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g s   2002-10-26 22:58
my radeon 8500 card driver seems to forget my main monitor resolution every reboot. thus, I installed UltraMon. Now, the system starts with the bad standard resolution for the main monitor, because the driver/configuration forgot the last configured high resolution. then, fortunately some seconds later, ultramon loads the correct high resolution for the monitor. this is working fine now.

BUT: my desktop (windows xp) has re-assembled all desktop icons/items for a smaller desktop because of the bad/low resolution during windowsstart :((
It would be great tu have a UltraMon feature for fixing this issue (f.i. with auto saving/restoring item positions on desktop)!
Christian Studer   2002-10-27 03:33
I have uploaded two scripts for saving/restoring the position of Active Desktop items and desktop icons:

Support for profile-specific desktop item/icon positions is planned for a future release, this would automate this process.

Christian Studer -
Shaun   2006-10-06 00:30
Hey! The error guy is back! =]

Script: C:\...\RestoreDesktopItems.vbs
Line: 5
Char: 1
Error: Unspecified error
Code: 80004005
Source: (null)

Am I getting that because there is one new icon on the desktop (the .vbs file) since the last save? And it doesn't know what to do with that? It worked, just got that error... TIA!
Christian Studer   2006-10-06 00:56
This could happen for a variety of reasons, please check if the following still works fine:

- restore icon positions via UltraMon menu > Desktop Icons > Restore Position

- change wallpaper configuration via UltraMon menu > Wallpaper

Christian Studer -
Shaun   2006-10-06 07:46
Yeah, they both work fine. =[
Christian Studer   2006-10-06 08:16
Do you still get the error when running the script?

If you have 2.7.0 installed, adjusting the wallpaper configuration might have fixed an issue that could potentially cause the script to fail.

Christian Studer -
Shaun   2006-10-09 03:07
I just upgraded to 2.7... Fixed the automatic wallpaper changer script, but this one, I'm still getting the error. Everything seems to be working, and all the settings are correct. It DOES work, just that error still... =[
Christian Studer   2006-10-09 08:44
If you move an Active Desktop item to a different position, then run the script, does the desktop item get moved back to the saved position as well?

Or do only desktop icons get moved back to the saved position?

Christian Studer -
Shaun   2006-10-10 00:19
Well... I can't enable active desktop via our companies GPO... =[ I wish I could try that.

Is the script trying to move active desktop items, if so... That might be what the error is, and since its disabled, it might not like it? Is it possible to change the script so that it doesn't bother checking active desktop?

Thanks again for your help!!!!!!!! =D
Christian Studer   2006-10-10 00:31
If you only want to save/restore desktop icons, you can do this via command-line arguments to UltraMon.exe.

/s saves desktop icon positions, and /r restores desktop icons to the saved position.

To restore icon positions, put the following in a batch (.bat) file:

"%ProgramFiles%\UltraMon\UltraMon.exe" /r

Christian Studer -
Shaun   2006-10-10 10:01
Well... That works like a CHAMP!!! THANKS!!! Whoo hooo!!!

So lemme ask you this... Whats the point of this script, just asking now for my own mental growth, if you will... =]
Christian Studer   2006-10-11 10:08
The script will also restore the position of Active Desktop items, these are images or webpages which get added to the desktop via Display Properties > Desktop > Customize Desktop > Web.

Christian Studer -
howard green   2007-06-06 11:48
re specifically save/restore desktop icons, but also in general?

Are the plug-ins only for UltraMon, or generally useful for any generic Display on Multiple Monitors or even single monitors?

Christian Studer   2007-06-07 08:24
Most of the scripts require UltraMon due to using UltraMon features.

Christian Studer -
GT   2007-06-11 05:10
My desktop folder is on a network drive. For whatever reason sometimes the icons get reset. Or if only one monitor is active when booting, all the secondary icons get moved to the 1st monitor.

When this happens about 80% of the time using UltraMon 2.7.1's restore icon position does absolutely nothing.

If I fix the icons save them and move one out of position then the restore works again. I just can't get it to work reliably when I really need it.

Christian Studer   2007-06-11 10:48
This can happen if the system gets turned off with only a single monitor enabled, due to UltraMon saving icon positions during shutdown.

To prevent this, go to UltraMon Options > General and uncheck 'preserve position of desktop icons'.

You can still manually save/restore icon positions via UltraMon menu > Desktop Icons.

Christian Studer -
GT   2007-06-12 04:57
Thanks, I'll give that a try
Greg   2008-11-18 07:48
I've been using UltraMon for a bit on the computer at work, with XP. It constantly resets the icons to the 1st monitor. It will happen at random times, when getting email, opening a window, refreshing something...My co-worker has seen this problem as well on his.

Yet, on my Vista at home, it never has reset and is very stable.
Christian Studer   2008-11-18 10:28
When this happens, can you restore icon positions manually via UltraMon menu > Desktop Icons > Restore Position?

Christian Studer -
Greg   2008-11-19 00:47
Yeah, I do that...unfortunately I have to do it a few times. Even the one day where it reset them about 5 times in a span of 10 minutes.

It's not a really big deal, may just end up putting allt he icons back over to monitor 1 anyways, but if there was a way to make it not reset them so often.

On average it resets them about 10 times through the day, yet on my Vista at home, it never resets them.

Christian Studer   2008-11-19 06:59
I'm not sure what would cause this, but it seems unlikely that this is related to UltraMon. UltraMon only adjusts icon positions during startup (if automatic icon positioning is enabled), and if you restore icon positions manually via UltraMon menu > Desktop Icons.

Christian Studer -
Greg   2008-11-25 00:20
I am actually wondering if it's related to 'Jet Toolbar' which is a neat little application for organizing things. I keep it at the top of the second monitor.

Yet, when I had XP at home, without Jet Toolbar it would once in a while toss the icons as well, but not nearly as often.

Christian Studer   2008-11-25 08:02
It's possible, for example when the UltraMon taskbars get added, this can also cause icon positions to get changed, due to the taskbar taking up space which might have previously been used for icons.

Christian Studer -
Greg   2008-11-27 01:24
It's actually been behaving for a few days, though I haven't changed anything drastic. Perhaps it just needed to find it's groove. Now I probably just jinxed it.

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