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Mattylad   2004-09-02 02:11
Hello, Have a problem using Ultramon over 2 monitors.

I am trying to run GC-Place & GC-Prevue (Gerber viewing/editing programs for the PCB industry) on my PC.

When I start the programs they spread out over both screens, they cannot be reduced in size, they insist on using the maximum screen available.

Is it possible to either run a batch file to disable the 2nd monitor, run the program, then enable the 2nd monitor.
Or specify a program that will only use the primary monitor & be fooled into not knowing about the 2nd one?

Software available here if anyone wants to try.

Christian Studer   2004-09-02 08:13
Disabling the secondary monitor before launching GC-PREVUE seems to have the desired effect, you can do this easily by configuring custom display settings for the application:

1) right-click the application's shortcut and select Properties from the menu

2) select the UltraMon - Display tab and
click 'use custom settings'

3) select the secondary monitor and disable it, then check 're-enable disabled monitors after' and enter the number of seconds UltraMon should wait before re-enabling secondary monitors

When you start the application using the customized shortcut, UltraMon will disable the secondary monitor, launch the application, then re-enable the secondary monitor.

Christian Studer -
Mattylad   2004-09-03 01:35
I didn't know abot those tabs, that works well.
if used by starting the shortcut first.
however, I use the program by double clicking on the file thats associated with it.

And the program itself does not have Utramon tabs in its properties.

Any further sugestions,

Christian Studer   2004-09-04 02:32
UltraMon doesn't support this directly, but it would be possible to do it via a custom script.

The registry would need to be modified so that the custom script gets started when you click on a .gwk file. The script would then disable secondary monitors, launch the specified file, and re-enable secondary monitors.

Let me know if you are interested in this. You'll need administrator privileges on the system to make the registry changes, and you'll need to be able to run .vbs scripts.

Christian Studer -
Mattylad   2004-09-05 23:18
Yes I am interested please.

I have admin priveledges on XP Pro.

Christian Studer   2004-09-06 06:20
I have uploaded a script,

You'll need to adjust the first line of the script so that it points to gcprevue.exe on your system.

After editing the script, go to the registry key 'HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\GC-PREVUE.workfile\shell\open\command' and make a backup of the (Default) value.

Then replace the default value with the following:

wscript.exe "<full path/file name of OpenGwk.vbs>" "%1"

The next time you open a .gwk file, the OpenGwk.vbs script will get executed instead of gcprevue.exe.

Christian Studer -
Mattylad   2004-09-06 19:51
Thankyou, I'll try that.

Mattylad   2004-09-06 20:13

It's a bit awkward on the eyes watching the screens whizzing about but works well.

I actually have it running GCplace rather than prevue but works exactly the same.

After "Const LAUNCH_WAIT = 5"

will "Const REENABLE_WAIT = 10" have waited 5 seconds before it executes?

I'm fudging the times to make it quicker,
"Const LAUNCH_WAIT = 1"
seems to work nice & fast.

Thankyou very much.

Christian Studer   2004-09-07 02:44
LAUNCH_WAIT is the delay between disabling secondary monitors and launching the application.

This is to ensure that the monitors have been disabled before the application is started.

REENABLE_WAIT is the delay between application startup and re-enabling of secondary monitors.

A delay of more than zero seconds ensures that the application has already started and finished initialization when the secondary monitors get re-enabled.

Christian Studer -
Mattylad   2004-09-08 18:30
Ok Thankyou.

I'm tweaking the values as I come across bigger files that need longer to initialise it.


Mattylad   2004-09-29 01:23
Hello again, the above is working fine.

However can I ask for more help in a similar vein (albeit not directly Ultramon problem).

I have GC-Prevue installed which is the freeware viewer, I also have GC-Place installed which is it's big daddy - paid for editing program.

With GC-Place installed after GC-Prevue, I had to make the change so that GC-Place is the program thats associated with GWK files & opens files using the script (modified to match filenames).

The way I actually use GC-Prevue is that I have an additional command in the file association, to right click & "open with GC-Prevue" which then opens in the viewer.

However, this has the original problem of not being multi monitor compatable.

Can anyone explain to me how I get a 2nd action (right click) command to use a script(as per the original filenames).


Christian Studer   2004-09-29 02:35
Most likely the 'open with GC-Prevue' command also has a subkey under the registry key 'HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\<filetype>\shell', you could then change the value of the command subkey as described above so that the script gets run instead of the application.

Christian Studer -
Mattylad   2004-09-29 23:58
Yes thats it, thankyou Christian.

David   2008-01-12 12:05
Hi, I've just installe UltraMon on my computer, and after installation when the little bubble comes up near the task bar, it freezes. I then restart my computer, and the resalution goes to less then 800x600, and its on the lowest colour quality. It comes up with a message when going into properties, and the settings, it says that the graphics drivers for this card have been written for an older version of windows, and it has reverted to the vga drivers that come with the computer. I tryed resintalling the graphics card but no luck. All applications then crash after opening them. Saying that an error has occoured and needs to close. I have to do a system restore to restore my computer back to about a week ago and then it seems to work..?!?!

Im running a ASUS Nvidia Geforce 7300 GS (PCI-E 16x), 1GB RAM, 740GB hard disk(s), XP Pro, and the two monitors are a Samsung SM913N (primary)connected via VGA and a brand new Samsung SM2032MW connected via DVI.

Thanks alot for any help!
David   2008-01-12 12:07
and it wont let me make the resalutions higher or change the colour quality after install this ultramon and restarting.. (forgot to add that in)
Christian Studer   2008-01-13 08:21
This seems to be a compatibility issue with UltraMon's mirroring feature, see this thread for more information.

Christian Studer -
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