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Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Switch Primary + Disable Secondary in ONE!!!! Can it be done?
Sweedie   2008-09-28 05:41
Hi all. I am new to this.What I am looking for is the ability to use my dual monitors 1 at a time.

I want to be to use Monitor 1 as the Primary monitor, with Monitor 2 completely disabled.

Then I want to be able to click a single button, or press a hotkey that will - enable and switch to Monitor 2 making it my Primary... while at the same time disabling monitor 1.


I know how to : SWITCH PRIMARY
and I know how to : DISABLE SECONDARY

But I don't know how to : Combine the 2, into a singular shortcut.

I was wondering if this can be done.

Thanks for your help.
Christian Studer   2008-09-28 14:20
You could do this with UltraMon's display profiles feature, but please note that UltraMon usually can't change the primary monitor on laptops.

Christian Studer -
Sweedie   2008-09-28 21:38
Thanks tons. I got it to work. I now have shortcut links to:

switch to MONITOR_1 and disable MONITOR_2.


switch to MONITOR_2 and disable MONITOR_1.

Is it possible, instead of having two seperate shortcut links - to make it one? ...
So if MONITOR_2 isn't enabled then when selected it will switch to that (and turn off Monitor_1). And Vice Versa.
Christian Studer   2008-09-29 01:14
I have uploaded a script which does this, ToggleSingleMon.

Christian Studer -
Sweedie   2008-10-01 06:53
Wow that's amazing, it works perfectly - exactly what I was after! Thank you so much, can't believe you made that!

Very happy, thanks :D
Boris   2009-08-23 20:08
Hello! Script not work with Win 7? 2 monitor enable and 1 monitor off, and no back...
Christian Studer   2009-08-24 09:05
Boris, do you have an Nvidia video card?

Christian Studer -
Boris   2009-09-08 03:27
yes, Nvidia 9800 gtx+
Boris   2009-09-08 03:33
Yes, i have Nvidia 9800GTX+, Driver 190.62, UltraMon 3.0.7beta, win7 Ultimate 32x
Christian Studer   2009-09-08 09:09
I'm going to look into this for the next release, I've seen this as well on a Windows 7 system with Nvidia video cards. Not sure yet if this is an UltraMon or Nvidia issue.

Christian Studer -
Buntspecht   2009-09-24 12:02
Hallo zusammen.
I have the same Problem like Boris.
I think for all user with Win7 and nVidia Cards, the script must do that:
Monitor 1 is primary , Monitor 2 is disable

Start the Script:
* Enable Secondary -> wait 1 second
* Set Primary Monitor 2 -> wait 1 second
* Disable Secondary ->

After that:
Monitor 2 is primary, Monitor 1 is disable

But how to get back ?
Is it possible to write a script for that?
bill   2009-11-02 09:01
Any estimate when the next release will be? I'm running windows 7 64 bit, and this feature would really come in handy.

Thank You,
Christian Studer   2009-11-02 10:15
Should be ready soon, but there are still a couple of bug fixes I want to get into 3.0.8. ToggleSingleMon should work fine with 3.0.8.

Christian Studer -
Boris   2009-11-27 05:38
Greetings! When there will be a new version? Very much it would be desirable, that the program worked! Thanks in advance!
Forums -> Multiple monitors -> Switch Primary + Disable Secondary in ONE!!!! Can it be done?

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