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Gavin   2006-01-12 16:54
Hi all,

I have a Colorview GT8 video card connected to 4 monitors (8 later). I want to show a web browser in full screen mode over all monitors.

I can maximise the browser (tried Firefox, IE, and others) across all 4 monitors, but as soon as I press F11, the browser just goes back to one.

I've tried all the settings in the GT8 drivers and UltraMon without success.

Anyone know of a solution?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Christian Studer   2006-01-13 10:27
I have uploaded a script which opens a website maximized across the desktop in fullscreen mode in IE: IeDesktopMaximized

You'll need to set the first line of the script to the website you want to display.

Christian Studer -
Gavin   2006-01-14 15:41

Thank you so much!! It's perfect!
Gavin   2006-02-16 23:55
Hi Christian,

Is it possible to modify the IeDesktopMaximized script to work with Firefox? IE leaves a vertical scrollbar, which is really starting to bug me.
Christian Studer   2006-02-17 00:39
The script uses an IE-specific feature, but what would work with Firefox is a Maximize to Desktop hotkey.

Go to UltraMon Options > Hotkeys and create a hotkey for the 'Maximize window to desktop' action, then start Firefox, switch it to fullscreen mode, and press the hotkey. The fullscreen window will then get stretched across the desktop.

Please note that this won't work with IE.

Christian Studer -
Brian   2013-10-12 03:49
Can It work in Chrom ato ?
Christian Studer   2013-10-12 15:03
I couldn't get this working with Chrome, it seems to prevent other applications from resizing its window when in fullscreen mode. The normal Chrome window can be maximized to the desktop via UltraMon.

Christian Studer -
Rob   2014-01-30 04:49
How do you set the posBottom to take into account the taskbar? I like the idea I can maximize to 2 monitors, but would like it to maximize to taskbar.
Christian Studer   2014-01-30 13:44
You can do this by using the workspace properties instead, for example sys.WorkspaceHeight instead of sys.DesktopHeight.

The monitor object supports this as well, use mon.WorkHeight instead of mon.Height.

For a list of available properties see UltraMon menu > Help > Scripting > Reference, or the documentation from the SDK.

Christian Studer -
Graham   2014-08-28 05:37
Is there a way I can get this to loop say 4 webpages?

as per below but have it constantly loop round?

ie.Navigate URL1
WScript.Sleep 10000
ie.Navigate URL2
WScript.Sleep 10000
ie.Navigate URL3
WScript.Sleep 10000
ie.Navigate URL4
WScript.Sleep 10000
Christian Studer   2014-08-28 15:42
That should work fine, you can just put your code into a Do While loop:

Do While True ie.Navigate URL1 WScript.Sleep 10000 ie.Navigate URL2 WScript.Sleep 10000 ie.Navigate URL3 WScript.Sleep 10000 ie.Navigate URL4 WScript.Sleep 10000 Loop

Christian Studer -
herve   2016-01-22 02:55
hi, i've 2 screen (1920/1080 50p) places one above the other.

I try to make the script but i've a error when i launch.
can you help me to create the script?

Christian Studer   2016-01-22 12:52
Are you using the IeDesktopMaximized script?

Christian Studer -
herve   2016-01-24 07:35
yes i use this for the base but nothing.
wich extention you use for create a script?
Christian Studer   2016-01-24 16:32
File extension for scripts is .vbs

What happens if you just run the script directly, without modifying it? IeDesktopMaximized should create a desktop-sized IE window and open

Christian Studer -
herve   2016-01-28 00:57
hi, i create with extension .VBS, in my laptop it's right (windows 7) but in my final config in Windows 10, the image is not full screen.
the image is the image is shifted on top.
we don't see the begenning but on the bottom we se one part of the desktop
Christian Studer   2016-01-28 13:43
I'm seeing that as well on one of my Windows 10 systems, but on the other it works fine.

Unfortunately I don't know what might cause this, I thought it might be related to display scaling (Start menu > Settings > System > Display, Size of Text not set to 100%), but that doesn't seem to be the case.

As a workaround you could modify the script to shift the window down a bit, you'll need to change line 33 as follows:

wnd.Top = posTop + 250

The 250 pixels fixed the issue on my system, you may need to use a different value.

Christian Studer -
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