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Shane Wilks   2018-02-23 12:08
Is it possible with the UltraMon SDK to mirror an application window? For example, a windows form opens on a secondary monitor with a separate window on the primary monitor that reflects the changes to the original window.
Christian Studer   2018-02-25 13:19
Not with the SDK, but you could do this with UltraMon and the MirrorMon add-on.

Christian Studer -
Shane Wilks   2018-02-26 10:37
Great! Thank you for the response. I'll take a look at it.
Roger   2020-11-18 21:14
Not all applications can be mirrored using MirrorMon. Maxthon 5 or Mozilla Firefox are mirrored. But for example Google Chrome or CentBrowser and some others mirror black screen. Win10 x64, UltraMon 3.4.1 x64. There is a solution? Thanks.
Roger   2020-11-19 07:59
In UltraMon, the "Mirroring" menu also does not work. It also doesn't work with the "disable video overlays" setting.
Roger   2020-11-19 08:05
By the way, the Microsoft Edge (version 86.0.622.69 x64) browser is not mirrored either.
Christian Studer   2020-11-19 15:04
I'm seeing that as well with Edge, at the moment I don't see a solution except mirroring the whole monitor instead of only a specific window.

UltraMon and MirrorMon already use different methods to mirror only a window, and both don't work with Edge.

Christian Studer -
Roger   2020-11-19 22:07
Very sorry(

Also "mirroring - part of the desktop" does not work. Can't "grab the crosshair to select an area". This can only be done through the command-line arguments of the MirrorMon.
Christian Studer   2020-11-20 03:08
This works fine for me, position the mouse over the crosshair, then press and hold the left mouse button, then move the crosshair to the top-right corner of the area you want to mirror and press and hold the right mouse button as well to select the area.

Christian Studer -
Roger   2020-11-20 15:16
Thx, it really works like that.
Forums -> UltraMon™ SDK -> Mirroring single application window

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