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BankZ   2008-11-07 23:20
Any tips to get Ultramon to work with Windows 7? I get this error:

UltraMon encountered a fatal error and will exit.

More information:

Version: 3.0.3

OS: 6.1.6801 x64

Source file: .\ButtonRendererVistaComposited.cpp

Line: 43

Return value: 0

Last error: 1814
Matt S.   2008-11-08 07:28
Well, since Windows 7 isn't going to steal the purpose of Ultramon by adding a multimon taskbar. I'm sure Ultramon is going to be updated to support it.
Christian Studer   2008-11-08 10:36
You'll need to disable the window buttons under UltraMon Options > Buttons and Menu Commands, or select the classic visual style. The error you get means that UltraMon couldn't load the visual style (most likely due to changes in the format of the file).

Christian Studer -
BankZ   2008-11-08 11:43
I can't get to the options because Ultramon crashes at start. However, I can run the UltraMonTaskbar.exe to get the smart taskbar (which is the main feature I am worried about).
Christian Studer   2008-11-09 07:02
To do this manually, run regedit.exe, then go to the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\<version>\Window Buttons and change the value of 'Maximize to Desktop Button' and 'Move Window Button' from one to zero.

Christian Studer -
Mike Hunt   2008-11-10 01:15
Tried that, still don't work. Wallpaper thing don't work either. This wallpaper soft works:
Christian Studer   2008-11-10 10:46
What's the error message you get?

Christian Studer -
Mike Hunt   2008-11-10 13:28
Ultramon encountered a fatal error and will exit.

Version 3.03
OS: 6.0.60000 x32
Source file .\ButtonRenderVistaComposited.cpp
Line 43
Retrun value 0
Last Error: 1814

Wallpaper app is working now. Was crashing previously. I run UltramonDesktop.exe
Mike Hunt   2008-11-10 13:32

OS:6.0.6000 x32
Mike Hunt   2008-11-10 23:00
Ok now Ultramondesktop is crashing when I try to run it.

Version 3.0.3
Source file .\WallpaperUtil.cpp
Line: 99
Retrun value: 0
Last error: 8
Christian Studer   2008-11-11 10:58
Mike, you're on Vista, not Windows 7, you'll only get this error with some custom visual styles.

Currently there is no fix for this, you would need to disable the window buttons as described above, or use a different visual style.

Regarding the wallpaper issue: you'll get this error if UltraMon can't update the wallpaper. I'm not sure what would cause this, but according to the error message it might be due to not enough free memory being available. I would recommend trying if you can still change the wallpaper manually via Control Panel > Personalization.

Christian Studer -
Mike Hunt   2008-11-11 12:35
I knew you were going to say I was on Vista. I am definatly not. That error is from Windows 7 build 6801.

Wallpaper error is probably when windows explorer gets bugged.
Sascha P   2008-11-15 13:05
I have exactly the same problem with Windows 7 Pre-Beta and Ultramon.
I followed the advise in this thread to modify the registy, but it doesn't help.
When i try to to start Ultramon.exe i get the following message:

UltraMon encountered a fatal error and will exit. More information: Version: 3.0.3 OS: 6.1.6801 x64 Source file: .\ButtonRendererVistaComposited.cpp Line: 43 Return value: 0 Last error: 1814

Changing the registry as described in this thread doesn't help (yes, i restarted the PC after doing the reg changes).

Any other idea?
Sascha P   2008-11-15 13:11
Ok i found the setting you need to change to make it work:

in HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Realtime Soft / UltraMon / <version> /
change the key "Move Maximized Windows With Mouse" to "0"
BankZ   2008-11-16 04:36
Cool, worked for me, thanks!
Christian Studer   2008-11-16 11:58
Thanks for the update. I just looked at the code, in addition to what Sascha mentioned, you'll also need to disable the menu commands added by UltraMon:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\<version>\Window Menu, set 'Maximize to Desktop Command' and 'Move Window Command' to zero.

I'll look into a better fix for this for one of the next releases.

