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DougS   2012-12-06 02:23
Hello, we have 40 computers each with 3 users and they each like their own configuration (esp having to do with which monitor is primary). Windows XP had no problem saving this information but Windows 7 does not seem to be able to. I tried Ultramon because according to the overview it should be able to do this however when we save a profile and name it and check "apply at login" it does not work. The only way we got it to work was to add a vbs script to delay the profile being applied but cannot do this for 150 users. Can anyone shed light on this?
thank you
Christian Studer   2012-12-06 08:43
Not sure what exactly causes this, but I see the same problem on my Windows 7 test system.

Regarding the script: do you have no way to deploy a script to all users, or is the problem that the profile is stored in a user-specific folder? If it's the latter, the script could be modified to use environment variables to determine the location of the user's UltraMon folder, this way you could use the same script for all systems.

Christian Studer -
DougS   2012-12-07 00:46
Yes, it works using an environment variable and creating the vbs in the profile for all users (default actually) in the programs/startup that runs the profile. Of course if the user profile already exists it will not be applied and i thought the allusers profile (or public) would fix this but i did not see programs/startup in those. At any rate, I wonder if your program which is not seeming to work when you click "run at login" could add the script with the delay instead of just a link to the profile?
Christian Studer   2012-12-07 08:19
I have uploaded a new version of the ApplyProfileDelayed script which supports this, ApplyProfileDelayed2.

I would recommend the following setup:

1) place the ApplyProfileDelayed2 script on a network share

2) on each computer, create a new string value named 'UltraMon Display Profile' under the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and set it to

wscript.exe "\\<server>\<share>\ApplyProfileDelayed2.vbs"

This way each user who wants to use a custom display profile only needs to create a new profile with a specific name (as set in the script), during login the script will then check if that profile exists, and if yes apply it after the specified delay.

Direct support for delaying the login display profile will be considered for a future release of UltraMon.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Multiple users each different profile

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