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BeaverPants   2002-12-31 07:32
so for a long time iv wished i could use 2 mice and each mouse have its own pointers.

so you have 2 coursers on your monitor at once.

I'm not sure if the windows GUI will allow for this.

but it would rock if it worked.

if both or the coursers you see are fake.. and you can only click one at a time (the real mouse moves under the fake mouse when its clicked.) that would be all i ask for.
Christian Studer   2003-01-01 00:45
Thanks for your suggestion.

Would you want this feature to be able to play a game on one monitor while doing something else (chat, email) on the secondary monitor?

Christian Studer -
Handofphate   2003-01-04 05:01
I have also wanted multiple mouse pointers for a long time for several reasons. One is that I have a Graphire tablet and want to have a separate pointer for it, that way I can use my mouse to select tools and setting and draw at the same time. The Idea of having a secondary mouse that I could use while playing games never occured to me but is a great Idea.

Two is always better than One
BeaverPants   2003-01-04 06:23
i want it b/c i have 2 hands... so i need 2 mice.. and 2 monitors.

doing the game / 2nd monitor might be hard. but would be cool

i would just like it to work in normal web page browsing and like handofphate seed. for tools and such.

could this be done??
Christian Studer   2003-01-04 07:02
I'll look into it for a future release, not sure if it can be done though.

Christian Studer -
Jeroen Cuppen   2003-01-06 23:39
There is a program that can do this, it is called 'betwin'. It integrates really deep into your OS though and it seperates the two consoles into two different session like you have to seperate computers sharing the same hardware. It is like putting a cheap computer next to your good one and opening a remote desktop connection to the server (this is only possible in server OS'es).

If you want to have two pointers in one session, that might also be possible by creating an extra virtual pointer. However, you still have only one keyboard focus, so if you click somewhere with your second pointer, you will loose focus in your game. What you really want is multiple keyboard focuses, each attached to a seperate mouse and keyboard.

In the case of mouse only, it might still be possible with your virtual mouse pointer to give window commands, but without giving it the keyboard focus.

If you would also change the keyboard driver, so you get a 'virtual keyboard focus', everything typed on the second keyboard would be send to the window that has focus in the virtual focus, not to the window that windows thinks is the window with the focus..

So you would have to intercept all keyboard and mouse input from your secondary controls and your drivers will have to start sending out their own input windows messages, but without affecting the window that has the real focus.

I might be able to do the part with the messages and giving the windows the right commands, but I would not be able to write a driver that intercepts the input from the secondary mouse/keyboard and redirects it.
Jeroen Cuppen   2003-01-06 23:47
Thinking about it, maybe you don't need additional mice or keyboards. You could simply create a hot-key that toggles between your virtual and real focus

When you press the toggle key, the program will steal all mouse and keyboard input and give it to the virtual focus. So if you have mirc opened while playing a game, you can simply press the toggle hot-key, type what you want to type, and then change back to the real focus... It might work great...

I would be able to listen to all input using some kind of global hook, but I don't know if it is possible to completely lock mouse and keyboard input from the window with the focus.
GigaRoc   2003-01-13 11:56
That would be intresting
no kidding i have three mice and a pair of keybourds...

just don't ask

I don't like you....
beavepants   2003-01-14 02:20
well im not looking for being able to type. or i dont need it to work in game's

mainly i want in photoshop. to have one mouse for drawing. (or use a grafics tablet) and a 2nd mouse for clicking on tools. i realy dont even need to be able to click both at the same time. i just hate useing my grafics tablet to change tools.
Slibus   2003-01-22 05:31
That would be really awesome, thats what i could use. The game idea is really good, i would have a second mouse on my second screen so i can shift mp3s and what not.

But a mouse keyboard switch between monitors without minimizing the game on the primary would probably be the greatest thing in the world.
cracksloth   2003-01-23 17:24
two mice and keyboard inputs would be really useful. i have one monitor as my office computer and (generally) reserve the second (a tv in another room) for movies, mp3 playing, quick internet browsing, e-mail, and games. it is therefore possible to have one person having fun in the other room while i continue work (it is similar to having a cheap second computer that shares processing power). unfortunately, as was mentioned earlier, keyboard focus is a big problem. while movies can be watched, they can't type e-mails or steal my mouse away. if such a thing is possible, i would love to see it pursued!
beavepants   2003-02-19 03:16
"while movies can be watched, they can't type e-mails or steal my mouse away"

with some players you can watch a movie in one monitor and type in another... zoom player and power DVD can do it i know.

keyboard focus would be hard to edit in windows...

but would it be hard to make 2 mice with only one keyboard focus? sure it wont work for most games. but would work grate for photoshop, and spread sheets.
Michael Pugh   2003-03-06 18:55
Ive been looking for a way to get Asherons Call2 to work with dual monitors in fullscreen mode and this topic looked like the most likely to be of help. Has there been any developments in ultramon to allow gaming on one screen and irc email etc. on another w/o messing up the game?
Christian Studer   2003-03-07 03:22
UltraMon would make it easy to disable secondary monitors before running the game, and re-enable them after quitting the game.

UltraMon can't fix multi-monitor related issues with the game.