Christian Studer -
BankZ   2008-11-17 08:22
Think you will add support for the new style taskbar?
Christian Studer   2008-11-17 10:48
This will certainly be a priority, but I haven't looked at Windows 7 yet.

Christian Studer -
Jamal James   2009-01-04 10:34
Is it possible to get the font color to white on secondary taskbars in Win7? I tried the ThemedTextColorOverride reg fix but that didn't work. I'm using the 3.0.3 beta.
Christian Studer   2009-01-05 09:48
That's not supported in version 3.

Christian Studer -
InfoAddict   2009-01-07 20:05
Well, windows 7b1 is out - do you have an ETA for that or will you be waiting till midyear?
Christian Studer   2009-01-08 11:31
I don't know yet, most likely I'm not going to do any testing with Windows 7 until 3.0 final has been released.

Christian Studer -
Gustav Almstrom   2009-01-09 23:24
Tried installing 3.0.3 in Windows 7 64bit, but it doesn't seem to want to run at all:

UltraMon ancountered a fatal error and will exit.

More information:

Version: 3.0.3
OS: 6.1.7000 x64
Source file: .\MultimonGUI.cpp
Line: 2807
Return value: 0
Last error: 1456
Ezh   2009-01-10 01:54
I've just installed 3.0.3 and have got the same error. Win XP prof 32-bit.
Christian Studer   2009-01-10 11:02
You'll get this if the mirroring feature isn't installed, will be fixed in the next release.

Christian Studer -
BankZ   2009-01-10 11:40
FYI, smart taskbar looks "short" on Beta 1 (build 7000).
Cold Realms   2009-01-10 16:02
lol not short.. but tiny :) everything on the second monitor taskbar is about 60% smaller than normal.
Gustav Almstrom   2009-01-10 19:46
What mirroring feature is this? Is there a workaround until the next release?
BankZ   2009-01-10 22:33
Gustav Almstrom, its an option during the install.

Anyone figure out how to get the SmartTaskBar to the normal size in Windows 7 build 7000?
James Sinclair   2009-01-11 00:58
Running Official Windows 7 Beta and Ultramon 3.0.3.

But I get this error:
Version 3.03
OS: 6.0.60000 x32
Source file .\ButtonRenderVistaComposited.cpp
Line 43
Retrun value 0
Last Error: 1814

I tried the three registry changes and restarted, still no help. I get the same error on start up and if I try to run UltraMon.exe.

Any more suggstions or registry fixes?
BankZ   2009-01-11 02:42
Also set these:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\3.0.3\Window Buttons]
"Move Window Button"=dword:00000000
"Maximize to Desktop Button"=dword:00000000
BankZ   2009-01-11 02:43
Anyone figure out how to get the SmartTaskBar to the normal size in Windows 7 build 7000? :)
Sohan   2009-01-11 02:46
Getting these errors too on official.
Jesse Smedley   2009-01-11 04:10
Any have any luck getting things proportional in Windows 7,build 7000?

Jesse Smedley, CEO
SIG, Inc.
Christian Studer   2009-01-11 12:44
With the 3.0.4 release, you only need to disable the window buttons in the registry.

The menu commands work fine, but dragging of maximized windows doesn't work correctly.

Christian Studer -
Jon   2009-01-11 15:30
Win7 x64 ver 3.04
Are there reg entries to adjust the miniturising of the smartbar?

Cold_realms   2009-01-11 19:05
I would assume that the miniature taskbar is because the win7 Dock..err i mean Taskbar :) is radically different from any previous taskbar MS has done.

Probably will take a great deal of coding work... and it is largly expected for win7 to be RTM by june of this year.. not alot of time to get it working.
martijnve   2009-01-11 23:17
I can confirm 3.0.4 works on the beta release after disabling the buttons via the registry.
I realy hope windows 7 support wil improve soon becouse i switched to windows 7 just a month or so after purchasing ultramon :-(.
I think the easiest way to make it atleast seem more compatible is to:
disable the mentioned settings during installation and hide te settings when on windows 7.
change the taskbar font color to white.
if possible ajust the size and "background image" of the smart taskbar.
Sohan   2009-01-12 02:52
I'm using Widnows 7 build 7000 and on the second monitor the bar is like a vista one and the text on the buttons is distort.

