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Astral   2005-06-03 00:59
Hi folks,

I have my laptop (primary monitor, I assume) docked and running a second monitor, which is much bigger. I really use my laptop's monitor as a "secondary" monitor, since it's much smaller.

I run the windows taskbar on my bigger external monitor, and the smart taskbar on the smaller laptop screen.

I see two inconvenient behaviors:


When I undock the laptop, it loses the external screen, and the normal taskbar moves to the laptop screen. The smart taskbar then gets stacked on top. I have to manually turn off the smart taskbar.

I would like the smart taskbar to disappear in this case.

2) When I dock the laptop after undocking, the laptop turns off the laptop screen and uses the external LCD as the main screen. Then, I click on my saved "dual monitor" profile, which properly loads up my wallpapers and screen resolutions. However, the taskbars get moved to the laptop screen (I know that they are probably staying on the same desktop, it's just the desktop being moved) and I have to manually relocate the Windows taskbar to the external monitor.

I would like the profiles to save the positions of the smart taskbars and the Windows taskbar, such that the profile load does the move and I don't have to do anything after the profile is loaded.

Is there any way to achieve this with scripts maybe?

I just began evaluating this program because my built-in nVidia nView software does not allow for "smart taskbar" or for separate wallpaper per monitor. However, nView's profile feature does save and restore the position of the main taskbar (so I hope that means that it's not impossible :) ).
Christian Studer   2005-06-03 07:55
1) This has been fixed for the 2.6 release.

2) You can't do this with display profiles, but it would be possible to use a script to move the Windows taskbar. Please note that this might not always work.

Let me know if you are interested in a script for moving the Windows taskbar. The script could also apply the display profile, then move the Windows taskbar.

Christian Studer -
Astral   2005-06-06 05:05
Hi, I would definitely be interested in the script to move the Windows taskbar (and apply the profile).
Christian Studer   2005-06-07 09:23
I have uploaded a script which first applies a display profile, then moves the Windows taskbar: ApplyProfileAndMoveWinTbar

You'll need to edit at least the first two lines of the script (profile name and monitor for Windows taskbar).

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Docked/undocked smart taskbar behavior

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