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Mat   2003-04-02 03:07
Hey, i just wanted to know if there was some way to use a hotkey (or an icon in the quicklaunch), and have multiple programs open on different monitors. An example would be, if i had 3 monitors, and 3 websites that i always visit, instead of opening each window and going to the favorites and selecting them i could just use this program (i guess that's what i should call it) and it will open each website in it's own window, on it's own monitor. If this has already been asked sorry for the trouble. Oh and great program, i can't live without it anymore.
Christian Studer   2003-04-02 06:14
Hey Mat,

this can be done, but requires a custom script. I have uploaded a sample script:

You'll need to customize the script for your needs. On the first line, set BROWSER to the complete path/file name of your browser, the sample uses Internet Explorer.

The second line is the list of websites you want to open. You can add to this list if you have more than 3 monitors.

The third line sets the monitor on which the website should be opened. The first entry applies to the first entry in the websites list, etc.

You can then run the script using a hotkey by going to Options > Hotkeys and assigning a new 'Run application or script' hotkey.

To launch the script from the Quick Launch toolbar, create a shortcut to it and drag the shortcut to the toolbar.

Christian Studer -
Mat   2003-04-02 10:20
thanks a lot!
Mat   2003-04-02 10:28
is there a way i can get the windows to auto-maximize?
Christian Studer   2003-04-02 22:44
I have uploaded an updated version of the script which does this automatically (same .zip file).

If you don't want the browser windows to be maximized, set SHOW on line 5 to SHOWSTATE_NORMAL.

Christian Studer -
Tim   2005-10-12 23:42
Is there a way for this Script to allow us to open multiple applications on once monitor? In-other words can this open more than one site or app on each monitor so I could only do this one time? Thanks guys. Tim

Tim   2005-10-12 23:45
How can you make this run automatically out of ultramon during startup? Thanks, TIm

Tim   2005-10-12 23:52
Sorry for so many questions? Trying to figure this out? How would you open Applications using this? Thanks again. TIm

Christian Studer   2005-10-13 00:03
The easiest way to do this would be to use a simple batch (.bat) file.

Just add all the applications you want to start, for example:

start %WINDIR%\Notepad.exe
start %WINDIR%\system32\calc.exe

Then create a shortcut to the batch file, and place this shortcut in the Start Menu > Programs > Startup folder.

Christian Studer -
Tim   2005-10-13 03:09
I will try that. Thank you very much. Tim

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