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Forums -> UltraMon™ SDK -> Can I create profiles that change only a single monitor? by script?
Eric   2012-07-22 18:57
What would be really handy for me is if I could create profiles that let me set the properties of a single monitor but left the others as is.

I'm using version 2.7.1 - is this something that is possible in the latest version?

If this is not possible, is there a way to do this by script. Can I set the display properties of a single monitor without changing the others? If so, is there an example script I could see?

I use one of my 3 23-inch monitors as a magnifying glass. I generally use 640x400 or 800x600 for this monitor and drag a window to it when I can't read the small text on it. I would like to do this resolution change with a single click of a desktop icon.

This monitor is to the right of the other 2, so typically, the change does not disrupt anything on the first 2 monitors.
Christian Studer   2012-07-22 20:51
That's possible via script, but as long as the other two monitors always use the same settings a display profile should work just as well. Are you seeing any issues when doing this via display profile?

Christian Studer -
Eric   2012-07-23 04:06
If I only needed to quickly change the one monitor, all would be ok. I would just have several where only the 3rd monitor was different.

However, I also have several settings for the other monitor that is on my radeon 7000 pci board that handles 2 of my 3 monitors. There I need to change bit depth between 32 and 16 at times or it runs too slow. But if it is different from my main monitor, then I can't move a playing video between monitors.

You see, I really make heavy use of profiles, I have 9 on my desktop already. Trouble is, I forget which do what sometimes and naming them more than 9 characters and windows-xp only shows part of the name on the desktop.

So, if I can make a suggestion: Provide a checkbox on each monitor page for a profile that says, "keep current settings for this monitor". Then one could have profiles that change 1, 2 or any combination of monitors.

I would gladly buy an upgrade for that feature.
Christian Studer   2012-07-23 09:31
I'll consider this for a future release.

The following sample code changes the resolution for monitor 3 to 1024 x 768:Set sys = CreateObject("UltraMon.System") Set mon = sys.Monitors("3") mon.Width = 1024 mon.Height = 768 sys.ApplyMonitorChanges

Christian Studer -
Eric   2012-07-23 13:09
Thanks, got it working in tcl.

BTW, here's what it looks like in the tcl language, the tricky part was not being able to pass in the monitor number as easily as you show in your script.

package require tcom set sys [tcom::ref createobject UltraMon.System] set mons [$sys Monitors] ;# get handle to monitors set mon [$mons Item 2] ;# get handle to monitor 3 (counting as 0,1,2) $mon -set Width 800 $mon -set Height 600 $sys ApplyMonitorChanges exit
Christian Studer   2012-07-24 09:30
Did you try passing the number as a string to the Item method? The method takes the monitor number as either a zero-based integer, or one-based string.

The only advantage to using a string is that the number is one-based which makes the code easier to read, passing an integer is a bit more efficient though.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ SDK -> Can I create profiles that change only a single monitor? by script?

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