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G_Voima   2004-01-11 06:31
It works just fine.
But, the winamp wont show on secondary taskbar?
No matter what i do, it's allways on the primary monitors taskbar.
Christian Studer   2004-01-11 19:34
Thanks for the bug report, I've been able to reproduce the issue and will look into it for the next release.

Christian Studer -
Corey Henderson   2004-01-22 13:27
I sometimes have the main winamp window disappear and I just right click the winamp icon in the tray and click off "main window" and click it back on again, when it will appear on the primary window and then I can move it over safely.
Allan Ziegler   2004-01-24 04:21
I just right click on the winamp taskbar button and click move to other moniter, then it moves over. Not just the player, but the taskbar button as well.
Christian Studer   2004-02-09 20:57
Update: this issue has been fixed in Winamp 5.02.

Christian Studer -
G_Voima   2004-02-10 20:29
Not working with me =/
But no matter...after I get the third monitor. Then I'll format and test it again. =)
Matt   2004-03-31 14:01
I've got the latest version of both Ultramon and Winamp 5, and I'm still seeing winamp showing on the primary monitor taskbar. Even try to force it to move to the secondary monitor doesn't work.
Christian Studer   2004-04-01 05:10
Seems to depend on the configuration, I just tested again with UltraMon 2.4 and Winamp 5.03, if Winamp starts on a secondary monitor, the task button is added on the primary monitor if the media library isn't open.

Moving Winamp to the primary monitor and back fixes the problem.

Will be fixed in the next release if possible.

Christian Studer -
Jussi Palo   2004-04-16 18:36
Unable to reproduce this with Winamp 5.03 either.
wbarber69   2004-05-25 11:38
using Ultramon 2.5 And Winamp 5.03
wbarber69   2004-05-25 11:40
moving to other monitor works fine but if I get anywhere near the main winamp window it reverts back to primary
Matthew Doucette   2004-06-07 06:39
I have Winamp 5.03a and Ultramon 2.5 ( and Winamp still appears in the primary taskbar when displayed on the secondary monitor (with Smart Taskbar enabled.)
Christian Studer   2004-06-07 08:24
Works fine for me with Winamp 5.03a and UltraMon 2.5, if Winamp starts on the secondary monitor with the UltraMon taskbar, the task is on the UltraMon taskbar.

What operating system are you using? I tested on Windows XP SP1.

Christian Studer -
Matthew Doucette   2004-07-18 14:01
Christian, sorry for the delayed reply, I only just read this right now.

Winamp works properly now. I'm not sure what the difference is. Let me check the version numbers:

Winamp: v5.03a
Ultramon: v2.5 (
Matthew Doucette   2004-07-18 14:04
Now that I see my previous post, I see that the versions of both software are the same. Weird.

I'm sorry that I am unable to replicate this "bug", if it was ever a bug at all. Seeing that it now works for me, when it did not before, I guess it's safe to assume that there is no bug.

All I can do is post here if I ever reproduce this "bug", as everything seems fine now.
Matthew Doucette   2004-07-18 14:05
(I apologize for three posts in a row, I would edit them if I could.)

I forgot to answer what my O/S was. It's Windows XP Home edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 1, with just about every update installed besides Messenger-related updates.
Kyle   2004-08-02 08:03
Winamp 5.04 pro (latest)
Ultramon 2.5 (latest)

Main window just disappears and I can't get it back.
Christian Studer   2004-08-03 07:15
Does this happen when you move Winamp to a different monitor by right-clicking the task button and selecting the Move to Monitor command?

Christian Studer -
Kyle   2004-08-06 02:28
It still didn't show up, but I found my own ways of getting it back.(Rearranging the monitors in windows display profile)

I have another problem now though. When I dock Winamp to the bottom of my left monitor, it doesnt dock in the right spot. It docks halfway off the screen. So the bottom of winamp is cutoff but that is the way it docks to the monitor. I have tried the full screen video tweaks in my video card to no success. It does the same thing on my right monitor too.
Christian Studer   2004-08-06 06:38
That's most likely an issue with Winamp, and would need to be fixed in Winamp. UltraMon won't help with this.

Christian Studer -
Kyle   2004-08-06 09:03
Ok, Thx.
pixelfreak   2004-10-19 23:23
If you use Winamp 5 Modern Skin you will see it on primary taskbar, but if you change to the classic skin it will work fine for me... i hope the support of the modern version will be work soon.
Christian Studer   2004-10-20 04:46
Make sure you have UltraMon 2.5 installed, Winamp 5.05 with modern skin works fine for me with the Smart Taskbar.

Christian Studer -
Nick Borgmeyer   2004-11-16 07:00
I am running UltraMon 2.5 and Winamp 5.05. I am trying to get winamp to dock as a toolbar/taskbar on my secondary display, but it always docks back to the primary display. I have an NVidia Quadro FX 500. I have previously used nView desktop manager but now have it disabled now that I am using ultamon. I am also using StyleXP (in case this effects anything).

Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks.

Nick Borgmeyer
Christian Studer   2004-11-17 02:07
Do you want to add Winamp to the taskbar as a toolbar?

The Smart Taskbar doesn't support toolbar docking, this feature will be added in UltraMon 3 (might not work with all toolbars).

Christian Studer -
stetser   2004-11-17 08:49
I've had this problem throughout all my winamp and UltraMon versions. Currently I'm running UltraMon and winamp 5.05. No matter what, the winamp title bar will always revert to the primary monitor. This seems to only be an issue when using modern skins. I've been using both winamp and ultramon for a very long time, and this problem has prevailed throughout all the versions (including windows) I can remember. Currently I'm running XP SP2, although it has happened on SP1 and pre-SP versions, as well. I've just learned to live with it, but it is kind of yucky =\ A fix would be greatly appreciated.
Christian Studer   2004-11-18 02:17
Works fine for me, the Winamp window can be moved to any monitor.

My guess would be that this is due to a configuration option in Winamp, UltraMon won't restrict application movement.

Christian Studer -
JayVee   2005-02-21 03:15
I have the same problem:
Modern skins disply the task in the primary task bar, classic skins work fine.

This is really weird:
- Move WinAmp with a classic to your secondary display
- Change to modern skin
- WA windows stays on secondary, task is moved to primary bar
- Right click on the task and select "move to other monitor"

--> The task is moved correctly. However, you get a classic window in the top left corner!
As soon as it disappears (click on the modern window), the task moves to the primary task bar.

I posted this bug on the WinAmp Bug Forums but got no response. my bug report

ASCII stupid questions, get a stupid ANSI
Dave   2007-04-06 15:06
I found that redocking the main winamp window to the bottom of the offscreen window will allow you to pull it back (assuming you can dock to the window).

Kinda sucks as this problem has apparently been around since 2004, I think I am going to look for another product to replace this, sadly.
drhase   2010-03-19 00:52
Hey. If I have Winamp opened and push my 'swap to secondary monitor' hotkey, it will move only the focused window, so for example the main window without playlist, media library etc.
is there a way to change this behaviour for winamp (using WA 5.541 (x86) with ultramon 3.0.10) ?

otherwise: may you cosider to build such a feature, that allows to move the whole docked-together winamp complex (so the whole application) to secondary screen on hotkey ?
drhase   2010-03-19 04:44
forget 'bout it, i managed to write a script..
eric   2010-03-26 01:29
drhase, would you be able to share that script? i have the same problem with moving winamp & am not so technically inclined. thanks.
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