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Matt   2006-03-30 03:46
I'm using the MultiBrowser script to open up 9 different IE windows and deploy them to the appropriate screens. The script works great, I've modified it to open up IE in kiosk (fullscreen) mode, and I've added in the appropriate links and monitor numbers for my situation.

The problem is, it only works once. If I have to close the windows and update the computer, when I re-run the script, it gets confused as to which monitor is which, and opens up 3-4 windows on one monitor, 2 windows on another, and then the rest on a third or fourth monitor.

If I reboot the computer and run it again, it works fine.

Is there anything I can add to the script to prevent this?

Christian Studer   2006-03-30 09:36
Unfortunately I don't know what might cause the problem, haven't seen this myself so far.

But I have uploaded a new script, MultiBrowser2, which uses a different approach to launch and position the IE instances, and shouldn't have this problem.

You'll also need to adjust sites and monitors on the first 2 lines of the script for your needs, same as with the original script.

The new script also has an additional feature, it can change the content of the IE windows at a set interval.

To use this feature, just list all the sites you want to use, then set INTERVAL on line 3 to the number of seconds between site changes.

To disable the feature, set INTERVAL to zero.

Christian Studer -
Matt   2006-04-03 00:04
That new script does fix the issue I was having with the windows going to the wrong screens. However, the previous script opened up a new IE process for each browser, rather than one huge IE process. This was highly beneficial for stability and CPU usage, seeing that the computer could split the processes between the two processors.

Obviously I'm not much of a script guru, but is there a way to open up a new IE process with each window like the previous script?

Christian Studer   2006-04-03 09:19
I'm not aware of a way to do this, except for creating a distinct script for each monitor, which only creates the IE instance for that monitor.

Are you sure there's a performance difference? Most likely IE will create a thread for each instance, the operating system could then run as many threads in parallel as you have CPUs.

Christian Studer -
Matt   2006-04-03 23:28
Well, it seemed to drop the overall CPU usage, but the main reason the separate processes helped was stability. We are troubleshooting a possible bug that was causing IE to randomly close. Once the processes were split up, only a single instance would close, rather than all.

The problem we are facing doesn't seem to have anything to do with UltraMon though.

Thanks for the help.

josh   2009-08-24 11:02
Just started playing with UltraMon 3.07beta to see if it will launch three IE7 windows in full screen using different URLs. I've used the Multibrowser3 script and adjusted for my intended setup.

In my case I'm having all three instances run in the intended monitors but all three show up as blank screens. Then a popup IE runs and displays all three URLS in tabs, but it isn't in full screen and only on the first monitor executed.

The OS in this case is Vista Business 64bit SP1.

Ideally I want four instances of IE7 running. Three running fullscreen on monitors 2, 3, and 4. One running 50% horizontal on monitor 1. The remaining 50% to be an instance of Outlook 2003.

Any ideas?

Christian Studer   2009-08-25 07:11
Might be due to an IE setting on your system, I'm not sure though what would cause this. For me the script works fine on 64-bit Vista with IE8.

Christian Studer -
Josh   2009-08-26 03:19
The solution was to upgrade IE7 to IE8. Now everything works as I'd like it to.

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