Window management

Moving windows is a common task on multi-monitor systems, and UltraMon makes it easier and more efficient.

With custom window buttons, you can move a window to a different monitor with the click of a button.

You can also easily maximize a window to the desktop (stretch it across all monitors). This is especially useful for applications with lots of windows, such as Adobe Photoshop or Premiere, or large spreadsheets.

UltraMon also adds the ability to move maximized windows using the mouse, simply by dragging the title bar as you would any other window. As soon as you start dragging the title bar of a maximized window, the mouse pointer changes to the move cursor, and the window is moved to the monitor on which you release the mouse.

In addition to custom window buttons, UltraMon can also add custom menu commands to the window (or system) menu of applications. The custom menu commands add the same functionality as the window buttons.

If you have more than 2 monitors, the 'move to monitor' command will open a dialog that lets you select the desired monitor:

You can also use the keyboard for moving and maximizing windows. The following hotkeys are available:

  • Move window to next monitor
  • Move window to previous monitor
  • Move window to primary monitor
  • Maximize or restore window to desktop
UltraMon has its own version of the cascade/tile/show desktop window management commands, they either work on all open windows, or only on the windows on a specific monitor. All commands are also available as hotkeys.
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