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Aris   2016-07-15 00:13
Not sure why this is happening. When hitting F11 to show fullscreen browser, taskbar remains visible. If I disable 'Always on top' it works, but it also disappears when the window is just maximized (not fullscreen).

Would appreciate some help.
Christian Studer   2016-07-15 08:35
Which browser are you using, and which version of UltraMon and Windows?

Christian Studer -
Aris   2016-07-17 21:49
Tried both in Firefox and Chrome. Downloaded latest 3.3
Christian Studer   2016-07-18 12:45
Which version of Windows are you using?

Christian Studer -
Matthew   2016-08-06 12:45
Got the same issue, which just seemed to start *coincidentally* after a Flash update. Maximize works fine but a browser in full screen will leave the taskbar viewable. This happens in Opera, IE, & Chrome.

Conversely, WMP will go to full screen just fine when playing movies so it appears just internet based browsers.
Christian Studer   2016-08-06 12:48
Matthew, which version of UltraMon and Windows are you using?

Christian Studer -
Matthew   2016-08-06 22:35
I just downloaded the latest version 3.3 and am running Windows 7 Ult SP1 x64.
Christian Studer   2016-08-07 12:11
I've been able to reproduce the issue with IE, but both Chrome and Opera work fine for me. I'll look into this for the next release, if a fix is possible this may also help with your issue with the other browsers.

Christian Studer -
Skodder Long   2016-08-25 03:34
I too have this issue, I find that it happens after a rather long stint. It is normally fine if your computer has just booted, but from what I have seen it happens continually after a while. A little trick I use sometimes is to simply rapidly click another window and then back on the fullscreen tab which sometimes (not in 3.3 now :( ) resolves the issue for a short period of time.

Quite annoying, but I can live with it (sometimes...) till another fix :(

Running 3.3 on win7 sp1 x64.
I have tested this in Chrome and have had this issue since 3.2.2.

- Sklong
Forums -> UltraMon™ -> Fullscreen browser overlaps with taskbar

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