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friet   2004-01-24 10:06

is it possible to change the wallpapers with hotkeys?

Under wallpapers I have:


Can i change between them with hotkeys or shortcuts?

Christian Studer   2004-01-25 06:13
I have uploaded a script which does this, each time you run the script the next UltraMon wallpaper gets activated:

You might need to edit the third line of the script, this is the location of UltraMonDesktop.exe.

You can run the script with a hotkey (UltraMon Options > Hotkeys, new 'Run application or script' hotkey), or through a shortcut.

Christian Studer -
confused user   2005-01-22 05:54
I downloaded the script.. but it doesn't do anything -- it loads up with no errors.... but the wallpapers never change. What folder MUST I put the available wallpapers in? I installed UltraMon in the default location. Any suggestions??
Christian Studer   2005-01-23 01:53
Make sure you have created multiple UltraMon wallpapers (click on 'New wallpaper'), by default only a single wallpaper is available.

Christian Studer -
Seth Brower   2005-04-07 13:57
Thanks for the work on this, but ive run in to an issue, ive gotten an assortment of wallpapers set up, but it still doesnt want to change from on to the other, ive adjusted the file location as you indicated, but still no go.
Christian Studer   2005-04-08 03:47
The script only switches between per-user wallpapers, if all your wallpapers are shared ones, the script will not work.

Let me know if that's the case, it would be easy to modify the script to switch shared wallpapers instead.

Christian Studer -
Mike   2005-05-15 15:38
Yes, I would be really handy if I could use shared wallpapers as well.

Christian Studer   2005-05-17 04:15
I have uploaded a new version of the script which switches between wallpapers from both the user and shared folders.

User wallpapers get enumerated first, then the shared ones.

Christian Studer -
Devon   2006-02-20 08:14

I found the Wallpaper changer script and it works great.

The only difference I wanted was a random amount of time instead of it always changing every X minutes.

So I modified the script and here it is:

' Original Script by Christian Studer ' Modified by Devon O'Connor on Feb. 20, 2006 ' - Added Random time changes. Option Explicit Const ShortINTERVAL = 1 'Shortest interval between wallpaper changes in minutes Const LongINTERVAL = 60 'Longest interval between wallpaper changes in minutes Const UMDESKTOP_EXE = "%ProgramFiles%\UltraMon\UltraMonDesktop.exe" function RndNum(hi, lo) Randomize RndNum = Int((hi - lo + 1) * Rnd + lo) end Function Dim sh, fso Set sh = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") 'get the location of the user and shared wallpaper folders Dim dirWps(1) dirWps(0) = sh.RegRead("HKCU\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\Wallpaper\Wallpaper Directory") dirWps(1) = sh.RegRead("HKLM\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\Wallpaper\All Users Wallpaper Directory") Dim i For i = 0 To UBound(dirWps) If Right(dirWps(i), 1) <> "\" Then dirWps(i) = dirWps(i) & "\" Next Do While True 'enumerate available wallpapers Dim fldWp, fileWp, nextOne, nextWp, firstWp, fileWpFullName For i = 0 To UBound(dirWps) Set fldWp = fso.GetFolder(dirWps(i)) For Each fileWp In fldWp.Files If Right(fileWp.Name, 10) = ".wallpaper" Then fileWpFullName = dirWps(i) & fileWp.Name 'load next wallpaper Dim cmd : cmd = """" & UMDESKTOP_EXE & """ /load " & fileWpFullName sh.Run cmd 'wait random amount of time. WScript.Sleep RndNum(LongINTERVAL, ShortINTERVAL) * 60 * 1000 End If Next Next Loop

Hopefully someone else will find this useful. ;)

Just set the short and long interval times, and you're good to go.

Christian Studer   2006-02-20 08:24
Thanks for sharing the script!

Christian Studer -
Shaun   2006-09-14 03:09
Is there a way change it from minutes to seconds for the auto change? TIA!
Christian Studer   2006-09-14 08:49
To do this for the ChangeWallpaperAuto.vbs script, open the script in a text editor, then change line 34 from

WScript.Sleep INTERVAL * 60 * 1000


WScript.Sleep INTERVAL * 1000

Christian Studer -
Shaun   2006-09-16 09:09
I'm getting this error:

Script: C:\Program Files\UltraMon\Shortcuts\ChangeWallpaperAuto.vbs
Line: 12
Char: 1
Error: Invalid root in registry key "D:\My Documents\My Wallpapers".
Code: 80070003
Source: WshShell.RegRead

I guess, do I need to set-up a seperate profile for EVERY wallpaper in that directory? Thats gonna be... A ton... I thought that this just looked at that folder, and ran with what was in it? Unless I'm mistaken? Thanks again!!! =D
Shaun   2006-09-16 09:17
Ok, fixed it! Just changed the path in the registry to look to that D:\My Documents\Wallpapers

Now... I've only got two pictures that change... Is there a way to make it automatically look at each picture in the directory? Thanks again! LoL!
Christian Studer   2006-09-17 00:52
Unfortunately that's not supported, UltraMon can only switch between existing UltraMon wallpapers, and can't generate new ones randomly from other images.

