that the monitor IDs do not change


Christian Studer   2009-09-01 10:01
UltraMon doesn't support this, the monitor number will be the same as the one used by Windows, which can change if monitor cables get switched, or the primary monitor gets changed on a laptop.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ SDK -> Chnage monitor ID

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