This is the latest (3.0.4) build with things set to 0 in registry.
ups   2009-01-12 05:24
Also with build 7000

The buttons are small and text appears distorted!

Also, I guess it will take a lot of time to have the same features of the Super Taskbar... :D
BankZ   2009-01-12 22:36
No work arounds?
Christian Studer   2009-01-13 03:54
I'm not aware of any workarounds for the taskbar, etc.

Christian Studer -
Frank   2009-01-14 16:31
I'd just like to mention that I found an old version of Ultramon (2.7.1) that works pretty decently in Windows 7. One nice thing is, since it does not attempt to do transparency on the Smart Taskbar(s) (it's just black), the white program/folder name text is very readable.

If you want the cool new "slide a sized window up to the top of the screen to maximize it" and the "snap a windows to the left or right to box it" features in Windows 7 to work while running Ultramon, be sure to uncheck the "enable moving of maximized windows using the mouse" option in the General tab within Ultramon's options.

Sure, it's not as pretty as the rest of the Windows 7 UI, but it makes the Ultramon Smart Taskbar(s) once again very readable/usable, as the text was not very clear at all using the Ultramon 3.0.4 beta in Windows 7 unless you switched to the Windows classic theme... yuck!

Hope this helps some Windows 7 users until these issues get hammered out!

Iain McDonald   2009-01-15 03:41
I wanted to summarise the many posts above into one easy to follow post that will enable you to get Ultramon Beta (3.0.4) to work on Windows 7 Beta (Released Build 7000)

Fatal Error on Launch of Ultramon :-

"Version 3.04
OS: 6.1.7000 x32
Source file .\ButtonRenderVistaComposited.cpp
Line 43
Retrun value 0
Last Error: 1814"

Steps to enable launch :-

Start / Run / "Regedit"

Navigate to [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\3.0.4\Window Buttons]

Set the following keys to "0"
"Move Window Button"
"Maximize to Desktop Button"

Unreadable text when using Smartbar

Workaround : Change the Windows theme to one of the "Ease of Use" Themes, such as "Windows Classic". This will enable the second taskbar to be readable, however the issue still remains that the secondary taskbars will look different to the primary task bar.

I hope this helps.

xenox   2009-01-16 03:22
The easiest way for issue 2 is to disable the tranparency in windows display properties.
BankZ   2009-01-16 23:02
I agree, 2.7.1 is the way to go with Win7
Michael Deutsch   2009-01-18 04:07
Windows 7 Beta build 7000 install for UltraMon 3.0.4 –
UltraMon will not load at startup as the install errors out due to the “Button Commands” which are set default to “on” for the “add Move Window button” and the “add Maximize to Desktop button”. To get around this run Regedit and fix these two entries:
Registry fix
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\3.0.4\Window Buttons - Maximize to Desktop Button - change value to 0
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\3.0.4\Window Buttons - Move Window Button - change value to 0

This instalnly fixed ultramon
John   2009-01-18 14:38
Is there a way to restore the MOVE WINDOW button?

Matthew Sawyer   2009-01-25 14:09

I've long been impressed with UltraMon, having been a registered user of it for many years. My hat's off to you for creating an application that integrates very tightly with an operating system and yet it continues to work with newer versions of the OS without too many headaches.

Okay, so I had to disable some entries in the Registry to get UltraMon 3.0.4 to work in Windows 7 beta, but there are plenty of apps out there that won't even install, let alone work. And while some folks have said the text isn't readable in the Smart Taskbar unless you disable/modify visual elements, the new taskbar in Windows 7 by default just shows icons anyway, without any text. So while the text isn't super-readable, the icons show up just fine so I can live with that. And if you hover over the taskbar icon, the description usually pops up in a tooltip anyway.

A truly great addition to the Smart Taskbar would be the same functionality that exists in either the Windows Vista taskbar (preview) or the Jump Lists in Windows 7...or both, depending on which OS the user is using.

