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Forums -> VideoSaver -> Desktop mode: Video on two monitors goes out-of-sync
Marximus   2010-03-23 13:05
Playing a WMV file stretched across two monitors... in less than one minute the two monitors are out of sync. One gets way behind the other.

As one might imagine, sorts of defeats the purpose of Desktop mode... which was the only reason I bought this product in the first place.

Please advise.

Christian Studer   2010-03-24 10:22
That's most likely a performance issue, the system probably can't keep up with video rendering.

To verify this, open Task Manager and select the Peformance tab, then launch VideoSaver. After the issue has occurred, quit VideoSaver and take a look at the CPU Usage History on the Performance tab. If this is near 100% it means the system is maxed out.

Christian Studer -
LittleScooby   2010-03-25 16:08
I notice performance issues with .wmv's quite a bit myself and I have a monster system and it should be noted that the .wmv's play perfectly in regular apps (single screen only).

I'm running an Intel Q6600 (quad core) with 4 gigs of mem, OCZ Vertex SSD \ Raptor 10k RPM HD, ATI HD5850 and ATI HD3870 combo for 4 screens in a 1 over 3 config on Win7 64-bit.

I keep wondering if .wmv is the best format for me to be using or not (great to see the flipping issues resolved).

If I remember correctly, I thought I used to get great performance with .mpg movies versus .wmv's.

I wish there was some kind of document that described what the best video modes are for use with VideoSaver in terms of performance\quality.

I have recently purchased the Movavi Video Suite:

I purchased this in order to convert videos for use with VideoSaver so I am happy to see the new version of Videosaver with Win7 fixes, however, determing what the best formats, bitrates, etc. is for use with VideoSaver is quite challenging.

Hopefully I'll be able to determine which formats work the best with VideoSaver.

Just wondering if there is a chart or something that someone has designed for showing which formats we should use for optimal performance with VideoSaver.

Now that I have the Movavi Suite, I should be able to find at least a couple high performance (high framerate, smooth, no chop, fully synched screens) formats, bitrate, settings to use.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd like to hear them.
Forums -> VideoSaver -> Desktop mode: Video on two monitors goes out-of-sync

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