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qtab   2001-10-25 01:28
problem: when playing i.e. quake3, the screen on the second monitor is pushed to the right, so i can only see 1/4 of the display wich makes it almost unusable.
suggestion: fix it with ultramon, or: add an option, that, when a specific game is started, to align the 2nd monitor on the left side of the primary monitor, since then these probs dont appear. when quitting that game, align the 2nd monitor agian on the left side.

i would have no problem having my 2nd display permanently on the left side of the main display, but this has some negative sideeffects: i have many applications set up so that all the task and toolbars are on the 2nd display, and only workspace of the app on the main display (ie autocad or word or....) problem is, that if the 2nd display is aligend left of the first, the apps dont remember toolbarpositions, since the cant seem to handle negative x-coordinates. i cant even use autoLisp-macros in autocad to program this, since autodesk seems for a reason i dont understand completly dropped multimon support. theres no problem placing toolbars at i.e. 2300x/500y, but -500/300(wich would be the left monitor) doesnt would also be great to add a option in the tray-menu to quickly align the 2nd display on either side of the main display, so that u dont have to click through the standard win-procedure.
so it would be really nice to see fixes in ultramon for these kind of problems. i hope with my bad english i did make any sense to you,


p.s. my setup is W2K, geforce1 256 primary, ati rageIIc 2nd (wich works fine but the probs i told you before)
Christian Studer   2001-10-25 03:54
Thanks for your suggestion. A future version of UltraMon Shortcuts will allow you to position monitors.

I have uploaded a script that toggles the position of the secondary monitor between left-of-the-primary and right-of-the-primary: Move secondary monitor to left or right.vbs. See the UltraMon Add-ons page for help with installing the script.

Christian Studer -
qtab   2001-11-01 10:21
ah nice to hear.
also very nice would be a option in an application shortcut with that u can adjust gamma for an application (i.e. quake makes my 2nd monitor VERY bright). this way i could get rid of powerstrip, with wich i make that atm..

3n1gm4   2001-11-01 10:46
To stop your secondary monitor from going really bright edit the q3.cfgfile in the Quake III Arena\baseq3 directory find this line and make sure it is set to 1 default is 0

seta r_ignorehwgamma "1"

this will stop your secondary monitor from going bright and give you better contrast on your existing.. to customize search for any setting in q3config that gas the word gamma and save before you open q3 and you can do some really cool things.. oh an d if you have ignorehwgamma set to 0 and you set overbrights set to 0 you can really get some serious vision going on.. but your other monitor will be bright as hell..

3n1gm4   2001-11-01 10:50
er overbrightbits 1 i mean heh
Christian Studer   2001-11-01 11:42
Gamma adjustment won't make it into 2.0, but it's a feature that will be considered for version 3.

Christian Studer -
qtab   2001-11-02 00:28
enigma: but how do i set gamma in q3 with r_ignorehardwaregamma 1? r_gamma doesnt work anymore then..
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