Release Notes for UltraMon 3.0.1 (3.0 Beta 2)

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Setup will upgrade your existing installation and preserve your settings and registration information. You don't need to uninstall your current installation of UltraMon first.

UltraMon 3 requires Windows 2000/XP or later, Windows 98/Me are no longer supported.

Please note that configuration settings may not be preserved when upgrading from version 2.6 or earlier. Display profiles, shortcuts and wallpapers will be preserved.

New in this release

Full support for the window buttons under Windows Vista: the window buttons will now work with all themes (Aero, Vista Basic and Classic) under Windows Vista

Improved support for Office 2007: the window buttons work fine with all Office 2007 applications and with all themes, including Classic. Please note that the buttons won't match the Office 2007 look unless you are using Windows Vista with the Aero theme

Improved application compatibility: if some applications crash or features don't work correctly when UltraMon is running, you should test if the issue has been fixed with the new release. Some known issues which were fixed:

Eclipse on 64-bit Windows: when selecting File > New > Project from the menu, the project options can't be selected and you can't double-click on folders

iShadow Desktop: crashes when typing a server name into the connection box and clicking on OK

Visual Studio 2008 on 64-bit Windows XP/2003: crashes when using Quick Find and Replace

Please note that the following UltraMon features may still cause problems with some applications due to the types of hooks used: mirroring (only available on Windows 2000/XP/2003), shortcuts using the Last Used Position show option, IndDisp COM object

Improved support for applications running as administrator or under a different user account: window buttons, menu commands, dragging maximized windows and the Smart Taskbar work with applications running as administrator or under a different user account.
Limitations: under Vista, if you're logged in as a limited user, only the Smart Taskbar will work with applications running as administrator. Under Windows 2000/XP, menu commands and dragging maximized windows doesn't work with applications running under a different user account

Support for Internet Explorer protected mode under Windows Vista: window buttons, menu commands and dragging maximized windows will work correctly if Internet Explorer is using protected mode (you can enable protected mode in Internet Explorer under Tools > Internet Options > Security)

Window buttons for command prompt windows: command prompt windows can now be moved via window buttons

Support for custom window buttons added by other applications: UltraMon will detect custom window buttons added by applications and adjust the position of its own buttons accordingly. Please note that this may not work with all applications

Support for Vista-style DPI scaling: UltraMon will work fine if you are using a custom DPI size and have unchecked the 'Use Windows XP style DPI scaling' option


• UltraMon now requires GDI+, which may not be installed on Windows 2000. On later versions of Windows it is included out of the box. Setup will complete successfully even if GDI+ is not present, but when you run UltraMon you'll get prompted to install it, with the option to download GDI+ from the Realtime Soft website.

• existing language packs for 2.7.1 or 3.0 Beta 1 won't work

• installation folder can no longer be selected, UltraMon always gets installed under Program Files. This change was made because UltraMon requires UIAccess privileges on Windows Vista, which by default only get granted if the application is installed in a secure location.
You can still install UltraMon in a different folder by setting the MAINDIR property on the command line, this is not recommended though and several UltraMon components will still get installed in default locations (Windows and System32 folders for example).

For system administrators:

• UltraMon 3 stores settings in other locations than UltraMon 2, and folders can no longer be changed: files are stored in the roaming application data folder under Realtime Soft\UltraMon\<version>, settings are stored in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\<version>. The wallpaper manager only generates a single wallpaper bitmap, and stores it in the local application data folder under Realtime Soft\UltraMon

• to set up default settings for new users, first export the registry key to a .reg file named User.reg, then edit the .reg file and replace the version in the key names with 'Default'. Copy the versioned application data folder to the default user folder and rename it to 'Default', then copy the file User.reg into the root of the 'Default' folder

• UltraMon doesn't get started automatically after setup when doing a quiet install, you'll need to start UltraMon manually or reboot the system

Fixed issues

• Smart Taskbar fails with fatal error in TaskBand.cpp at line 443 or 633

• Smart Taskbar doesn't update its configuration when the locked, always on top or screen edge setting for the main taskbar gets changed

• When docking the laptop, multiple UltraMon taskbars get added to the external monitor

Taskbar button added for application which starts minimized to the system tray

Task button not removed when minimizing MailWasher Pro or Ultra Recall to system tray

Smart Taskbar: after clicking on FlashFXP task button to minimize window, clicking on the task button again does not restore the window

• Multiple task buttons added for some applications, for example BigFish Game Management Client on Windows XP or Remote Desktop

• Task button added for application which shouldn't have one, for example Vista Start Menu

• Smart Taskbar: task buttons don't have the same maximum width as on the main taskbar when using large fonts on Windows Vista

• Smart Taskbar uses wrong task button icon for some applications when using large fonts on Windows Vista

Smart Taskbar ignores maximum button width specified in the registry

Smart Taskbar: if only a single non-minimized application is open, clicking its task button doesn't minimize the application

When using a WindowBlinds skin, minimizing a window by clicking on its task button on an UltraMon taskbar leaves the window frame visible

Smart Taskbar: task button gets added to the main taskbar if a non-responding application is on a monitor with an UltraMon taskbar

• Vista: after running an application which disables desktop composition, for example a fullscreen game, the Smart Taskbar is no longer transparent

• Smart Taskbar fails with fatal error in DeskTaskBarManager.cpp at line 103

• Two task buttons get added for the sniping tool on Windows Vista after taking a screenshot

Smart Taskbar: wrong colors used for flashing task button when using the Classic visual style on Windows XP/Vista

Smart Taskbar: when using autohide, UltraMon taskbars don't show themselves when an application's task button is flashing

Taskbar partially gray instead of black: there is no fix for this, but the wallpaper bitmap now uses black instead of white for empty areas, which can improve the situation depending on your display configuration. For the change to take effect, go to UltraMon menu > Wallpaper, select a different wallpaper profile then select the original profile again and click on OK

• UltraMon taskbar buttons are cut off at the bottom on Windows 2000

• UltraMon taskbar buttons too wide when changing the taskbar from vertical to horizontal orientation

• UltraMonDesktop.exe may crash on systems with more than 16 monitors

• Wallpaper manager: when switching between wallpaper profiles, both 'one background...' and 'a different background...' may become selected

IndDisp COM object not registered on Windows Vista

Application may get slowed down if the UltraMon window buttons are enabled under Windows Vista with the Aero theme. This issue is now fixed, the fix in 3.0.0 didn't completely solve the problem

Selecting Enable Secondary from the UltraMon menu causes random mouse movement and clicks

QuickFind feature of Firefox may no longer work correctly after moving a maximized Firefox window to another monitor

• When moving a maximized Visual Studio Remote Debugging Monitor window to another monitor, the window gets minimized to the system tray

• Custom menu commands on window menu of Remote Desktop Control admin module not available when UltraMon is running

• Visual SourceSafe 2005 crashes when right-clicking the title bar or task button if UltraMon menu commands are enabled for the application

When opening a Windows Explorer window on Vista, the background behind the window remains visible through the window for a short time

When moving a maximized WinSCP window to another monitor, it gets resized to a small title bar

• Dragging maximized Outlook 2007 e-mail window to another monitor with the mouse doesn't work

• Screen saver manager lists all standard screen savers twice on 64-bit Vista

• UltraMon window buttons get added to fullscreen Virtual PC 2007 window

When moving a window to the next/previous monitor via UltraMon, the window may get moved to the wrong monitor with some display configurations

Known issues

• WindowBlinds skins which use transparency aren't fully supported on Windows XP, you'll get a black background where the taskbar should be transparent. There is no fix for this, it does work fine on Windows Vista though