Anyhow, I've got 3.0.4 running right now in Windows 7 Beta (6.1.7000) and so far it seems to be holding its own just fine.

Best regards,
Christian Studer   2009-01-26 10:08
Thanks for the feedback! Support for task preview is planned, but won't make it into 3.0 final, I haven't looked at new Windows 7 features yet, just did some quick testing with Beta 1.

Christian Studer -
PatB   2009-02-02 00:32
I just installed Ultramon v3.0.4 (x64) on Windows 7 Build 7000. Prior to ending the installation, I made the registry updates as suggested:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\3.0.4\Window Buttons]

Set the following keys to "0"
"Move Window Button"
"Maximize to Desktop Button"

Once changed, I then ended the installation and Ultramon started with no problems noted.

Since each window opened has the "Send Feedback" option, I suspect this has a lot to do with most of the issues. Then again, maybe-maybe not . . . .

Anyone know how disable the "Send Feedback" option?

Christian Studer   2009-02-02 10:13
The window button issue is due to changes in the visual style format, it's not related to the Send Feedback link.

Christian Studer -
Matt S.   2009-02-03 13:04
Are you going to fix the font color issue in Win 7 at least for v3 Final? Because since Win 7 is most likely going to go final this year. And the first build of ultramon v4 is probably years away. It would be great to at least have the existing functionality working. After the registry hacks for the buttons that is.
Pete Gomersall   2009-02-04 01:15
Just so you all know Windows 7 OS now includes basic window moving keystrokes:
Windows key + Shift + Right/Left move current window left or right.
A Bronski   2009-02-04 07:28
Hey Pete...

I love you.
Christian Studer   2009-02-04 11:06
Matt, most likely not, currently there are no plans to add Windows 7 support in time for 3.0 final.

Christian Studer -
deadfones   2009-02-06 15:36
About the smart taskbar and Aero, you can make it a little more readable by setting your wallpaper to white. If you're brave, you can open UltraMonTaskbar.exe in a resource editor and remove the dependent assembly bits, or change version to That will give it a classic look and make it artifact free. You'll need to set your wallpaper to something black to make the text readable.
Matt S.   2009-02-09 03:13
Ok, well then can you make a quick release right after 3.0Final and as quick as possible fix the annoying font problem in Windows 7. Just a quick .01 release thats all I ask. No extra win 7 features just make the font solid white instead of outlined.

BankZ   2009-02-09 11:42
I 2nd that!

However, I think using 2.7.1 is a better solution than hax0ring the 3.x exe
doug   2009-02-10 05:28
I want the ability to move the windows between monitors when i am running on Win7. If no, then the software was a waste of money for me.
Tarkus   2009-02-10 14:01
Doug, windows key + shift + right or left arrow will move the current active window to the next monitor. I'm using windows 7 Beta build 7000 and this feature is built into the OS. Unfortunatly no support for taskbars on extended monitors.
marinebio72   2009-02-11 00:52
and just right clicking and clicking move to other monitor works as well.
Chris   2009-02-19 23:42
To open Ultramon on windows 7, right click the shortcut, go to compatibility and tick the check box next to "disable visual styles" or somthing similar. Then you will be able to open the software.
mastermind   2009-02-23 14:33
Also with Windows 7 you can just left click on a maximized apps title bar and drag it to the other monitor. If you drag it to the top of the other monitor it will show a maximize outline and you can let go. Almost like Ubuntu but not as good.
Aaron   2009-03-03 04:25
I have to agree with Matt Sawyer. I've been a user of UltraMon for a number of years, and continue to be impressed by how well it's working in Win7 with only a couple registry edits. Thank-you for the great product. Yeah, I'll be ecstatic with everyone else when Win7 is better, but for now it's still pretty good, all things considered.