Support for this will be considered for UltraMon 3.

Christian Studer -
Shaun   2006-09-17 07:19
No problem then, I'll only pick the ones I REALLY like till the new one comes out...

However... Having said that, whenever I create a profile, it makes up to three copies of the same one, its really odd. Any ideas, short of reformat? LoL! Thanks again!
Christian Studer   2006-09-18 10:28
Do you see multiple copies of the display profile under UltraMon menu > Display Profiles?

Christian Studer -
SteelWolf   2007-04-21 16:56
I see that currently UltraMon doesn't support "creating" wallpapers from a folder of pictures, but would it be possible to get the current script functionality integrated into a widget like this? I've been enjoying UltraMon Pro ever since I got my dual-monitor setup but I've had to give up my constantly changing wallpapers. At any rate, I'm looking forward to UltraMon 3 where hopefully we can point it to a folder of pictures and have it randomly pick different images to display on each screen.
Christian Studer   2007-04-22 09:05
A wallpaper changer will be considered for UltraMon 3.

With UltraMon 2.7.1, you could do this with the UltraMon Wallpaper Auto Changer script.

Christian Studer -
benway   2007-05-02 22:47
From another post:
What you need is Multi-Show.

This is a free utility especially for changing the wallpaper at given intervals on your second monitor. And it's free. I've been using this for some time and it works flawlessly with little ram usage. UltraMon would do well to incorporate this.
xavier   2007-05-14 10:52
I rewrote the lines in the script to the following:

dirWps(0) = sh.RegRead("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\Wallpaper\Wallpaper Directory")
dirWps(1) = sh.RegRead("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\Wallpaper\Wallpaper Directory")

And now Beta 3 will once again change automatically the background image.
up10ad   2007-05-24 00:39
I run the script and it fails when reading HKCU. The first problem was that my beta 3 release uses ...UltraMon\3.0.0\wallpaper... (I had to add the 3.0.0) but now it is looking for the key field 'Wallpaper Directory' which doesn't exist. I have 'Current Wallpaper' and 'Image Directory' but no 'Wallpaper Directory'. I do have two wallpaper profiles set up.

TIA for your help!

up10ad   2007-05-24 01:10
I got it working! The release notes reference the .wallpaper files being saved in the User\Roaming application data folder. I added a HKCU filed for 'Wallpaper Directory' and set it to my roaming application data folder. For some reason I also had to remove the dirWps(1)fromthe script, even after changing it to the same 'Wallpaper Directory'.

I'm sure there is a cleaner way to implement this, but it is working fine for now.
up10ad   2007-05-25 01:06
Still working well, but often when it changes screen elements blink. It blinks various elements in running programs, like the address bar in IE on occasion and sometimes dialog boxes. Any video loaded in IE or media player also blinks at every change.

Any ideas why?
Christian Studer   2007-05-25 10:28
Seems to be an issue with Windows or the applications, you'll get the same behavior when changing the wallpaper manually via Control Panel > Personalization.

Christian Studer -
vary   2007-05-29 21:49
to Devon
thanks for script.
Alex   2008-05-17 01:10
Using the Changewallpaper.vbs script;

I've got the script but can't quite understand how to edit it to work with my PC.

I get an Error at line 28, Char 2 of Path not found.

I think its this line
Dim fldWp, fileWp, nextOne, nextWp, firstWp, fileWpFullName

My ultramon directory is D:\Utilities\Ultra Mon and my Wallpapers are in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Shared Wallpapers.

Am I doing something wrong?
Alex   2008-05-17 01:26
Ignore that folks - I installed Ultramon 3 beta and then used the Changewallpaper2.vbs script - it works fine now.

One question about that script though - it seems to just scroll through the wallpapers in order. Is there anyway for it to select them randomly instead?
newbite   2008-08-31 20:49
is it possible to mod the script to change wallpaper in reverse order?

with the original script and hot keys, user could change wallpaper more easy and directly. like: ctrl+atl+up and down key.

anybody could do this?
Alex   2009-10-02 12:46
I got it all working just fine "WallpaperChangerAuto2" with ultramon 3 and I'm really thankful for both this script and foremost this application!

I'm also very interested in a possobility to make the load order random.

icke   2010-02-17 05:40
Hey all,

unfortunately I don't find any option with Ultramon 3.0.0 to use the wallpaperchanger?! :( Would you be so pleasant and list a guidance how to use or create that? Thanks in advance!

Deltarr   2018-02-23 07:45

I'm using the script to change wallpaper (either using it as macro on a hotkey or using the auto change). It works great but I'd like it to randomize the wallpapers (either by using manual or automatic script)

Can someone edit the script to do that, if possible ?
Christian Studer   2018-02-25 13:24
The 'UltraMon Wallpaper Auto Changer 2' script supports this, see the comments at the top of the script for details.

Christian Studer -
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