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Syswizard   2009-04-14 05:38
Can the SDK be used to remember the exact location of a set of windows so that when the app starts up the next time, those windows will be in the correct location in the correct monitor ?
I'm thinking of a situation with these new very large widescreen displays. I would hate to have to move the windows around every time an app starts-up.
Some apps do remember the monitor and screen XY coordinates, others do not.
Christian Studer   2009-04-14 09:01
You can use the Window object to position windows, but you shouldn't need a custom script for this, just right-click the application's shortcut, select Properties, then select the UltraMon - Window tab to use UltraMon to position the application.

Christian Studer -
Syswizard   2009-04-14 09:06
Excellent. So Ultramon stays resident and monitors all of it's launched applications then ?
It effectively can override the application's window positioning when that shortcut feature is used then ?
Christian Studer   2009-04-14 09:43
Not really, when you click on the customized shortcut UltraMon gets launched, then it launches the application and moves its main window to the specified position/monitor.

Christian Studer -
Syswizard   2009-04-14 10:48
Thanks questions:
How does the position and size of window get specified ? Is it a relative or absolute number ? Or specified as a percentage ? Any way to insure 2 or more app's windows are adjacent i.e. tiled ?
Christian Studer   2009-04-15 14:15
Positions are specified in absolute coordinates, if you need something else you would need to implement this with a custom script/application.

Having two apps side by side should work fine, you could set up custom position settings for both application's shortcuts, then launch them using the customized shortcuts.

Christian Studer -
Forums -> UltraMon™ SDK -> Remembering Window position within a monitor

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