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Wilken   2010-08-11 19:12

If I move acrobat in maximized state to the second monitor, acrobat always start on the primary monitor on next launch. In our delphi application I use the TUltramonwindow object and I can correct this behavior, but if the the users open a pdffile from outlook the pdffile ist displayed in full screen on the primary monitor. If I manually make a near full screen (move the window th 99% maximized) on the next start acrobat starts on the correct monitor. With the TUltramonwindow object i can do this per code:

.. UltraMonWindow1 := TUltraMonWindow.Create(Nil); Try If UltraMonWindow1.GetAppMainWindow(Myapp, 500) Then Begin UltraMonWindow1.Monitor := PDFMON; UltraMonWindow1.Left := 1; UltraMonWindow1.Top := 1; UltraMonWindow1.Width := 1279; UltraMonWindow1.Height := 1023; UltraMonWindow1.ShowState := SHOWSTATE_NORMAL; UltraMonWindow1.ApplyChanges(0); end; Finally freeandnil(UltraMonWindow1); End; ...

I get the error 'falscher parameter' ('wrong parameter')

Whats my mistake?

Christian Studer   2010-08-12 08:55
Setting both the monitor and position (Left, Top) isn't supported, you'll need to set either the monitor or the position. Removing the line

UltraMonWindow1.Monitor := PDFMON;

will fix the problem.

Christian Studer -
Wilken   2010-08-12 22:19

thank it works fine, ich have splitted the function. First the move, second the positioning on the screen.

Christian Studer   2010-08-13 08:43
That shouldn't be necessary, setting the position of the window will move it to the appropriate monitor, in your case with a position of 1,1 this will be the primary monitor.

Christian Studer -
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