Tara   2009-03-09 02:50
RE: Pete Gomersall
Thank you!! I had no idea windows 7 natively supported swapping windows between monitors (windows key + shift + left or right arrow). I still use UltraMon for my Vista work machine - but your tip has made my life much easier for when I need to cycle Media Center between my monitor and LCD TV across the room on my Windows 7 HTPC. I'll still look forward to using Ultramon when an official Windows 7 version is released, but for now - the native basic switching works great for my HTPC needs.
Pedro Meza   2009-03-09 08:13
A small fix should be made into the installer that if the windows 7 major version is detected then set the pair of registry tweaks necesary for Ultra mon to work on win7.

Also graying out the options to enable them should be pretty easy. This includes disabling the smart taskbar on win 7 as its currenty unsuported.
krzysd   2009-03-10 17:33
Hi Guys,

Running Win 7 for a while now and originaly went with the install of the ultramon 3.0.4 which was somewhat troublesome at first with the errors and so forth.

I've since installed 2.7.1 and it installed without any errors or problems and works perfectly on 64bit install with no reg hacks required.

Love Ultramon!!
TiredGeek   2009-03-27 22:44
I've just gone to Win 7 x64 build 7057 and found Ultramon (3.0.4 x64) would start and then bring up the error message a few seconds later. Thing is though, if I leave the error message on screen I am able to open Ultramon and go to the options section and disable the add move window button / max window button and then exit. Close the error message and restart Ultramon with no further issues.
I haven't found a way around the unreadable text on my other monitors bit, but like mentioned above, hover the mouse and a tip comes up anyway.
I mostly used the program to throw my windows around the monitors easily, but as Win7 has that built in I'm not missing the feature. I'm very happy that this beta works under Win7 as I'm still able to have the different pictures on each monitor.
I can see the point made by some people that this isn't fully supporting Win7, but that is a beta OS after all, we should be happy that it does anything :) Anyone remember XP? It was months after full release before I had some programs working......

The doctors said it's OK to listen to the voices so long as I don't do what they tell me...
Oli   2009-03-30 11:08
As a tip, as I didnt think about this at first, the taskbar with the version 3 version looks an awful lot better if you put it up at the side (I like the right side).

The text completely disappears, instead you just get icons (like the win 7 taskbar, in fact), and it is perfect to all intents and purposes.
Michael   2009-03-31 21:47
I just upgraded to 7068 x64 and I've been using 2.7.1.

But know smarttask bar is only in "Mirror" mode and shows every task. It is not possible to get it to "standard" mode again.

Any one on 7068 with 3.x and got smart task bar working?
Michael   2009-04-01 02:25
ok I tried 3.0.4 too

With Win7 x64 7068 smart taskbar i acts as follows:

Mix up of monitor 1 and 2. Programs on monitor 1 is on taskbar 2 and monitor 2 on taskbar 1. Some programs are on both.

problem seems to be that Ultramon identify monitors the opposite from what Win7 does. "identfy montiors" show "2" on monitor 1

Win 7 doesn't recognize the ultramon taskbar on monitor 2. All program place their windows over the taskbar.
marinebio72   2009-04-05 14:07
I am running 7068 x64, and smart taskbar is working fine with no modifications at all from me.
marinebio72   2009-04-05 14:07
as an edit, i am running 3.04 (latest beta)
marinebio72   2009-04-05 14:10
and the poster (michael) is right about it not recognizing properly when you maximize a window, but it has to do with the always on top settings, and you have to manually set it to yes intead of same as main taskbar. sorry for the string posts. i am not sure if this is proper, but if both always on top and auto hide are checked, it does not go on top and move the window up when you mouse over.
marinebio72   2009-04-05 14:12
to clarify, michael is wrong about incorrect identification as between ultramon and win7 - or at least not always right. ultramon proprely identifies my monitors as 1,2, the same as the nvidia control panel and win7
J. Shope   2009-04-13 04:41
As a paid subscriber for the software, I wanted to say how much I love it, like everyone else. I also want to throw in my opinion as far as Windows 7 is concerned. The suggestion to put in the registry fixes if it detects Windows 7 is spot on. Why wouldn't the software try to make things easier for the paid-up end user? I know Windows 7 is BETA, or another way to put it is the "bleeding edge". It seems to me a lot of Ultramon type customers would also be of this "bleeding edge" type. Win 7 is even used extensively, internally at Microsoft from latest reports. This early adoption should be taken into account when considering how much support and work is put into Win 7 compatibility. I keep hearing about the "massive" changes that would be required, and yet the software mostly works on Windows 7. How far off could it be? How about taking a look around and coming up with some concrete ideas of what needs to be done and then let us paying customers know about what is going on? Do you really think just getting the text on the smart taskbar to look decent is really going to be all that hard? If you don't have Windows 7 compatibility coding efforts going on right now, I think the Ultramon developers are taking the situation too lightly.