Christian Studer -
Steven Donald   2003-04-13 13:59
I would pay big money to have multiple mouse interfaces! I've been looking for something for a long time, and happened to stumble upon this forum, if this can be pursued at all, please try and tell me if it ever happens, i'm bookmarking this site right now!!
Joe   2003-05-07 17:26
I would LOVE to be able to have my two mice and two keyboards each have their own monitor, I have wished for such a thing for a long long time. Like he said, I could be playing a game on one, and move to the other monitor/keyboard/mouse and chat or administrate a server... :)
max   2003-05-11 21:42
2 mice are possible with win 98 natively (I think 1 serial+1 PS/2 and also 2 PS/2)
I don't know for XP.
It's not possible on win 2k.
Mr. M   2003-05-19 05:28
Hi all!

So, is there anyone who succeded in this mission? ;)

I would like to have another mouse and keyboard on second monitor too. And use them at the same time independently ofcourse (this is also great for two users!!)

Here is the idea: You first need graphic card with two ramdacs (like Radeon 9000Pro). There are DVI and analog output where you place two monitors.

Then you can buy cheap "converter" for $10 which lets you plug in second mouse and keyboard. You insert it in your graphic card infront monitor (Do not ask me which converter, becouse I do not know. Do you?).

Final step is just good software which lets you use all those things simultaneously.

Mr. M   2003-05-21 23:15
I find out that no special "converter" is needed. In fact for two users (two monitors, two mice and two keyborads) no special hardware is needed at all! You simply insert second mouse and keyborad into USB.

Everything you need is just good software, like BeTwin or something similar.

Joe   2003-05-30 11:37
I was hoping UltraMon would do something like that :)
Tom Riddle (no im not valdimort!)   2003-06-08 07:20
well, i love the big thinkers in here, and i want to see this project completed badly.

In response to virtual keyboard focuses, just use VMware, and it will do that with different operating systems. It works if you have even a half-way decent CPU.

But we need a quad processor board, virtual smp (vmware), multiple moniters, keyboards, and mice, and we need each monitor to host a virtual OS with indepentdant KVM imput! If this was possible, alot more would be accomplished in this world at a cheaper price!
Dj Blurr   2003-06-18 02:22
Hey Guys,
I wanted to ask if anyone knows how to go about getting two mouses to work on one machine. I am a Digital Dj and the result of having 2 mice would be benificial. The mixer I use has rotary nobs, and I want to see if I can use two mice to make one work against the other like a mixer.

If anyone knows of any software, or how to make this possible please let me know. I really would like to make it work for my music. Please send me an email to or
Theo   2003-09-01 23:12
Perhaps there could be some kind of solution using VirtualPC. I only started using it to play old games in a true DOS environment, but it is a very powerful piece of software with many other uses.

Perhaps someone should email Connectix the idea of allowing a separate keyboard and mouse to be used independently within a given VPC. Anyone who has a wireless USB keyboard and mouse, such as me, generally needs a PS/2 set connected for when it all goes wrong. The use of multiple monitors is spreading. It can't be too long before someone bites the bullet and sits down to work out how best to go about it.

Theo   2003-09-01 23:16
Of course this wouldn't help everyone - the two sets would effectively control separate computers, so no messenging/playlist control while you're gunning down people you don't know. Step in the right direction tho?

Joe   2004-03-11 19:11
Is this still being thought about?
Christian Studer   2004-03-12 07:12
I'm going to look into this for UltraMon 3, probably one of the later betas.

Christian Studer -
Harvey   2004-03-25 07:11
I too am desparate to be able to use 2 mice on one screen at the same time.

Has anyone got a solution?
I'd be eternally grateful!
m2h   2004-03-25 20:24
This already exists. You'll see it happening in a up and comming game called Rag Doll Kung Fu.

Quote for the site:
"I already have multiplayer working on a single machine – you can plug in up to eight mice (with a usb hub), and simulate all types of strange behaviour. (Thanks to J STOOKEY for that cool multi mice code he wrote for MAME!)"

So I guess the multi mice code was made for MAME originally. And being that MAME is opensource, perhaps one can reuse that portio of the code for a broader pupose?

m2h   2004-03-25 20:27
Jake Stookey

m2h   2004-03-25 20:33
Last post tonight.

"CPNMouse allows developers to use more than one pointing device in Windows 2000/XP applications, while maintaining backward compability with old applications."

Aaron   2004-04-09 13:32
i have been looking for something like this for awhile

a few links that seemed could be relevant
prometheusdt   2004-04-29 02:26
"Last post tonight.

"CPNMouse allows developers to use more than one pointing device in Windows 2000/XP applications, while maintaining backward compability with old applications."

what does this program do?
m2h   2004-05-05 15:49
prometheusdt: The drivers do exactly as it says it does. CPNMouse allows you to use more than one pointing device on a single computer. Meaning you can have more than one mouse pointer on screen doing different things. :)

-- m2h was here ;)
marc   2004-05-20 12:46
yeah but can't both of your eyes focus on one spot at the same time? :D
Joe   2004-09-24 13:09
Thanks for the links!
neil   2004-10-26 02:04
I've been using two mice on Windows for years.

The Cirque Touchpad driver supports connecting both a PS2 and a serial touchpad at the same time. (The drivers are from Windows 98; last time I looked Cirque hadn't written drivers for XP specifically.)

The touchpads don't even have to be the same models. I have one on the left side and one on the right side of my keyboard. There is only one pointer though. I can even use both touchpads at the same time, although it doesn't make much sense to do so.
vijay   2004-11-22 15:21
i have the program for multiple mouses with source code anybody interested?
Roel   2005-01-02 10:35
im interesteed
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