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Dennis   2005-01-09 16:52
Is there a way to add a feature to the explorer send-to-menu, so that i.e. I can open test.txt in monitor #2 by right clicking it in the explorer using the send to menu?
A commandline parameter would be nice. I.e.
ultramon /o [filename] [monitor number]
Christian Studer   2005-01-10 05:02
I have uploaded a script which does this:

You could then place a batch file into the SendTo folder which runs the script as follows:

"C:\Temp\OpenDocOnMonX.vbs" %1 2

%1 is a placeholder for the name of the file which was right-clicked, and 2 is the monitor number.

Christian Studer -
James   2005-01-14 16:00
I like the scirpt, but have a question. Set it up with bat file like you said. A bat for each of 4 monitors. It works for text files but not for say opening a url to a specific window or a program. Did I do something wrong or is that simply a limitation oif the script.
Christian Studer   2005-01-15 02:36
I have replaced the script with an updated version which supports this.

By default, URLs get opened in Internet Explorer. If you want to use a different browser, you'll need to modify line 6 in the script.

Christian Studer -
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