J. Shope   2009-04-13 05:04
I wanted to provide an example of what I'm talking about as far as customer feedback, efforts to keep pace, no excuses, etc.

Modern looking site.

Works with Win 7 already and was a major focus from the get go, IT WAS NOT EVEN A QUESTION...
That's admirable.

Dare I point out that it is half the price!

I don't use that other software at this point, but if Ultramon were my project I'd seriously consider lighting a fire under some coder's seat and get some fresh ideas and attitudes working!

Best wishes,

Jothay   2009-04-14 02:12
For the note on the bar not being the same height:

Unlock the UM bar and then stretch it up to a second row and it just about matches the default height of the main taskbar in W7.
bilbat   2009-04-17 03:18
I have re-read this post several times, and do not seem to find how to change the ultamon taskbar's text color to white under win7. Obviously, everyone seems to know this BUT me - I would appreciate a pointer... I don't care if the bars don't match, and I can live without the 'switch monitor' buttons (but I miss them dearly), but I GOTTA be able to read the menu bar button test on all four monitors!
Realist   2009-04-17 06:08
Jim, click on "About" on the Binary Fortress website. Notice that the guy is doing DisplayFusion as a hobby, and not to put food on the table. Hence the low price.

To my knowledge, every single one of the multi-monitor taskbar programs is a one-person development project. I know of four: Ultramon, Oscar's Multimon Taskbar, DisplayFusion, ActualTools.

Frankly, the only way to get truly reliable multimon taskbars in Windows will be to have it come from Microsoft. Every third-party multimon taskbar has the Sisyphean task of building in layers of workarounds, to deal with all the corner cases. In contrast, Windows can set a standard and get long-offending programs to conform. (Starting with that mother of all taskbar hacks, Microsoft's own Excel.)

Progress will be slow. A multimon taskbar did appear in official Windows preview builds around 2004-2005, but the feature was dropped in the Longhorn reset, and it didn't make it into Vista. Evidently Microsoft found it as difficult to support reliably as did the third-party multimon taskbars. Windows 7 got a new taskbar design, so again the feature got dropped. (We finally got official keyboard shortcuts for moving windows between monitors, though -- WinKey-Left and WinKey-Right.)

Oh, well, perhaps in Windows 8.
javajolt   2009-04-20 06:46
Those of you who have questions about Windows 7 try

there is info there to remove the send feed back and to remove the watermark in the right hand corner of the screen.

also available is working software and help for troubled software, there are loads of tips, tricks and work arounds.

all new releases and leaks of w7 are there too currently build 7077.

hope to see you there

BankZ   2009-04-28 07:53
I checked out DisplayFusion, I may make the switch.
smehaffie   2009-05-01 12:04
Has anyone tried running Ultramon with compatibility mode set to Vista or XP? I'd be interested to know if this works. I can't try it because I do not own Ultramon, But this has worked for the few applications I had issues with.

S. Shawn Mehaffie
PC Resources, LLC
StuartR   2009-05-06 05:31
While I liked UltraMon, the "time to market" is just way too slow. I'm going to switch to DisplayFusion too.
jc98   2009-05-06 06:26
Task Se7en is an alternative to ultramon for windows 7 in pre-beta testing see
BankZ   2009-05-11 11:35
I did switch to DisplayFusion and I am not sorry. It works and looks great. It is also being updated and features are being added quickly. I have loved ultramon for years but its clear the dev has staled and cannot keep up.
Stephen Olsen   2009-05-12 04:23
+1. I have made the switch over and am not looking back. They are updating it monthly and already have Windows 7 specific features.
ObiYawn   2009-05-24 02:31
While I agree that the UltraMon folks are a bit slow in providing Windows 7 support in their product, DisplayFusion is not a complete alternative to UltraMon for my purposes. I mainly used UltraMon for switching my primary display quickly between my Desktop monitor and my HDTV by means of display profiles. I don't see any such thing in DisplayFusion. It's all just visual gimmicks, desktop spanning etc., but no support for display profiles. Therefore I have no choice but to stick with UltraMon.

