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Joshua C   2007-09-23 09:12
I'm a little puzzled at whether or not I can do this. I think there might be a way, but I can't figure it out.

Here's the goal: Enable a second monitor when gaming. Move the "desktop" (icons, start menu, windows, etc.) to the second monitor. Play the game on the first monitor (which must be primary.)

So far, the best solution I've found is to enable the second monitor and move it to the negative side of the X axis, so that any new icons appear on the desktop and not "behind" the game.

The ideal solution would be for the Left property of the secondary monitor to be 0, but that doesn't seem possible. The primary monitor always has to be at the 0, 0 coordinates.

The issue I have is that any new windows open on top of my game until I save which monitor they should open on. Of course, once I go back to a single monitor, the problem starts all over again.

Anyone have any tips for me, or am I just looking at a limitation of Windows? Writing a script, or even compiling a program, is no a problem.

I know that nvidia's drivers have desktop manager software built in to force dialogs and windows to open on a specific monitor, but I have an ATI card, and I don't think they offer any comparable software. There's Hydravision, I think, but it's so outdated, and doesn't have many features. Seems ATI abandoned development on it. :-\

Christian Studer   2007-09-24 09:17
Not via UltraMon, you would also have the problem that most games lock the mouse so you won't be able to interact with applications on the secondary monitor.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ SDK -> Enable Second monitor for gaming.

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