Screen savers

Some screen savers don't work with multiple monitors: they only run on the primary monitor, leaving the other monitors unprotected.

UltraMon solves this problem by blanking all secondary monitors while the screen saver runs on the primary monitor. The screen saver once again does its job, and your data is protected while you are away from your desk.

But UltraMon can do even more, you can also have a different screen saver on each monitor (only works with screen savers with a live preview mode). The following screenshot shows a 3-monitor system with a different screen saver on each monitor:

UltraMon can also disable secondary monitors when the screen saver gets started, this is useful if a screen saver doesn't work correctly with multiple monitors enabled. To enable this feature, go to the Options tab and check 'disable secondary monitors'. UltraMon will disable secondary monitors before the screen saver starts, and re-enable them when the screen saver stops.

You can easily launch and configure screen savers from the UltraMon menu:
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