BTW, even when making the aforementioned registry changes, UltraMon has lost its ability to switch between two different primary displays in Windows 7. It just doesn't work anymore, nothing happens. I am usin and nVidia GeForce 8600GT with the latest Windows 7 drivers from nVidia.
bilbat   2009-05-31 06:18
Well - I never did get an answer to changing the taskbar's font color - but - you did solve my problem: DisplayFusion! Another customer gone; will the last one to leave please turn off the lights?
knighty   2009-06-05 14:31

just to let everyone know, I just installed ultramon 2.7.1 64bit

in windows 7 64bit

it installed in about 3 seconds, no errors, no problems, works perfectly :-)

(I do have all the waste of time fancy taskbar etc.. turned off... I hate all that junk!)
Zarudd   2009-06-06 21:43
Sorry, but I'll be waiting for this product to be completed for Windows 7. The other applications aren't as lightweight, simple to use and as powerful as this.

It's as simple as that.

<3 Ultramon.
Joao Coimbra   2009-06-08 10:07
Using the regsitry keys solved my problem on Windows 7 (RC - 7100).
I understand the difficulties to develop a software while the SO is under development. At every new Windows build it is necessary to develop a new Ultramon build and so on.

Windows 7 will be public released in October, 22. It will be great to have Ultramon ready to rock on this date.

Everytime any colleage see Ultramon running it means a new download. This application is high usefull.


Joao Coimbra

Joao Coimbra
bobob   2009-06-09 03:18
UltraMon is great. I tried DisplayFusion per suggestions on this forum, and found it to be a load of crap. I eagerly await better Windows 7 support, but for the time being, it still gets the job done.
Jason   2009-06-16 03:08
UltraMon 3.0.5 works on Windows 7 build 7100 if you set compatability to XP. However, I will not be using UltraMon until I can change the font on the secondary taskbar to white.
Richard   2009-06-28 08:06
I installed ultramon on Windows 7 Build 7100 and the font IS white, it's perfectly readable.
You just don't get the nice buttons like in Aero, but whatever......

Whenever Christian get's to it, I'm looking forward to having ultramon work with the Aero look and buttons, until that happens I'm just fine the way it is.

Keep up the good work,

Richard   2009-06-28 08:14
forgot the snip, here it is.

ultramon second monitor capture

Dan   2009-10-09 23:27

1. Right click the Ultramon icon in the programs list and select Properties

2. Click on the Compatibility Tab

3. Check the box for Disable Visual Themes.
Rob   2010-01-15 22:56
now in v3.0.9 on W7 working ;)
Toploader   2010-09-21 00:27
Hi all, I tried doing what others said and it still never worked. So i thought what if i zero all the button entries and tried it and to my amazement it worked.

in window buttons folder

dont add buttons to dialog 0
max to desktop 0
move win buttons 0

in windows menu folder

max to desktop com 0
menu pos 0
move win com 0

and thats what worked for me..... in win7

good luck..... toploader.
Toploader   2010-09-21 00:35
hi me again,

ultramon does run but no move button option can be added.
Toploader   2010-09-21 00:39
Sorry for all these posts but as i find something im letting you know...

ok i cant add the icons at the top to move windows across etc... but i can set up a hot key to move the windows no problem....
Christian Studer   2010-09-21 09:34
Just install 3.0.6 or later, earlier releases don't support Windows 7. With 3.0.6 or later the window buttons work fine on Windows 7.

Christian Studer -
joe   2011-04-15 11:23
In window Color choose windows classic on de Control panel- personalization
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