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Adam S   2004-12-30 03:46
Is it possible to have the smart taskbar automatically disabled with logged into an XP Pro machine remotely (via Terminal Services aka Remote Desktop)? Thanks.
Christian Studer   2004-12-30 07:43
Not directly, but it would be possible to create a script which stops the Smart Taskbar if only a single monitor is enabled.

The Smart Taskbar doesn't do anything though when only a single monitor is enabled. If you have taskbar-related issues when connecting remotely, make sure you have installed UltraMon 2.5, there were some issues with earlier versions (see this thread for example).

If you are interested in a script for stopping the Smart Taskbar, let me know.

Christian Studer -
Adam S   2004-12-30 09:46
When I am at home and have two monitors, the smart taskbar shows up on the second monitor with just the apps running on that screen.

When I'm logging in remotely and the smart taskbar has still been enabled, it overlays on top of my regular taskbar, showing programs that had previously been on the second monitor, but Windows shifted to the single monitor. (Confusing?)

So until I disable the smart taskbar, it makes accessing programs difficult. So yes, I would be very interested in disabling the smart taskbar by script -- maybe in a way that can be linked to a remote login detection -- then restoring it upon local login.

Many thanks!
Christian Studer   2004-12-31 00:11
This could happen if the UltraMon taskbar is on the primary monitor.

Moving the Windows taskbar to the primary monitor and the UltraMon taskbar to the secondary monitor should fix the problem.

After moving the UltraMon taskbar, right-click it and adjust the 'Show Tasks from' setting, otherwise it will still show tasks from the primary monitor.

A script to stop the Smart Taskbar would only help partially, you would still need to manually move the Windows taskbar back to its original position after logging in locally again.

Let me know if changing the position of the taskbars is not an option.

Christian Studer -
Adam S   2004-12-31 01:40
No, that's essentially what I'm doing now. But since remotely only one monitor is active, it helps to have the entire thing turned off, so I can access the system tray/start button. Thanks.
Christian Studer   2004-12-31 08:36
I have uploaded a script which stops the Smart Taskbar if only a single monitor is enabled:

You'll need to run it manually though, putting a shortcut into the Startup folder won't work if the local session hasn't been ended when you login remotely.

The script shouldn't be necessary though if you have the Windows taskbar on the primary monitor and the UltraMon taskbar on the secondary, there's probably some issue with the Smart Taskbar configuration.

Please send me the system information from UltraMon's About dialog (UltraMon menu > About), and the Smart Taskbar settings to

To save the Smart Taskbar settings to a file, run regedit.exe, select the key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\Smart Taskbar', then select File\Export from the menu and save the key to a .reg file.

Christian Studer -
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