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Lionel Modra   2019-08-19 22:46
I now have a two monitor set up. My primary monitor is a new 32" 3340x2160 in landscape orientation. The secondary monitor is an old 1600x1200 unit, in portrait orientation. Windows 10 display settings shows this secondary monitor in Portrait, but the Ultramon display settings dialog has the orientation line (which is showing landscape) greyed out. I haven't found a way to get Ultramon to show this monitor as being in portrait mode. This second monitor will not be enabled most of the time, so it is not a big deal. Lots of real estate in the primary. I'd like to be able to set it in portrait orientation in Ultramon settings, though!
Lionel Modra   2019-08-19 22:58
Aah, all I had to do was disable that 2nd monitor in Ultramon display settings dialog, then orientation switched automagically to portrait, and stayed that way when I re-enabled it. Problem solved!
Christian Studer   2019-08-21 14:22
Not sure why the wrong orientation would have been shown, but the orientation setting is disabled if UltraMon can't change the monitor's orientation.

Christian Studer -
Lionel Modra   2019-08-25 19:22
I normally do not have the 2nd monitor enabled.
It seems that it is now necessary to enable it in W10 Display Settings (by selecting "Extend these displays.)
After doing that it appears correctly in Ultramon's Display settings dialog.
My previous set up was 2 1920 x 1200 monitors as primary and secondary, always enabled, and the 3rd 1600 x 1200 monitor only enabled occasionally. All in Landscape orientation. I was then able to enable/disable the 3rd monitor with Ultramon's Display settings dialog, and did not need to go to the W10 Display Settings page.
I am now running the current Windows Insider build (18965.1005) and there may have been a change in the way the display settings are controlled. I have been using Insider builds since the 1st issued version and I always used Ultramon's Display Settings dialog to enable/disable the (normally disabled) monitor.
My 3840 x 2160 primary monitor is driven by an NVidia GTX 1660 card, the 1200 x 1600 by the onboard (Intel) graphics.
Just for information.
Christian Studer   2019-08-27 15:23
If you reboot with only the primary enabled, does UltraMon display settings just show a single monitor?

Christian Studer -
Lionel Modra   2019-08-28 03:17
I'm sending an email with screen grabs of what UltraMon's Displays Settings dialog shows
Robbedoes   2020-02-28 14:13
Hello Christian,

I have been experimenting with mirroring monitors lately.
Now, from your example scripts I noticed you provide two ways of using Mirroring:
- using MirrorMon.exe (add-on)
- using the UMMirrorClient.exe

Can you explain what is the difference? Or is the add-on an old (depricated) way of running mirroring (that led to the development of UMMirrorClient)...

Robbedoes   2020-02-28 14:15
Oops, sorry....
I meant to start a new question...

Robbedoes   2020-02-28 14:43
I do have a question about orientation as well...

I was trying to setup my iPhone as an extra screen on Windows 10.
I have it setup using spacedesk.
I am trying to setup a configuration where two extra devices are mirrored to a beamer,
so the presentation can be followed from a couple of positions where looking at the beamer is hard.

Now I may have made a mistake to start with, but I was facing similar problems as Lionel Modra.
My phone was configured as Landscape in Windows 10, but was shown Portrait in UltraMon.

Using an Android phone did function correct though, but I might have set the orientation on this device before I installed UltraMon to take care of the mirroring...
This configuration matched, and I did not fiddle around with it (never touch a running system).

I was surprised to find I could not get the configuration right for my iPhone...
When I tried to rotate it, all was OK, until I pressed "Keep changes".
Quite the opposite to what was supposed to happen, the settings would revert.
Not only the UltraMon setting was reverted, now the phone was also set back to Portrait in the Windows configuration.

I tried several times, but I could not get the iPhone "monitor" to be Landscape in UltraMona and kept corrupting the original Windows 10 configuration in the proces.

Do you have any idea what I can do to get this right?

Christian Studer   2020-02-29 14:55
MirrorMon works basically the same way as the regular mirroring feature, but it can also run in a window instead of fullscreen, which is the reason it's still available.

Regarding the screen orientation: does everything work fine if you set the orientation etc via Windows Display Properties instead of UltraMon? For example UltraMon mirroring works fine with the phone?

Christian Studer -
Robbedoes   2020-03-01 03:23
Thank you for your information.

Apart from the window orientation everything works fine from UltraMon.

Christian Studer   2020-03-03 15:32
If you can run a debug monitor such as DebugView, you could troubleshoot this further by enabling debug output for UltraMon.

To do this, run regedit.exe, then go to the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon Components and create a new DWORD value named DebugOutput and set it to 1. After restarting UltraMon, changing display settings such as the orientation will output diagnostic information to the debug viewer.

Christian Studer -
Robbedoes   2020-06-11 00:53
Sorry Christian,

I missed your reply.
The COVID#19 thing came with other priorities too...
As soon as I have time (might not be next week ;-)) I will have a go at this and provide you the necessary information. Thanx!
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