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dssamusaran   2009-03-20 03:25

In the option, HotKeys part, I see an option to lock mouse to primary monitor. I need this option but not with a hotkey, I would like that the mouse is already locked when launching the computer. Is it possible to set an option? Or maybe an ultramon shortcut running on login?
Christian Studer   2009-03-20 09:47
Unfortunately no, but it would be possible to execute the hotkey from a script, the only thing that might be a problem is that the script would need to get launched after UltraMon has been started.

If you are interested in this, let me know what key combination you want to use, I can then send you a sample script.

Christian Studer -
Jasper van Weerd   2009-03-20 11:50
Could you publice the sample script? thx.
dssamusaran   2009-03-21 08:29
I don't know exactly, I think I'll launch the script at the pc startup, but let's say CTRL+ALT+L (Lock ^^)

Thanks a lot :D
dssamusaran   2009-03-21 08:31
And for the problem of having to launch the script after launching ultramon, maybe a simple delay at the first line of the script could avoid problems. (For example a 5 minutes delay, to be sure ultramon had time to be launched completely)
Christian Studer   2009-03-21 12:05
I have uploaded a script which does this: ExecuteHotkey.

You'll need to adjust the first two lines of the script to configure it for your needs, see the script for instructions.

Christian Studer -
dssamusaran   2009-03-22 19:55
Big big thanks, it's exactly what I needed. And it's useful for other hotkeys to!

Thanks a lot, and once more ultramon is the best :D
abdullah   2011-10-17 22:50
Please can you help.
I just wanted the same idea.
users do logoin with domain username. and i want F1 as hot-key to be available for all to mirror the display to the projector, press F1 again it will stop mirroring.

now the problem when i set the hot key with admin user on that machine, the hot-key will be available only for admin. i have to do the same steps for all users.

so please help, what i want is a script to be executed when startup to create F1 hot-key for mirroring.

your help would be much appreciated

Christian Studer   2011-10-18 09:37
Hotkeys are stored in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\<version>\Hotkeys, you could export the key to a .reg file (right-click the key and select Export from the menu), then run the .reg file under each user account.

Christian Studer -
abdullah   2011-10-18 16:00
I did export .reg file .. but it did not work for other users :(
Christian Studer   2011-10-19 08:08
Not sure why this wouldn't work, you could send me the .reg file to and I'll take a look at it.

Christian Studer -
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